pleia2desertwolf: you should be able to look in /var/log/kern.log to see what iptables (underlying mechanism for ufw) is blocking00:00
erick_I only want to get my picture right. I am learning that is all.00:00
desertwolfCool thank you pleia2 I'll try that ^_^00:00
pleia2desertwolf: you'll see lines like kernel: ... IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=24..., and then a section with "SPT=5666 DPT=58397"00:01
pleia2desertwolf: those are source and destination ports00:01
pleia2so by looking at those, you can likely figure out what it's bumping into00:02
erick_Thank you.00:05
desertwolfThank you pleia2 :) I found the pesky port I needed00:22
pleia2desertwolf: yay! which was it?00:23
desertwolfit was upd 5353 and tcp 910000:24
desertwolfI always hate trying to find out what ports to open for outgoing connections most of the time I can find it through Google but this one I couldn't00:29
Guillaume2i want to know if there something i can install on my laptop to be able to boot on a linux live cd if the usb boot is not supported by the bios ?02:18
Guillaume2yeah liveusb i mean02:18
Unit193Guillaume2: 1. You may be able to upgrade the BIOS.  2. http://xubuntu.org/news/booting-the-xubuntu-usb-image-from-a-cd/02:23
Guillaume2no the bios is already upgraded.02:23
Guillaume2it's a old acer aspire 531502:23
Guillaume2when using window i was able to install something trough wubi that hallowed my usb to boot ubuntu even02:24
Guillaume2so i was wondering if i can install something just for that but that will work without windows caus i don't have this crap anymore02:24
ubottuWubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.02:25
Unit193With the instructions in the page I linked, you burn something to CD that chainloads USB.02:25
Guillaume2yeah that will do the job02:25
Guillaume2thanks i go buy a cd tommorow and try that02:26
Unit193Ouch, fun timesw..  Don't have a CD or something laying around?02:27
Guillaume2not a big deal i am patient02:27
Guillaume2it's late here02:28
Guillaume2everything closed02:28
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novanauliazamican i used wily repo in my trusty?10:40
nikitasiushelloworld! just a question: xubuntu - it's same ubuntu but with xfce?12:07
daniel_@nikitasius it's essentially that, yes, but is also so much more :)12:08
nikitasiusdaniel_ great. And if i need to run some windows's stuff under, wine better work under ubuntu that under debian? before i had lot of problems with wine under debian.12:09
knomei wouldn't expect that much.12:10
daniel_You might find that any Ubuntu-based distribution might be more user-friendly than Debian, particularly for those getting used to working in linux/unix environment. However, Wine is a work in progress and certainly has its limitations12:11
nikitasiusknome maybe i never seen good guide "wine under debian". I use debian mostly as console variant and ubuntu as desktop on my laptop. But on new laptop i'd like to install xubuntu, because as i've seen, xfce looks like my gnome classic.12:11
knomedaniel_, also, problems might be related to specific software being ran with wine, so without specific information, there's no way to say that another distro is better with wine...12:12
knome(and tbh, i don't think there are that many differences)12:12
daniel_One of the strongest thing that ubuntu distributions has going for it is that we get to benefit from our own little distro communities, and the support from the greater Ubuntu community as a whole. Therefore, you'll probably find more support.12:13
nikitasiusknome latest and actual wine runs under ubuntu. Under debian i've not succeed to launch it (but it was long time ago)12:13
knomedaniel_, true, but that still doesn't mean that another distro is better with some software :)12:13
knomei'm just trying to keep expectations to a certain realistic limit12:14
daniel_@knome completely agree with you. It basically comes down to the level of support offered12:15
knomedebian jessie (stable) and ubuntu 15.10 actually have pretty much the same version in repositories12:15
daniel_@nikitasius, basically knome is correct. Don't expect miracles from Wine by changing distros12:17
nikitasiusdaniel_ ok. I need wine just for photoshop. as i have old version which probably will work.12:18
nikitasiusdaniel_, knome so i think i'll install debian 8.3.  I never had problems with debian and their updated on servers. But on my old laptop ubuntu 12 -> 14 failed.12:21
nikitasiusif wine will start as i hope - i'll keep debian. Or.. it will be xubuntu. Thank you for your advices!12:22
dnlgryWe might be biased but give Xubuntu a go. You might love it :) Good luck nikitasius.12:23
nikitasiusdnlgry ok. so i'll try xubuntu :)  because 3xDVD of debian will be downloaded not soon.12:23
dnlgry(I was daniel_ as well, sorry - just testing out something in BitchX client)12:24
nikitasiusanyway it's all debian based. Im only afraid of intertal utilities from ubuntu and it will be boring to search all of them and turn off.12:24
nikitasiusand i've seen news about statistics to canonical.12:25
nikitasiuswhen system send it.12:25
nikitasiusit was fixed?12:25
dnlgryYou will find Xubuntu is a pretty clean distro without being too bare-bones.12:25
dnlgryThat was back last year and was actually part of the Unity desktop, which is not included in Xubuntu12:27
dnlgrySo yes. a) it was never in Xubuntu and b) it was fixed :)12:27
dnlgryOK Nikitasius we should probably stop talking about this now as this is a support forum - or move the conversation to #xubuntu-offtopic12:28
nikitasiusdnlgry i'll join it, thanks!12:30
dnlgryEnjoy Xubuntu!12:31
nikitasiusdnlgry but the question about xubuntu: there is no more statistics to canonical and amazon ads?12:31
novanauliazami_what's packages in /usr/lib with extention so.0 ? there accdly deleted.12:34
novanauliazami_i accidently deleted file *.so.0 in /usr/lib/ . how do i fix it?12:50
WalliskiWell it depends on which packages you have installed :/13:02
WalliskiNot sure if this is a good idea, but you might try to reinstall all packages that you have on your computer :S ?13:05
Walliskihttp://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/162425/force-download-reinstall-of-all-deb-packages Maybe something like this13:07
WalliskiBut there might be a smarter way to do it13:07
WalliskiYou can somehow list files from packages you have installed13:07
Walliskimaybe you can grep out the packages that contains matching filenames13:07
Walliskiand fix those13:07
Walliskidpkg -S /usr/lib/*.so.013:13
Walliskishows which packages should have files there13:13
knomeWalliski, if you aren't sure, it often isn't a good idea to try to guess13:37
WalliskiTrue indeed13:37
WalliskiWas hoping someone else would chip in and say if it is a completly horrible idea :P13:38
knomeif somebody could monitor the channel whole time, they probably could just answer all questions too :P13:38
WalliskiThen again it is difficult to know how much people knows about stuff :S13:39
WalliskiThe ones that ask for help that is13:39
knomethat's why people who help need self-moderation (to know when they aren't knowledgeable to help) and people who ask for help some source criticism13:39
WalliskiWhich is why I started with "not sure if this is a good idea", so that he knows if he is to try it or not...13:40
knomefrom my experience, people have the latter much less; eg. they type almost anything you say into a terminal or whatever in a search for a quick, one-liner fix13:41
WalliskiSince he soimehow managed to remove files with a wildcard he is probably poking around stuff anyways more than a normal user might. But yes, point taken13:41
knomeagain, people are able to do "wonderful" things and when asked what they did, respond "nothing"...13:41
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xubuntu859what is this?23:31
xubuntu859its like the old school dos chats23:32
knomexubuntu859, patience please23:33
knomeif you have a support question, simply ask it and people will likely reply if the know the answer23:34
xubuntu859its my 2nd time on this computer i download fox fire   goooglechrome ect and cant run it or somthing23:36
knomewhere are you downloading it?23:36
xubuntu859i click on it and nothing launches it goes to the files23:36
knomexubuntu isn't windows23:37
xubuntu859its from microsoft but i am using out of date foxfire23:37
knomeok, let's start from the beginning23:38
knomewhich xubuntu version are you using?23:38
xubuntu859i wish it was or i just wish i knew how to use linux23:38
xanguaFox fire?23:38
xubuntu859the help is no help..haha23:38
xubuntu859mozzzilla firefox23:39
knomexubuntu859, you aren't answering my question so i'm unable to help23:39
knomexubuntu859, please pay attention if you want help23:39
xubuntu859Xfce version 4.1023:41
xangua5:38 PM <knome> which xubuntu version are you using?23:41
xubuntu859i am trying23:41
knomexubuntu859, that's not what i asked; which xubuntu version are you running23:41
xubuntu859where do i find that23:41
knomexubuntu859, in terminal, run "lsb_release -a"23:42
xubuntu859terminal emulater23:42
xubuntu859No LSB modules are available. user@user-Inspiron-5100:~$23:44
knomedid you append the -a parameter after the command?23:45
knomedid you run "lsb_release" or "lsb_release -a" ?23:45
xubuntu859no i didnt type -a is that what u mean23:45
xubuntu8591st one23:46
xubuntu859Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 13.10 Release:13.10 Codename:saucy user@user-Inspiron-5100:~$23:46
knomeplease run the command with "-a" as i said23:46
knomeok... you are running and end-of-life release23:46
knomeor in other words, that release isn't supported any more, which is why you have an outdated firefox version23:47
xubuntu859yeah its a relic23:47
xubuntu859what can i do?23:47
knomei would suggest reinstalling23:47
xubuntu859newer version of linux?23:48
knomeyes, newer version of xubuntu23:48
xubuntu859or xubuntu?23:48
knomexubuntu is one of the linux distributions23:49
xubuntu859can i download it off internet? if so how do i install it?23:49
knome!install | xubuntu85923:49
ubottuxubuntu859: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:49
knomethe same methods work for xubuntu too23:50
xubuntu859thank you for helping23:51
knomeno problem and good luck23:51

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