balloonspopey, not yet. But I will re-run once fixed00:10
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Guest4112where can i find help with developing a quickfixj applicaiton on ubuntu does anyone know?00:20
Guest4112I'm trying to debug a quickfixj connection issue00:21
nipunaHello there, I'm a new developer hoping to take part in the scopes showdown, right now I'm having trouble with setting up the emulator02:53
nipunaCould someone please tell me why the devices tab says, "The device is currently booting..." Even when the emulator is up and running?02:54
nipunaPressing the refresh button does not do any change either.02:54
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Pancake Day! πŸ™Œ09:32
nik90popey, ping09:45
popeyhello nik9009:50
popeySorry for bugspam09:50
nik90popey, nah I like seeing these small papercut bugs :)09:50
nik90about bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1543496, I think with the UC 1.3 migration it is mostly gone.09:50
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1543496 in Ubuntu Clock App "β€˜Shutter’ effect animation on title bar when opening bottom edge should not be present." [Undecided,New]09:50
popeyI was copy/pasting bugs from a design review doc, so sorry if I missed things which are fixed but not landed.09:51
nik90About https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1543476, may I ask why you want the clear button to be shown?09:51
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1543476 in Ubuntu Clock App "stopwatch: Start & Clear should be visible before stopwatch started" [Undecided,New]09:51
nik90oh these are from design review?09:51
nik90I was under the impression that the new design doc only shows a "start" button in the stopwatch page.09:52
popeyThese come from updated design specs for buttons09:52
popeywhich I'm attempting to get access to for you09:52
nik90Ok. I will target all these bugs against the 3.7 milestone which is intended for MWC.09:52
popeyAwesome, thank you nik9009:53
* popey files one more09:53
nik90the new design is more or less done thanks to bartosz and michael predotka.09:53
nik90will follow up with them about what's left.09:53
popeyApologies if there's a lack of detail. if you have any more questions which are design specific we can poke JMulholland :)09:53
popeyhis name is all over this  πŸ˜ƒ09:53
nik90sure, no problemo09:54
popeyJMulholland: specifically, could you tell me what colour is appropriate for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1543501 ?09:54
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1543501 in Ubuntu Clock App "settings: wrong font colour (purple) for section titles" [Undecided,New]09:55
davidcallepopey: what's your solution for Marvin to interact with the app? I'm looking into autopilot for scopes and I'm not fond of it. Not for running tests, just a sequence of taps on the screen.10:41
popeydavidcalle: good question. currently don't have a solution10:48
popeydavidcalle: would like a really simple streamlined way of injecting presses, press-hold and swipe10:49
popeydpm: am i right in saying there's currently no possible way to run x86 unity8 on any known device?10:50
popey(specifically installing clicks in said environment)10:50
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popey(which I assume is why you're using debs)10:57
popeyPondering if it's really worth pushing fat packages to the store, given nobody uses them on x86 devices11:01
davmor2davidcalle: lego mindstorm robotic arm?11:06
davidcalledavmor2: :D11:07
davmor2popey: I think that is mostly because you don't have access to the click store from the desktop so people use the ppa that they can install though right?11:07
davmor2popey: might be different if more people were trialling unity8 on desktop maybe11:08
popeydavmor2: You do have access to the click store on some builds I've seen, but installing clicks fails11:11
dpmpopey, I'm not sure I understand the question, but here's what I did, in case that helps:11:11
popeydavmor2: I don't think we're ever going to support clicks on the desktop11:11
popeydpm: my point is about having fat (armhf/i386/amd64) clicks in the store11:11
dpm- installed the unity8-mir-desktop-session package (or whichever the right name is) on my xenial desktop11:11
dpmah, I see where you come from11:11
popeyWe used to have an image that worked, but now we don't seem to be able to install clicks on the desktop so why bother putting x86 builds in the store?11:12
dpmnot that I know of, but best to ask kgunn or pmcgowan11:12
popey"Snappy will fix this" of course (c) ogra11:12
dpmpopey, we've never been able to install clicks on the desktop to the best of my knowledge11:12
popeyWe could save space on user devices by doing thin packages11:13
popey(only a few are fat)11:13
dpmat least when I used to run the unity8 in LXC session a while ago, click was not working, and there were no plans to make it work11:13
beunoyeah, so we have think packages now for snappy11:13
popeyThey were uploaded fat only because the assumption was there that at some point soon there'd be a click desktop11:13
popeyBut if that won't happen then we can save space and bandwidth11:14
beunoI don't think it'll happen for clicks, no11:14
dpmpopey, yeah, I'd say let's remove the fat clicks and think of a way to do it when we move to snaps for core apps11:14
dpmI mean let's trim the fat, not remove them :)11:14
popey πŸ˜ƒ11:15
popeyOk, will do for next set of uploads.11:23
* popey looks for a dholbach11:25
dholbachpopey, which app is it?11:43
popeyfile manager11:43
dholbachsure, let me take a look11:43
popeythanks :)11:44
popeyyou can leave when you're done γ‹›11:44
* popey hugs dholbach 11:52
* dholbach hugs popey back11:53
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faenilpopey: hey, isn't the calendar supposed to have a local calendar instance?14:07
faenilor do I have to add an online calendar to be able to save anything?14:08
ogra_faenil, there used to be a "Personal" calendar14:08
ogra_(local instance)14:08
faenilyeah...I remember that14:08
popeyclick kebab, tick personal calendar14:09
popeysorry, faenil click kebab, choose calendars, tick personal one14:09
popey(on a hangout, biab)14:10
karnikebab.. now I'm hugry14:11
faenilpopey: there's on Add online calenda14:13
faenilI reset configs and caches, fyi14:13
popeyfaenil: you dont see personal at all?14:16
popeyfaenil: wonder if this is to blame http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev/ubuntu-calendar-app/trunk/revision/75314:17
faenilpopey: nope14:17
* faenil clicks14:17
faenilpopey: cannot read "collectionId" of undefined14:18
popeycan you file a bug please faenil ?14:18
ogra_popey, i doubt that ... thats only for the "New Event"14:19
ogra_iirc that Personal calendar even comes from syncevolution14:19
faenilpopey: I wanted to understand if it's because I reset config,cache and .local/share folders14:19
popeywell, i still see it here, and I didnt do that14:20
popeyso quite likely14:20
ogra_(you get it on desktop too if you use a fresh evolution install)14:20
popeyI don't know if this is a calendar or evolution issue14:20
faenilalso, adding a new calendar returns a QDbusError14:21
faenilthis is on Xenial+Unity8 on laptop14:21
popeyyou should have said that 15 mins ago :)14:22
faenilpopey: yep, I should have14:23
faenildoing 3 things at a time decreases my efficiency :)14:23
davmor2faenil: only 3 pfff ;)14:24
faenildavmor2: on 3 diff laptops, that's what smashes my brain :D14:24
popeybartbes: https://code.launchpad.net/~popey/ubuntu-terminal-app/add-control/+merge/28228014:27
popeybartbes: see comments.. :)14:27
faenilOnlineAccountsUi: unrecognised option '--socket' and 'profile"14:27
Elleopopey: would you happen to have an old click of something fairly big like file manager or document viewer or similar? (I'm fixing some UDM stuff with click updates and need a large click I can keep re-updating to test with)14:28
popeyElleo: i have everything14:29
Elleopopey: awesome :)14:30
popeyElleo: http://popey.mooo.com/mirror/clicks/2016/14:30
Elleopopey: perfect, thanks14:30
bartbespopey: I do think it should highlight, but I really just lack the experience with qml to do it14:38
popeyditto :)14:39
popeybartbes: I'll leave a comment14:40
bartbeswell, I've got a launchpad account too :P14:40
popeybartbes: yeah, i thought you just hated bzr γ‹›14:46
bartbeshate's a strong word, but I'll reply, at least14:47
bartbesnow.. how do I subscribe..14:48
popeyto the merge?14:53
popeysubscribe to the bug I think14:54
faenilpopey: who's working on calendar at the moment?15:05
popeyNobody consistently full time.15:06
popeyWe've had a bunch of patches recently from renatu and gary15:06
faenilok, thanks :)15:07
faenilpopey: didn't we move to buteo for calendar as well?15:07
faenilmeanwhile, laptop doesn't have sync-monitor and all the syncevolution stuff installed, that's surely one of thep roblems15:08
popeyfaenil: not yet afaiaa15:08
faenilpopey: I see, so buteo is only for contacts atm, right?15:08
faenilcool, thanks15:09
* faenil installes sync-monitor and all its deps15:09
popeythat would help15:09
faenilapparmor denials now...dconf permission denied15:10
faenilaw :(15:10
popeykenvandine: do you know if there's a plan to add a notification for app updates (like we have for system updates) in system settings?15:42
kenvandinepopey, no solid plan... we want a background service for handling updates15:43
kenvandinesettings can't do that15:43
kenvandinethere was talk ages ago about creating that, but nobody has done it15:43
kenvandinea background service that also handled actually applying the updates as well as installs from the scope15:43
kenvandinejust providing an API for use to use15:44
kenvandinelike update-manager for the phone :)15:44
kenvandineus to use15:44
popeyogra_: if you get a moment, can you pair one of your ouya controllers with your ubuntu phone and reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1542305 ?17:17
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1542305 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Pressing button on bluetooth game pad shuts unity down" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:17
ogra_popey, thats possible ?!?17:17
ogra_wow, i didnt know17:17
popeyjust want to make sure it's not just me or my device17:17
ogra_will take a bit til i have some time for that though (and i need to find batteries)17:17
ogra_not much in use anymore :)17:18
popeyone reason why i'm playing with it with ubuntu17:18
ogra_time that we create an ubuntu-tv unity8 image for it ;)17:18
popeyyou're the only person I know who has one17:21
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RPiAwesomenessDoes anyone here have experience with the javascript scopes? I'm running into some issue that's crashing it and I don't know how to fix it19:47
RPiAwesomenessI've tried googling around a bit, but haven't found anything19:47
davidcalleRPiAwesomeness: what's crashing what? :)19:48
RPiAwesomenessMy scope is crashing19:48
davidcalleRPiAwesomeness: are you able to start your scope?19:48
RPiAwesomenessIt starts but then freezes up and this is in the console:19:48
RPiAwesomenessError: libunity-scopes.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:48
davidcalleRPiAwesomeness: which version of Ubuntu are you using?19:49
davidcalleRPiAwesomeness: running Unity or another desktop?19:50
davidcalle(hold on, feeding baby :))19:50
RPiAwesomenessNo problem :)19:50
davidcalleRPiAwesomeness: maybe "sudo apt-get install --reinstall libunity-scopes3" could fix it, first time I'm seeing your issue19:54
RPiAwesomenessdavidcalle:  Package libunity-scopes3 is not available, but is referred to by another package19:56
RPiAwesomenessI reinstalled libunity-scopes1.0 and that resolved that issue but now I'm getting this: "error while loading shared libraries: libboost_system.so.1.55.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"19:57
RPiAwesomenessdavidcalle: Should I reinstall the SDK? I just updated it, but maybe reinstalling it would make sure everything is up to date?20:06
RPiAwesomenessdavidcalle: Okay, strange. I created a new project with the sample weather scope code and that runs fine20:12
RPiAwesomenessdavidcalle: Well, I got it running. However, now I'm running into a new issue with getting the data from the API I'm trying to use20:55
RPiAwesomenessThat's more of a Node/JS issue than a scope issue though20:55
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ahoneybunI can't get PageHeader to work22:31
ahoneybunit tells me it is not a Type22:31

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