melodieClaymore did you check the available space in your home partition?00:00
melodiehi valorie00:00
ClaymoreHi Valorie, yes its a strange one.00:02
ClaymoreHi Melody, plenty of disk space.00:02
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ClaymoreIs there a way to restart the whole audio system? It might save the re-logins00:03
keithzgClaymore: if pulseaudio is the problem, the old "pulseaudio -k" (ie. kill pulseaudio instances) followed by "pulseaudio -D" (ie. start pulseaudio in daemon mode) might be what you're looking for.00:06
ClaymoreCheers Keithzg, I'll try it next time00:07
Oderushi. i just tried to add some services to the context menu in dolphin via the "get new services" button. I then installed some, but they do not appear at all in the list of services even after reboot. any ideas?00:08
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ClaymoreOne more question - is kwalletd still required for 15.10?00:17
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melodiegood night01:02
cossshow do i safely install another desktop environment in kubuntu ?01:27
cossslast time i installed xubuntu-desktop in ubuntu and it got suck at login screen01:28
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Guest43247how do i install kubuntu to flash drive01:33
drleviathanGuest43247, there are several links on the internet that describe how to make a bootable USB drive.01:39
drleviathanIn short: download the ISO, use dd to put on USB drive01:40
Guest43247what is dd01:42
drleviathandd = command line "data dump" utility.  Used for writing raw data from one drive to another.01:43
Oderushi. i tried installing new services in dolphin and my new services do not show up. i have tried googling around and trying to put the .desktop files in different places but nothing works. any ideas?01:58
valorieOderus: you might have to run kbuildsycoca or so02:14
Oderusvalorie: i have actually tried that as well..02:14
valorieOderus: I guess I would check with #kde-devel then02:16
Oderusvalorie: thank you02:17
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DQSIIi dont give a fuck what most people think about me online truthfully08:16
DQSIIoops wrong chat xD08:17
lordievaderGood morning.09:29
JunkHunkhello is there an IRC channel for google bloggers?11:42
JunkHunkI cannot get embedded videos working...11:42
lordievaderAlis might know.11:58
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http11:58
BluesKajHi folks12:20
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john_s039hello, few questions, the app store whats the new name for it?12:37
hateballjohn_s039: Do you mean Muon Discover ?12:39
john_s039other question is, i have AMD montherboard with 2 video cards , Onboard and PCI-x .. Now for odd reason , it does not show any nvidia at all in a driver list12:39
john_s039ah yeah, i guess i had to update the files to get the Muon to work lol12:40
hateballjohn_s039: So your PCIe card is nVidia? What model?12:41
john_s039anyhow, give me a sec about the nvidia12:41
john_s039it's a 650Tz i think12:41
hateballThere's no Tz, I guess you mean Ti ?12:41
hateballjohn_s039: Run this in a terminal and paste the result: "lspci|grep VGA"12:42
john_s039ZOTAC GeForce GT 73012:42
john_s039lspci|grep VGA 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK208 [GeForce GT 730] (rev a1)12:43
hateballjohn_s039: Is this Kubuntu 14.04 or 15.10 ?12:43
john_s039but there is no driver software, -- Plus i have ATI as well as a onboard, and it's 15.1012:43
hateballjohn_s039: That sounds strange. Are you using the AMD chipset to display your image now?12:45
BluesKajjohn_s039, have you set the nvidia pci as default in the bios?12:46
john_s039nah, in my bios i have it on PCI due to when i have it on onboard it does not seem to load up with a other video card12:46
john_s039it use to use 2 cards at the same time, meaning, onboard and PCI -- but now it does not even see the onboard12:46
BluesKajrecheck your bios setting for the pci and disconnect the onboard gpu to check if the pci card is working12:51
kaddihow do i get quassel to stop automatically connecting here?12:51
kaddido I have to delete the network from the list of networks?12:51
john_s039the PCI is working, it's the onboard is not working with dual video' like it was before12:52
BluesKajdisable autoconnect in quassel. kaddi12:52
OerHekskaddi, go into connection settings, you will find the channels you autojoin12:53
kaddiBluesKaj: only thing I was able to find is the automatic reconnect12:53
hateballkaddi: if you rightclick and part a channel it wont rejoin automatically on connecting to the network either12:54
kaddihateball, OerHeks: I don't want to not join kubuntu, I don't want to join freenode on starting quassel ;)12:54
kaddiI do occasionally join freenode and when I do that's usually to come here to ask for some advice or offer some information12:56
kaddibut most days I don't want to join freenode but other networks12:56
kaddihowever, when I start quassel it starts by automatically connection to freenode12:56
hateballkaddi: same goes for that. disconnect the network before closing quassel and it'll remember that state12:57
kaddilemme try12:57
kaddithanks, that worked12:57
kaddicould've sworn I tried that before, but apparently not :p12:58
BluesKajjohn_s039, guessing you have xserver-xorg.conf file , I'm not sure how to set your 2 gpus up there, but theremust be a tut /method showing how...I use only one monitor so i'm not familiar with multiple setups12:58
john_s039okay, so, the driver manager now saw the Nvidia now, lets hope it can also read the ATI after the reboot13:00
john_s039now the other question13:01
john_s039gaming, on linux, what best, other then wine?13:01
john_s039like GTA 5, and all that, as i have FX-6 cores, AMD,13:01
john_s039@bluekaj - Yep?13:02
BluesKajthe url above13:02
john_s039yeah, i was on that before13:02
john_s039it failed to install for odd reason it never seen the GPU lol13:03
john_s039what about gaming wise>13:04
hateballjohn_s039: Plenty of native games available through Steam or otherwise13:04
hateballIf you intend to play windows-only games, your options are Wine or using GPU passthrough to a VM13:04
john_s039i know the wine don't support GTA5, due to media player, as for VM i was thinking on windows 7? but then again, dam MS forcing everyone on Windows 10, and Windows 10, new update removed the media player :\13:06
krissiWhat is the status on plasma mobile for nexus 5 is it user friendly or should i wit13:09
john_s039brb in a few mins need to restart13:09
john_s09yeah, it does not work with dual ATI and Nivida13:22
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kaddiand it reconnected me again.. i give up14:42
kaddiguess i'll just idle in here :p14:42
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marcellusmy Kubuntu 15.10 won't auto mount any drives on startup.....15:07
marcellusalready tried this 'kcmshell4 device_automounter_kcm'15:08
marcellusand changing some value from 1 to 0 on  some file...15:08
marcellusany ideas?15:08
marcelluswhat else could I try?15:09
cojackyo guys, can some one explain me why node v5.5 stop throw exception when I pass some logic through (Q) promises?15:16
cojackfuck, wrong channel15:16
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GreenDaywhat about kdm?19:33
GreenDayno support under kubuntu?19:33
GreenDayand xdm?19:33
geniisddm is now the default. You could try and install kdm or xdm but they are no longer maintained or supported19:35
geniilightdm is still maintained and supported, but not provided as the default due to philosophical differences between Kubuntu developers and Canonical19:38
GreenDaygenii: thanks for the input19:57
GreenDaythat's shame however kdm is discontinued19:57
acheron88tend to use lightdm here as is more stable than sddm19:59
geniiHere as well19:59
GreenDayI dislike it because it looks like gnome.. :d20:00
acheron88there are a few alternate greeter themes20:00
acheron88plus a tool to set the gtk greeter theme20:01
GreenDayhow can you explain startx doesnt start...x...20:02
OerHeks'service lightdm start' is current20:07
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RedFox_Is there anyone here?20:40
RedFox_Hi death20:41
death_good bye20:41
RedFox_I think is there anybody here20:42
RedFox_I left20:42
DarinMillerI am here20:47
GreenDayI lost keymap each time khuntu starts21:13
GreenDayVLC did not installed in KDE menu22:07
GreenDayi must install it by hand22:07
vertago1I am trying to figure out what the difference between kde neon and the kubuntu backports is other than where it is hosted and the branding22:15
geniivertago1: "Neon is a KDE Incubator project and we are still baking it. Currently we have an archive of KDE software built from unstable Git branches which can be installed on top of Ubuntu 15.10 flavours. Coming soon will be an archive built from KDE releases for users and live/installable images to install onto your computer. " from https://dot.kde.org/2016/01/30/fosdem-announcing-kde-neon22:20
geniivertago1: Whereas kubuntu PPAs are latest stable KDE packaged for Kubuntu ( and not from git)22:21
vertago1genii when you install the binaries built from the git repo that is practically the same thing as installing from a package22:30
vertago1packages just track what goes where and what is compatable with what22:30
vertago1and what depends on what22:31
vertago1It makes sense to me that you want to be able to use and or test the latest releases of software easily. It seems to me that KCI and the backports pretty much give you the same thing as KDE neon in theory--that is if KCI and the backports were able to keep up with the KDE release cycle22:34
vertago1My concern is that extra work would be spent upkeeping a project that is already being done elsewhere in the community22:35
vertago1I guess on second look at what you said it looks like they are globing it all into one package22:38
vertago1I just tried it out on a VM and it really does look like another kde backports23:10
lordievadervertago1: The big difference between Neon and the backports is that Neon is automated builds, whereas the backports are manual labor.23:11
lordievaderIn theory Neon holds newer stuff than the backports.23:12
vertago1It would make sense for backports then to pull the packing data from neon and apply fixes as needed23:12
vertago1I wonder if anyone has thought about going with a package-less distribution scheme where updates are applied file-by-file instead of package by package. It seems like a waste to have to reinstall all the images, docs etc if nothing changes just because of a small change to a lib or something.23:16
vertago1you would still need packages in the sense of the metadata23:17

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