clivejoyofel: would you be free to help me do one of those application libs together sometime?00:02
yofelwe'll see. I'll be working overtime the next 2 days at least, so try to ping me and hope I'm not completely k.o.00:06
clivejowhy is it "Merging kubuntu_unstable into kubuntu_unstable_utopic."00:10
clivejoand "Merging kubuntu_unstable into kubuntu_unstable_pam-auth-update"00:11
valoriethe only tiny hitch in installing kubuntu-desktop is that the recommends could not be installed: 00:24
valorieamarok-doc libqt4-sql-psql moodbar k3b-extrathemes k3b-i18n normalize-audio sox movixmaker-2 kde-config-cddb lame krfb plasma-widget-ktorrent krosspython konqueror00:24
valorie  libreoffice-kab jovie texlive-binaries unrar python3-pyqt4-dbg skanlite-dbg00:24
valorieI suppose if I remove the problem ones the rest will install00:24
clivejonight all00:26
valoriesweet dreams clivejo00:27
valorieand libreoffice-kab00:27
valorieonce I remove those from the list, the remainder of the recommends install with no problems00:28
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lordievaderGood morning.09:29
clivejositter: why is pam-auth-update merging "kubuntu_unstable into kubuntu_unstable_pam-auth-update"?11:13
clivejosorry kwallet-pam11:15
sitterclivejo: because kubuntu_unstable is merged into all kubuntu_unstable_* branches11:25
clivejositter: how to resolve? ask debian to delete the branch or fix the failing merger?11:29
sitterthat's what I suggested last time11:30
clivejowhich one?11:30
clivejovalorie: I tried to get an account on kubuntu wiki but it wont work, something about <class 'openid.message.InvalidOpenIDNamespace'> and a page load of error messages11:34
clivejomparillo: yup11:51
mparilloI have had the same thing, and I have better luck with wiki.ubuntu.com using google-chrome. Even when you think it dies on you, sometimes you open a new tab, and you find yourself signed in.11:52
BluesKajHi folks12:20
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ovidiu-florinthere, I've finally added a picture of myself: https://kubuntu.org/the-kubuntu-team/15:16
ovidiu-florinI've added @Sick_Rimmit and @Andredelsa as part of the team15:26
ovidiu-florinon the site team page15:26
soeei'm glad i have Dell laptop http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Dell-Firmware-Updates-Linux :)16:34
clivejosgclark: ping17:06
sgclarkclivejo: pong17:11
soeemamarley: NVIDIA 361.28 Linux Driver Released, Makes GLVND Optional :)18:13
mamarleysoee: I believe tseliot is currently working on that one.  I'm not sure whether he is going the GLVND or non-GLVND route though.18:13
soeemamarley: ok, thanks ;)18:14
soeemamarley: what is advantage of GLVND ?18:14
mamarleyAt the moment, nothing.  In the future, it will be helpful in getting proper Optimus support working.18:15
clivejohi johnny_19:35
blazewhat's wrong with marble?20:02
clivejoits confusing !20:04
blazei need more information20:04
clivejositter: can you fix KCI to grab libkolab from here https://cgit.kolab.org/libkolab/ ?20:14
clivejogetting the following error - 00:27:49 hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Failed to fetch from https://git.kolab.org/diffusion/LK/libkolab.git20:15
blazelol, i've just seen the logs20:25
ahoneybunthey updated the download page on ubuntu.com20:36
clivejohi DarinMiller20:41
clivejoblaze: I believe marble is a bit of a mess due to being ported to KF520:42
clivejoIm steering clear of it!20:42
clivejomarble and PIM scare the bejaysus out of me20:43
blazeclivejo: what do you mean? did you get a package?20:43
blazeas far as i see there's dependecy problem20:44
clivejoits on the 15.12.1 to-do list20:44
DarinMillerHi clivejo20:46
clivejoDarinMiller: I hear you are interested in packaging?20:47
DarinMillerclivejo: Yes.  It seems to be a little over my head at the moment... 20:50
clivejoany questions?20:51
clivejoits over my head too!20:51
DarinMillerclivejo: I feel I am good a trouble shooting, but I am only vaguely familiar with git.   And after watching the channel for a few days, there is a lot more politics involved than I realized.  20:51
DarinMillerI took the git tutorial and intended to download a working package to ensure I could duplicate a success before I tried fixing a broken package.20:53
johnny_hello people20:53
blazeDarinMiller: did you ever use launchpad for packaging?20:54
johnny_i have a problem too20:54
johnny_ho olaunch a program with monodevelop20:54
johnny_for see the graphic interface20:55
DarinMillerBut I am not sure even how to download a working package via git.  Also, the package guildeline recommended not doing package management on your main system, so I assume I either need a virutal session or a separate test installation.20:55
clivejoDarinMiller: our packages are kept on Launchpad20:55
johnny_other method for open a .exe?20:56
johnny_without inee20:56
DarinMillerNo, I am very green and have not even used lauchpad for packaging.20:56
clivejobasically we have packaging on debian git system20:57
clivejopackaging + source code = package20:57
johnny_someone for me ?20:57
clivejosorry johnny_ this is Kubuntu Development channel20:58
clivejowe dont use exe files20:58
johnny_ohh ok20:58
clivejobecause we run Linux :)20:59
blazeclivejo: mono apps on linux are also .exe, but this is wrong channel for that anyways21:00
clivejoDarinMiller: this is where we keep our packaging - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/21:00
* clivejo covers hears and la la la's21:01
* clivejo associates mono with mononucleosis21:02
clivejoand exe with Windozes21:03
DarinMillerlol :)21:03
clivejoneither make me feel warma and fuzzy :P21:03
clivejo!info mono xenial21:04
ubottuPackage mono does not exist in xenial21:04
DarinMiller771 packages that must be recompiled for every alpha, beta, RC and 6 month release ??!!! Wow!21:04
clivejoDarinMiller: have you any questions?21:05
clivejohave you tried anything out?21:05
clivejoare you on wily or xenial?21:05
clivejoboth on hardware?21:06
DarinMillerI have too much HW.21:06
clivejoare you testing?21:06
clivejothats a nice sitution to be in!21:06
clivejoyup have you landing PPA's enabled?21:07
clivejodo you know what staging is?21:08
DarinMillerI was on wiley - not at the moment on any system, but that I be easily recitified.21:08
clivejoits the devs first step21:09
clivejoso when KDE release the source code, the devs start to package it and it goes into the staging PPA21:09
clivejothe releases are divided into frameworks, plasma and apps21:10
DarinMillerOk. I assume that a git branch? Or....21:10
clivejothe source is actually tarballs21:10
clivejofor example applications 15.12.1 are here - http://download.kde.org/stable/applications/15.12.1/src/21:11
blazeand debian repo with packaging information is git21:11
clivejoI have many names for it :P21:12
clivejobut the machine name is Alioth21:12
clivejoor debian git21:13
blazecomes from tv series i guess21:13
clivejoThen we have the beast we call Kubuntu Continuous Integration KCI21:14
DarinMillerSo how does 188 KDE tarballs spawn into 771 packages on debian?  (Lists from the 2 web links you posted?)21:14
clivejotarballs can split into smaller packages21:14
clivejothe tarballs contain the source21:15
blazethat's what debian people usually do21:15
blazesplitting and dividing21:15
clivejowhich Launchpad builds into binary files21:15
clivejothe packaging then tells Launchpad where to put those files21:16
DarinMilleryou answered my question before I finished typing :)21:16
clivejousing a control file21:16
blazeand .install files are necessary most of the time21:17
clivejoso for example, take kio in frameworks21:18
clivejothis is the control file - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kio.git/tree/debian/control?h=kubuntu_unstable21:18
clivejoit splits up into 8 deb files21:18
clivejoanything -dev is a package used by developers21:19
clivejo-dbg is debugging symbols21:19
clivejobut basically that one tarball builds and get put into 8 debian files :)21:20
clivejolike magic!21:21
DarinMillertrying to find control file in rabbit hole starting here: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/ 21:21
DarinMillerI click on http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kio.git/21:21
clivejook on that page you see the branches21:22
clivejoso kubuntu_wily_archive contains the packaging for wily21:22
clivejoand kubuntu_xenial_archive is the one we are working on21:23
DarinMillerOK, but where are the control files hidden?21:23
clivejothe control file can be different in each one of those branches21:24
clivejofor example kubuntu_unstable I changed the control file 30 hours ago21:24
clivejobasically frameworks 5.19.0 are out21:25
clivejoand in kio, upstream (KDE) have introduced a new library21:25
clivejoif you click into kubuntu_unstable21:26
clivejoand click the tree tab21:26
DarinMillerNevermind, I see the tree "tab" which give me http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kio.git/tree/debian/control?h=kubuntu_unstable link you send above.21:26
clivejothat shows you the file view21:27
clivejoin the debian folder is the control file21:27
clivejothe control file tells Launchpad what packages it splits into21:27
DarinMillergot it.21:28
clivejoand then the .install files fine grain that21:28
clivejoso if you click on libkf5kiogui5.install21:28
clivejothats the new package I created21:28
clivejoand you can see the files that get put in there21:28
DarinMiller libkf5kiogui5.install on the "commit" tab?21:30
clivejoin the file list21:30
clivejoin the tree tab21:31
clivejowhen we clone that git those become physical files21:31
clivejowe put them together and send them to launchpad21:32
clivejoand hope and pray they build :)21:32
DarinMillerLOL :)21:32
blazeclivejo: that's the wrong part :)21:32
DarinMillerCan you not build yourself before committin????21:32
clivejoDarinMiller: yes we can :)21:33
shadeslayersomeone broke everything21:34
shadeslayerall of the epochs are screwed21:34
DarinMillerWhat would cause a local build to succeed and not the auto build on lauchpad?21:34
clivejoshadeslayer: ??21:34
shadeslayerkconfig got it's epoch removed21:34
shadeslayerbroke all of DCI :(21:34
shadeslayeras did ECM21:35
shadeslayerour CI CI'd too quickly21:35
shadeslayeryofel: ^^21:35
yofelshadeslayer: we're still on 5.18 and didn't touch frameworks for weeks21:37
yofeldci would be debian21:37
yofeland maxy is aggressively removing epochs21:37
shadeslayeryofel: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kconfig.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_unstable&id=fe9113c648f6aa995524011b119da798f91e563221:37
yofelso live with it21:37
shadeslayerthat :P21:37
yofelyes well, broken tooling21:37
shadeslayeryeah sorta21:38
yofelthe way we handle epochs is horribly delicate. And "check what you did locally first" is not an intended step in our workflow these days21:39
yofelofc. that can majorly screw the CI up, but I'm not sure how to improve the situation21:39
clivejoDarinMiller: Launchpad is a very clean system, so if it builds locally and not on LP there is probably a package not being installed correctly21:39
clivejoLaunchpad has to be explicitly told what packages to install21:41
DarinMillerI think I understand.  I could have a package pre--installed on my box that was missed in that dependency requirements so compiles fine locally, but not on a clean install.21:42
clivejoand those are listed in the Build-Depends: section of the control file21:42
DarinMillerOk, makes sense.21:42
clivejoLaunchpad uses a very very basic, mininal build environment21:43
yofelshadeslayer: would not auto-merging UNRELEASED stuff from _archive be something worth to try?21:43
shadeslayeruhm, dunno, see branch workflow wiki page to see what happens21:44
yofelwell, currently that's not a thing21:44
clivejoDarinMiller: you should get yourself a LaunchPad (LP) account21:49
DarinMillersigning up now...21:52
DarinMillerI did not realize the defunct Ubuntu One used launchpad.  I already had the account.21:54
clivejoLOL yeah21:55
clivejothats why I have an AOL address21:56
DarinMiller?? LOL21:56
clivejoI signed up for Ubuntu One years ago21:56
clivejoand it linked them21:56
clivejonow Im stuck with it!21:56
clivejoand valorie is a meanie and wont let me into the Kubuntu club21:58
* clivejo puppy eyes valorie21:59
DarinMillerThis club: https://kubuntu.org/the-kubuntu-team/ ?22:00
clivejoshe mustnt be reading this!22:01
clivejoDarinMiller: do you have a package you know well?22:03
DarinMillergoogle-earth :)22:04
clivejoanything smaller :/22:05
DarinMillerI had to disect the deb file to enable installation a while back.22:05
clivejowas it broken?22:06
ovidiu-florinsoee: https://github.com/ovidiub13/KubuntuAdverticaLightChild/issues/522:07
DarinMilleryes.  it specified a large "virtual" package that canonical stopped including and the dep list required correcting.22:07
clivejoDarinMiller: LP is also how users report bugs22:08
soeeovidiu-florin: vertical pipe makes Kubuntu word and the sentence "separated" a bit (talking about the context) 22:08
ovidiu-florinsoee: answer there please22:09
DarinMillerbugs.kde.org has a launchpad backend or is something different?22:09
clivejoDarinMiller: and we also have a Trello board22:09
DarinMillerI have seen the Trello board and find it "cumbersome". :)22:10
clivejoDarinMiller: not that I know of, LP is more for Ubuntu related stuff22:10
clivejolike a packaging issue22:10
clivejousers might request someone to update a package22:10
clivejoDarinMiller: I find it cumbersome too22:11
clivejoI accidently archived a card, and have no idea how I did it22:11
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DarinMillerHow do I update my xenial box to landing? https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports-landing only has wiley listed.22:12
ovidiu-florinclivejo: you can unarchive it22:13
DarinMillerTrello card?22:13
DarinMillerctrl-z ?22:13
clivejoDarinMiller: backports is to provide updates to previous releases22:15
clivejothats a list of the PPA's we manage22:16
DarinMillerWow. So much to learn :)22:17
clivejobut at least you are interested :)22:18
clivejoyou can see our staging PPA's there too22:18
clivejoDarinMiller: have you heard of KCI?22:19
DarinMillerYes, I see it. I never knew of the ppa list-one of the reasons I was not testing updates landing on xenial.22:20
DarinMillerOnly because you menttioned it earlier: <clivejo> Then we have the beast we call Kubuntu Continuous Integration KCI22:20
valoriesorry, was prepping to clean my house22:22
valorieclivejo lies, I've been urging him to join "the club" for months!22:22
clivejoso what it does is takes the very latest source code directly from KDE and tries to build it!22:22
clivejostuffing it into our packaging22:22
valoriealso, bugs.kde.org is for KDE bugs, lauchpad bugtracker is for our packaging22:23
clivejobut often the packaging is wrong, like putting a square in a round hole!22:23
valorieah, our packaging is usually great!22:23
valorieonly occasionally missing something22:24
valorieclivejo: btw did you see the two packages I had remove to get kubuntu-desktop recommends to install?22:24
valoriemovixmaker-2 & libreoffice-kab22:25
clivejoI did, we need to do something to fix that!22:25
clivejomaybe yofel can shed some light22:25
valoriethey appear to have changed names or disappeared22:25
clivejo!info libreoffice-kab wily22:26
ubottuPackage libreoffice-kab does not exist in wily22:26
valorieanyway, gotta vacuum22:26
clivejowonder what is trying to install it22:27
clivejoyofel: should libkf5kiogui5 be a dev package?22:34
blazeclivejo: no22:34
blazeit contains binary library22:35
clivejofeels odd or wrong adding libkf5kiogui5 as a build dep22:35
blazewhy is it a build dep?22:36
clivejolot of FTBFS because of it22:36
clivejolot of packages need it to build22:37
blazedoes it contain header files?22:38
clivejothey just need that lib - "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5KIOGui.so.5.19.0"22:38
sgclarkactually it looks like 5.19 was released and the KIO dep needs a bump. Are you workingin unstable?22:38
sgclarkkiogui is being referenced from the kio headers22:40
blazeclivejo: i guess it should be in kio-dev deps22:40
clivejosgclark: I asked upstream (KDE) and they said libKF5KIOGui was a new package22:40
sgclarkoh I see. interesting.22:40
soeethere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WipM3SAYqK4 :)22:40
clivejoso I created one in control file and libKF5KIOGui.install22:40
DarinMillerBut its for xenial, not wiley no?22:41
clivejopushed it to kubuntu_unstable22:41
clivejobut now packages are FTBFS over it22:41
clivejoIm starting to think I shouldnt have created a new package :/22:41
clivejojust installed the files into kio-dev22:42
clivejoDarinMiller: we always work on Ubuntu+1 first22:43
clivejoXenial is the devel version so we package for it, then backport to previous releases if needed22:43
blazekio-dev is a build dependency for everything and it should have libkf5kiogui5 in deps22:43
clivejoah so kio-dev depends on libkf5kiogui522:45
clivejonot each of the packages22:45
* clivejo is stupid22:46
blazethat's the way it works, -dev packages are depending on corresponding binary packages22:47
* clivejo face palms22:49
clivejoI think thats fixed now22:50
blazegood, now i can go to sleep22:52
clivejosgclark: there is a build dep on libindi-dev in apps, did you package that? 22:54
sgclarkno I have not touched that in years, it is a beast to package.22:55
clivejokstars apparently needs it :/22:56
sgclarkyup, I have begged for us to be able to use perfectly good packaged https://launchpad.net/~mutlaqja/+archive/ubuntu/ppa22:57
sgclarkwithout luck22:57
sgclarkshrug. I do not have time to tackle it.22:57
clivejooh thats very up to date22:58
sgclarkyes, and I do believe that developer is involved in kstars22:59
clivejois it just a build dep?22:59
sgclarkno clue why his packages wouldn't go into archive22:59
clivejocould we just copy the package to staging so it builds?23:00
sgclarkno it is a ppa, external ppas are banned for CI, perhaps a copy is ok, ask yofel23:00
sgclarkstill there is issue in regards to archive though..23:01
clivejohe must be kstars dev23:01
clivejokstars-bleeding - 5:15.12+r5628.247~ubuntu16.04.1 23:01
sgclarkyeah fairly certain he is.23:02
clivejointeresting - KStars is free, open source, cross-platform Astronomy Software. It provides an accurate graphical simulation of the night sky, from any location on Earth, at any date and time. The display includes up to 100 million stars, 13,000 deep-sky objects,all 8 planets, the Sun and Moon, and thousands of comets, asteroids, supernovae, and satellites.23:02
clivejoCurrent Maintainer: Jasem Mutlaq 23:03
clivejosame guy23:03

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