cjwatsonrobru: I'm working on the unity bzr issues01:10
cjwatsonbranch surgery01:10
robrucjwatson: oh cool. What was wrong with it? Never seen that before on any project01:26
cjwatsonrobru: branch corrupted due to not entirely known root causes, possibly botched recovery from an uncommit failure and related to stacking issues01:28
cjwatsonrobru: but lp:unity was/is corrupted as well, I'm working on reconciling it01:28
robrucjwatson: yeah the "readonly transport" bit was particularly confusing as it's the same transport everything else uses01:29
cjwatsonyeah that's just misleading01:29
cjwatsonbut really, this is going to happen from time to time with bzr and the root causes are unlikely to be fixed01:29
cjwatsontrain needs some git01:29
robrucjwatson: yeah we have a bug for that unfortunately it might take a while01:30
robruIt's not a drop in replacement, train has a lot of bzr knowledge01:30
cjwatsondoesn't surprise me01:30
robruIncluding building with "bzr bd", sigh01:31
robrucjwatson: i don't suppose anybody's made a "git bd" yet ;-)01:31
cjwatsonI mean it's not like it gains much01:31
cjwatsonfor your purposes, you could just build the thing with dpkg-buildpackage assuming we don't do ridiculous split branch things for git01:32
cjwatsonbut gbp *can* I think cope with having a packaging-only tree01:33
cjwatsondunno, I never use that mode since git has way better tools for dealing with patches anyway01:33
robrucjwatson: not sure what you mean by split branch but we do split packaging (build orig.tar by dropping debian/ from source tree)01:33
cjwatsonI mean that01:34
cjwatsonbut in part it's to cope with bzr not having as good tools01:34
robrucjwatson: oh yeah and the best part is that we have train users commit bzr bd specific bits to their source trees01:34
cjwatsonlike with git you can just have a branch in the repository that holds your pristine-tar metadata, etc.01:34
cjwatsonsure, any switch would involve tree migrations01:34
robruLots to think about, and other priorities too. I'm trying to do ephemeral PPAs first then git after01:35
cjwatsonright.  I just want to avoid the situation down the line a year or two when we have weird data corruption in toolsets we totally depend on that nobody knows how to fix any more01:36
cjwatsonthanks, lag, your insertion of a stray character in the middle of the words "data corruption" was apposite01:37
robrucjwatson: yeah for sure. I doubt it'll be a whole year before i get git in there01:37
Mirvrobru: do you happen to have any visibility on why some silo autopkgtests seem to be aabaout eternally in progress? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-023/excuses.html the main autopkgtests page does not show any queue06:37
robruMirv: something looks really wrong with that running.shtml, it's very short and there's not a single entry for any silo at all. You should ping pitti about that06:40
robruMirv: one thing to be aware of is that silo britney runs currently take an hour due to high load, so there's some possibility that if a test just finished, depending on the timing it could take bileto up to 2 hours to notice06:41
Mirvrobru: ok07:01
Mirvrobru: that has been there for 5 days or so07:02
Mirvthe silo untouched07:02
MirvI managed to now get the failing tests to pass by rerunning but there are some of those blues in there07:02
Mirvbut some of the blue ones also yesterday turned green07:02
robruMirv: yeah you need pitti to dig into that, all i can tell you is that britney is running07:02
robruNot what it's doing07:02
Mirvrobru: thank you!07:03
Saviqjibel, morning, Allan was unable to get adb on frieza re: silo 57 https://trello.com/c/IaTmnfWq/2748-963-ubuntu-landing-057-unity8-qtmir-saviq - how can we continue? I confirmed this to work on my laptop and on nexus7 FWIW09:40
jibelrvr, can you take 57?  ^09:46
pete-woodstrainguards: hey guys, the (frustratingly "always failed") downstream autopkgtests for silo 70 have been running for like a whole day now09:57
pete-woodsis there any way I can just push past this part of the process?09:57
rvrjibel: Yup10:11
Mirvrobru: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-023/excuses.html says now finally valid candidate but the ticket still says Failed10:16
Mirvrobru: not sure how it parses the results (or reparses or not reparses), maybe the overrides are not considered and it "greps for Regression"?10:17
robrupete-woods: pls email me, I'll fix it so it doesn't block on those, for now just ping qa to move it along10:17
Mirvthis would be the final hurdle in this two week long "get a working silo into QA queue" quest (since I still don't see silo 023 manually inserted to Trello)10:17
robruMirv: yes it greps for REGRESSION, exactly10:19
Mirvbut meanwhile the train has gotten a lot better so it's worth the wait10:19
Mirvrobru: may instead grep for "Not considered"?10:19
pete-woodsrobru: do you mean "please have emailed me yesterday?" as I guess you already know now?10:19
Mirvpete-woods: I guess robert means "please insert an item to my to-do queue while I'm way past bedtime and might forget" :)10:20
pete-woodsah, yeah, he's on the wrong tz10:20
pete-woodsgo to bed!10:20
Mirv"wrong" :D10:20
robrupete-woods: yeah what Mirv said, 2am here10:21
robrupete-woods: I fixed this once but had to revert for other reasons, can fix it again, it's literally two characters difference in one line of code10:22
pete-woodsFWIW, I don't mean to complain about this tool, you've done an astounding one-man job where others have failed10:22
robrupete-woods: though you and Mirv are complaining about the same thing here10:22
pete-woodsthis is literally the first time it's ever done something annoying10:22
Mirvpete-woods: +1 to that10:22
robrupete-woods: Haha thanks. Pitti deserves most credit for autopkgtests I just connected the dots10:23
pete-woodswell I'm less keen on the implementation side of autopkgtests to be honest, as they all just seem to fail for me10:23
pete-woodsmaking me needlessly wait for failures10:23
pete-woodsbut maybe that'll get better10:24
pete-woods"all" is probably a bit dramatic :)10:25
robruMirv: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/bileto/view/head:/britney/iterate.py#L101 I guess I'll just drop the check for REGRESSION as it already checks for "Not considered" so I guess that's redundant. Will fix within 12 hrs ;-)10:25
Mirvrobru: cool! :)10:33
sil2100michi: moving here so that we don't spam the -release channel - I don't even know where the generic-lander nodes are actually running normally11:06
sil2100michi: and webops said they have no knowledge and no access besides to the power switches11:06
michithat’s wonderful :(11:07
michiSo, where are the people who do know?11:07
michiI would have thought that Evan and Francis should know.11:07
davmor2michi: and both states side timezones right11:09
michidavmor2: I think so :(11:10
michiSo, it might another two or three hours.11:10
michidavmor2, sil2100: will you guys be around long enough to ping someone?11:10
michiIt’s getting a little late Down Under...11:10
sil2100michi: yeah, will try to get this pushed further...11:10
davmor2sil2100: I will be but I don't care about it or understand the issue so might be better for you to push :)11:11
michithanks guys!11:12
michiWe need s-jenkins to limp along for a few more weeks.11:13
michiWe are trying hard to migrate our stuff over to jenkaas.11:13
michibut there are around 30 projects to migrate.11:13
michiAnd it took nearly four weeks for us to even get our jenkaas provisioned...11:13
sil2100Yeah, I know what you mean11:13
sil2100The tarball team has ~8 projects and they can't really get them working yet11:13
Mirvwe've managed to disable all our s-jenkins jobs a few weeks ago, and have a little more features now than what we used to have in s-jenkins11:22
Mirvsome hard work, though, was needed11:23
Mirvdavmor2: jibel: I still haven't gotten a clear idea if you plan to test silo 23 because of my pleas when it's good to review OTA-10 landings, since I don't see it manually inserted into the Trello queue. it's a pre-requirement for SDK OTA-10 bug fix so time is getting a bit short for them to work on their stuff on top of it.11:56
Mirvdavmor2: jibel: if you don't have time for it today, then it should be ok because the last fix to train + britney is going to go in late today and then it would appear finally automatically into the QA queue, but the silo has been ready for over a week now like communicated earlier.11:57
Mirvit has been good to get the train robust, it will help in the next Qt landings11:58
jibelMirv, I'll force the creation of the card but we won't have time today12:00
Mirvjibel: ok if you don't have time today anyway then no need as it _should_ appear when robert applies one more fix to train code in the evening12:04
MirvI can reping tomorrow if there's still an issue12:05
pstolowskijibel, hello! can we get silo 64 ack'ed and landed as a matter of urgency? no code change, only temporarily disabled abi check (full explanation in the description https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/983)12:05
jibelpstolowski, Hey, sure, not sure when though, we'll do our best.12:09
pstolowskijibel, ack, thanks. this currently blocks builds for our entire scopes stack12:13
jibelpstolowski, I understand, I'll prioritize the request but there are already lot of urgent things to land12:14
pstolowskijibel, understood, ty12:15
davmor2jibel, john-mcaleely, morphis: 15 passed12:17
jibeldavmor2, Excellent \o/12:23
jibeldavmor2, very good job!12:23
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morphisdavmor2: awesome!12:54
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john-mcaleelydavmor2, \o/13:26
Saviqtrainguards, I can has publish on https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/963 please?13:26
Mirvlooked already13:29
sil2100Oh, timo is on it ;)13:29
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Saviqomg now that's a busy britney...14:28
pstolowskihey trainguards, what does 'automated signoff: failed' for silo 64 mean?14:47
jibelpstolowski, it means there are some failures in https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/vivid/landing-064/excuses.html14:53
jibelpstolowski, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15002165/ fails on amd64 and i38614:54
pstolowskijibel, this is a flakiness in scope harness, unrelated to anything in silo 6414:55
dobeyjibel, pstolowski: we can't land unity-scopes-api by itself14:56
dobeypstolowski: it's not entirely unrelated14:56
pstolowskidobey, ?14:58
dobeypstolowski: jsoncpp broke ABI14:58
pstolowskidobey, but jsoncpp is internal to scopes-api, we don't expose it.. so should be enough to rebuild unity-scopes-api?14:59
dobeypstolowski: no, because it can't link to one jsoncpp and then the scopes link to a differnt jsoncpp; stuff will just crash15:00
pstolowskidobey, btw, that error with games department in click scope is not new, i saw it when i looked at the flaky scopeharness tests a week ago15:01
pstolowskidobey, ah.. i didn't know click scope links to jsoncpp15:01
dobeypstolowski: yes i know that. but on xenial stuff is going to break much worse15:01
dobeypstolowski: mediascanner does too15:01
rvrjgdx: ping15:01
pstolowskidobey, won't do any harm to do no-change rebuilds in same silo?15:02
dobeypstolowski: well we already have some other silos. it's better to reduce number of silos and no-change rebuilds if we can.15:03
pstolowskidobey, i'd prefer to keep features in separate silos15:04
dobeypstolowski: you mean the mediascanner thing?15:04
pstolowskidobey, one silo (filters) is for user testing... the other needs design ack etc.15:04
dobeypstolowski: anyway, since my day is just getting started now, let me do some consolidation of the silos here and get this landed15:05
pstolowskidobey, yes, mediascanner thing15:05
dobeyi'll make an empty MP for mediascanner since it doesn't have a small silo with only a simple bug fix already15:05
pstolowskidobey, only silo 24 and 64 should land, please don't consolidate the others15:06
dobeypstolowski: and my unity-scope-click silo which is only bug fixes15:07
jgdxrvr, pong15:11
rvrjgdx: Hi15:11
rvrjgdx: I'm testing silo 2115:12
rvrjgdx: The background looks wrong in not-windowed mode on the tablet15:12
rvrjgdx: http://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/system-settings-background-landscape.jpg15:12
rvrjgdx: In windowed mode, looks fine, the background is displayed with the landscape ratio15:13
jgdxrvr, I think you want to talk to ken about that. kenvandine was anything changed in the USS background panel? ^15:16
dobeypstolowski: ok, i merged things into the silo where i already had unity-scope-click, and abandoned 64 and 24; and 37 is now rebuilding15:18
rvrjgdx: Oh, probably15:18
rvrkenvandine: ^15:18
pstolowskidobey, great, thanks for that!15:19
kenvandinervr, we haven't changed anything15:20
kenvandinervr, that url gives a 40415:20
dobeyhopefully it rebuilds fine now as-is15:20
rvrkenvandine: Yeah, removed, uploading to private server, one moment15:21
rvrkenvandine: https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~vrruiz/system-settings-background-landscape.jpg15:22
kenvandinervr 404 there too15:22
kenvandinechinstrap redirects to private-fileshare15:23
pmcgowankenvandine, you might need the vpn on15:24
kenvandinei've gotten to private-fileshare before15:25
kenvandineand am now, just getting a 40415:25
rvrkenvandine: Can you ssh to chinstrap?15:26
kenvandinervr so there is some diagram showing there?15:27
rvrkenvandine: If you ssh, the file is in /home/vrruiz/15:27
kenvandinervr, and that's on the app switcher?15:27
kenvandinei got the file15:28
kenvandinethe background we set in system-settings is only used for the greeter15:28
kenvandineso what you're seeing shouldn't have anything to do with that15:28
rvrkenvandine: So, the description of the silo is that it's a fix for landscape, and in windowed mode, the background has a landscape ratio15:29
kenvandineno, nothing to do with landscape15:29
rvrkenvandine: But when system settings is in the side panel, this large background is shown15:29
kenvandineit sets a fixed width to be used in windowed mode15:29
kenvandineyeah, but that isn't from settings15:30
kenvandinei don't see that on my flo15:30
rvrkenvandine: Background Ensure default for images is landscape15:30
kenvandinei see the app scope15:30
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1541588 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[System Settings] Changes needed for the UI on a tablet device" [Critical,In progress]15:30
kenvandineoh, that part isn't fixed :)15:30
kenvandinethat's not in the silo15:31
rvrkenvandine: https://trello.com/c/8xdSGk8F/2747-969-ubuntu-landing-021-ubuntu-system-settings-kenvandine15:31
kenvandinewe tackled what we could in that bug15:31
rvrBug #1541588: [System Settings] Changes needed for the UI on a tablet device15:31
rvrBug #1542050: don't allow window to be resized (not the shell doesn't handle this properly yet)15:31
ubot5`bug 1542050 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "don't allow window to be resized" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154205015:31
kenvandinesince settings doesn't do any resizing or cropping we didn't do that15:31
kenvandinethat should be "note the shell..."15:32
kenvandinervr, what you are seeing is very strange, must be a shell bug15:32
kenvandinesettings doesn't touch that, it only sets the background to be used for the greeter15:32
kenvandinervr, the only things changed are listed in the testplan15:35
rvrkenvandine: Take a look to the other screenshot that I shared in /home/vrruiz/15:35
kenvandinervr, what's really odd in your screenshot is the image is not only displayed behind the app but over top of it15:36
kenvandinervr filename?15:36
rvrkenvandine: system-settings-background-landscape-2.jpg15:36
kenvandineso it looks like rendered artifacts15:36
kenvandineis that a pdf or something that's being showed?  like some quick start guide?15:37
rvrkenvandine: So I expected to see landscape background in both modes (panel and windowed)15:37
kenvandineyeah, but that's not something we've worked on15:37
rvrkenvandine: That's a photo with krillin :P15:38
kenvandineand i think we need some design guidance there, because what do when in phone mode but later connected to an external display?15:38
kenvandinewe need to use different images i think15:38
rvrkenvandine: So that part wasn't changed with the silo, right?15:39
rvrOk, I'll fill a bug15:39
kenvandineonly what's listed in the testplan section15:39
kenvandinervr, i'm more concerned with that krillin image being displayed there... why is that?15:39
kenvandinervr, about the fixed width, unity8 doesn't honor that yet so you'll still be able to make it wider in windowed mode on the tablet15:40
kenvandinebut on the desktop you can confirm it doesn't15:40
rvrkenvandine: Ok, I'm just testing in the tablet.15:41
rvrkenvandine: Max/minimized worked, no regressions15:41
kenvandinewhen it's fixed in unity8 you won't be able to maximize it15:42
rvrkenvandine: By the way, I can still launch mobile data panel from the indicator network, although it only shows the spinner.15:44
kenvandinethat needs a fix in the indicator15:44
kenvandinervr,  there's a indicator-network task for the bug15:45
rvrkenvandine: I was about to search for it, thanks!15:45
rvrOk, now I will take a look to the silo with krillin15:45
alex-abreutrainguards could you retry britney for unity8 aptests https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-016/excuses.html ?15:56
sil2100alex-abreu: the unity8 parts?15:58
alex-abreusil2100, yes pls15:58
sil2100alex-abreu: retried the failed unity8 test15:59
Trevinhorobru, sil2100: any reason why https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-025/excuses.html states unity8, although it's unity7?16:25
MirvTrevinho: unity or part of it is reverse dependency of unity8, thus autopkgtest for u8 are run16:27
Trevinhomh, okkk16:27
dobeygo go gadget britney17:51
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dobeyaaaand now i have to rebuild my other silo yet again18:10
robruMirv: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/bileto/revision/418#britney/iterate.py ok next britney run should have correct results ;-)19:30
* robru sees silo 80 in use20:42
robru"are you shitting me?!"20:42
* robru forgot for a sec that they're assigned in random order20:42
sil2100hah, I see you had a moment of horror20:51
robruyes, my heart jumped20:52
dobeywhat the heck21:07
dobeyoh i guess kenvandine's silo hasn't quite landed yet21:08
kenvandinedobey, need me to force merge it?21:11
dobeykenvandine: probably not. seems like it should go through fine once britney passes it21:11
kenvandineif it's holding you up building something i can merge it21:11
dobeywell it's not the only thing being slow that's annoying me right now, so no worries :)21:12
dobeyi'll just have to wait another 6 hours after that lands, for the autopkgtests for my other silo, anyway21:12
dobeyand then probably bug qa to ignore the failed tests again21:13
kenvandinegood times21:13
dobeymaybe i should just go watch another episode of star trek21:14
robrudobey: I landed the fix that makes it ignore ALWAYSFAILED so hopefully you'll be waiting slightly less21:26
dobeyrobru: cool21:33
dobeyrobru: proposed-migration still waits for the always failed to complete though, right?21:34
robrudobey: no? if the package only has RUNNING-ALWAYSFAIL and no RUNNING, it's marked as Valid candidate.21:35
dobeyhmm, ok21:37
dobeyoh ffs21:45
dobeythe britney queue on xenial is bonkers21:45
dobeythanks perl and python-numpy and qt21:47
dobeythis probably won't even be finished by the time i'm back on-line tomorrow :(21:47
dobeyrobru: yeah, and some of them are probably going to just fail anyway, until silo 37 lands21:50

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