OpenSorceIs there a good working weather plugin for the lxpanel or system tray? The one that comes with it won't let me set a location.00:26
AscavasaionHello there.  I just started my laptop, and it has resorted to UK keyboard when in fact it is a US keyboard.  I rebooted it, and checked in preferences/language support (lubuntu) and it says it is set as US keyboard.  Could someone please advise me.14:45
damasceneAscavasaion, check with this setxkbmap -print14:51
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Ascavasaiondamascene: What exactly does that tell me?15:00
damascenethe current keymap15:00
AscavasaionCan I cut and paste it here?  Seeing as it is quiet?15:03
AscavasaionOr should I do a pastebin rather?15:03
damascenepastepin, like fpaste.org maybe ☺15:03
damascenedid you find uk or us there?15:04
damasceneyou can remove the gb by setxkbmap "us"15:06
damasceneyou might want to add that to your ~/.bashrc15:06
Ascavasaionthank you so so much15:07
Ascavasaionthis ought to be fun then hehehe15:08
damasceneI think there maybe a better place to set it if you want it system wide and on login, but I'm not sure where, I just use it like this15:08
AscavasaionI wonder what happened to make to go all wonky like this in the first place.15:08
damasceneYou can wait her for more advance users to find answers15:09
AscavasaionSo I can just put setxkbmap "us" at the very end of the .bashrc file and when I reboot into this user it will automatically run it?15:10
damasceneI think so, yes15:10
damasceneI've similar one in my file but for multiple languages15:11
damascenemultiple layouts15:11
AscavasaionI just needthe keyboard changed... language for spellcheck, etc I need is UK English15:11
Ascavasaionand that command makes everything work perfectly.15:12
Ascavasaiongoing to reboot and check.15:13
james1138Good monring all.15:14
redwolfgood morning, james1138 \o/15:14
james1138"morning"... sorry15:14
Ascavasaiondamascene: It works perfectly as is.  No need for the "more advanced users".  Much appreciated.15:19
AscavasaionSouth Africa here... hence the US keyboard, and UK English.15:21
damasceneyeah, diverse culture already there ☺15:22
james1138Question related to Lexmark multifunction printers. I have a Lexmark x9575 that works great with windows (winDUH) systems. I try to install the windows xp driver using Wine but each time it gets to the end of the install... it stops and uninstalls. Any ideas or suggestions. I am using Lubuntu 14.04.03 with 4.4 kernal.15:23
redwolfinstalling windows print drivers is not a good idea. Linux can't use those15:25
QuantosWhy aren't you using CUPS?15:25
redwolfyou should check the Lexmark support: http://support.lexmark.com/index?pmv=print&page=content&productCode=&segment=SUPPORT&userlocale=EN_UK&id=RE10815:25
redwolfI'm sure there's a legal Lexmark driver for Linux in their website15:26
QuantosIs CUPS not what's used anymore?15:28
QuantosI haven't printed anything in about 20 years15:29
redwolfyes, CUPS is just the server that connects the PPDs for printing15:29
redwolfevery printer "driver" is a collection of PPD instructions15:29
QuantosIt's been a while indeed15:29
redwolfbut brands like HP, Canon, etc. have prepared Linux packages15:30
QuantosIt's about time15:30
redwolffor example, the hplip tool can configure EVERY hp printer with ease, even via wifi, for scanning, faxing and printing.15:30
redwolfjust a CUPS front-end. it's, so, the only way to install printers in *buntu15:31
james1138Sorry all. Stepped away. But I am back and finished reading reply about Lexmark15:40
redwolfand? went fine?15:41
james1138Anyone know of a source/website for Lexmark PPD?15:41
redwolfhave you tried the Printers applet?15:42
redwolfhow is the printer connected?15:42
james1138Printer is on local/home network Redwolf15:43
redwolfwhat says the Lubuntu printer installer?15:43
redwolfif the normal setup fails, read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters/LexmarkPrinters15:44
james1138Just PDF on printer15:47
redwolfjames1138, you should see the connected printer. expand this: http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/12/97/34/48/printe10.jpg16:00
redwolfif not, use that link16:00
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