dobeynacc: there aren't any bug dependencies. but you can have multiple tasks in a single bug report01:30
naccdobey: yep, figuring that out now :)01:30
xnox"Estimated finish 2 minutes ago" =) lovely02:09
karstensrageim trying to test my pam library build with sbuild, but it requires a library thats in launchpad already?04:10
wgrantkarstensrage: You'll need to reconfigure your sbuild setup to include your PPA in its sources.list.04:11
karstensragewgrant do i just modify the chroot and do  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/mylib trusty main for the trusty chroot?04:12
karstensrageor how do i reconfigure the sbuild setup?04:13
wgrantkarstensrage: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild#Temporarily_adding_PPAs04:16
karstensrageif i schroot then exit dont the changes get removed?04:19
wgrantNot if you use source:04:19
wgrantsource: opens the underlying chroot rather than a snapshot.04:19
karstensrageso the changes are permanent to the chroot?04:19
wgrantUntil you remove them, yes.04:20
karstensrageand to achieve this its not OR its Disable gpg key checking AND Add the PPA but dont update04:22
wgrantRight, you need to either disable the key check or add your PPA's key, then add the PPA.04:23
karstensragewgrant, do i replace echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-unity/daily-build/ubuntu trusty main " > \04:30
karstensrage  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-unity-daily-build-trusty.list04:30
karstensragewith my ppa?04:30
karstensrageor exactly like that?04:30
wgrantkarstensrage: You should probably use your PPA's details unless you particularly want Unity daily builds.04:31
karstensragewell yeah i figured but do i create /etc/apt/sources.list.d/my ppa?04:32
wgrantThe filename doesn't matter, but it's best to keep it consistent to avoid confusion.04:33
karstensragehmm ok04:34
karstensrageso it just looks at all the .list files in that directory?04:35
wgrantIt's a common pattern with directories ending in ".d"04:35
karstensragesbuilding now04:39
* karstensrage crosses fingers04:39
karstensragelaunchpad seems to build immediately04:40
karstensragewhy do they have a thing on how builds are prioritzed?04:41
wgrantThere are sometimes queues, but this is a quiet time of day.04:41
wgrant18 months ago there were frequently multi-hour queues.04:41
wgrantBut we have hundreds of builders now :) https://launchpad.net/builders04:41
karstensragehmm so if i dput this up to launchpad, can launchpad find the dependencies?04:48
karstensrageLog for successful build of pam-ufpidentity_1.0-1 on i386 (dist=trusty-i386)04:52
karstensrageso wgrant if i push this up to launchpad, will it be able  to find the dependent lib which itself a ppa?04:55
wgrantkarstensrage: A PPA by default pulls packages from itself and the Ubuntu primary archive.04:55
wgrantSo if it's in the same PPA you're good. If it's in another PPA, add is as a dependency using the "Edit PPA dependencies" link.04:56
karstensrageah i see that04:56
karstensrageok didnt realize that was there for that04:56
karstensrageso can do that before you upload anythign so the upload should build right?04:56
wgrantIf you need extra PPAs, yep.04:57
karstensragehaving a bit of ice cream, then ill jinja2 my changelog and push it up05:04
karstensragemy gift to you sir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdrEJ59XDXg05:25
karstensrageit built!!!!!06:50
karstensragewooo hooo06:50
karstensragewgrant, thanks so much for the help06:50
karstensrageyes i guess it does differ06:51
softplaycan anyone help with the configuration of dja dup?12:12
softplayit's giving me some errors12:12
davmor2softplay: try on #ubuntu this is a channel for launchpad help12:12
sergio-br2eh, what happened to libpolarssl-dev in xenial17:19
tewardsergio-br2: you know this isn't #ubuntu-devel right17:19
tewardor #Ubuntu+117:19
karstensragehmm everything seems to install .. but it only finds it as mylib1 not mylip19:10
karstensrageit worked!!!!20:03
karstensragei love launchpad20:03
karstensrageso much easier to test things in a realistic way20:04
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