dekaband@wxl I was able to complete the install process by opening a terminal and typing ubiquity --automatic, I thought I had filed a bug report but I was mistaken. Ubiquity seems to be the culprit00:04
meetingologydekaband: Error: "wxl" is not a valid command.00:04
wxldekaband: you can re-target it against ubiquity00:04
wxldekaband: did you already check the md5 of both the image and the media you used to install?00:04
dekabandyes, I just did that right now and it appears the .iso I have is corrupted. I'll need to find a way to burn it a little slower00:06
wxlyeah that's probably the cause of the error00:06
dekabandNext time I'll torrent it. Thanks though, I appreciate your time00:07
phillwdekaband: when the machine does not want to play I find using a -RW (either cd-rw or dvd-rw) makes the little horror burn slowly :)00:07
wxlhehe  yeah that helps, dekaband, though that doesn't help burning00:07
dekabandI've been using a usb, I'll grab some cd-rw's tommorow and give it another shot =)00:08
phillwdekaband: if you use cd-rw, you can only use the alternate images. The desktop ones are dvd sized.00:09
dekabandok good to know. I'll use the dvd-rw's then =)00:10
phillwwxl: the alternates appear to have failed again :/17:44
ianorlinhmm after repsin alternates seem back up :)23:14

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