wxlknome: i'm facing this issue https://i.imgur.com/EID9dv1.png00:10
knomelooks like you don't have a theme set up.00:11
wxlknome: meaning it's not activated? cuz it is.00:11
knomeyou don't have *any* css applied, so i don't think you have the theme activated for the site00:12
knomeor something is wrong with your permissions00:13
wxlknome: well it's active. https://i.imgur.com/9FzSWic.png00:51
wxlknome: ownership and permissions seem kosher https://paste.ubuntu.com/14998790/00:55
knomepopey, pleia2: https://github.com/knomepasi/ubuntu-community-wordpress-theme/issues/702:13
knomewxl, what makes me think even more your permissions aren't right is that you don't see the screenshot in the wordpress theme selection screen.02:13
dholbachgood morning08:01
davidcalleBonjour o/09:28
dpmdholbach, davidcalle, any of you up for the Q&A today? We've got PatMcGowan and Richard Collins confirmed as guests and I'm just going to announce it11:37
dpmthey'll join us 30 mins into the call due to a conflicting meeting11:37
dholbachdpm, can do... although I was in last week's with popey already11:42
dpmdholbach, np, I can also ask balloons when he's up12:03
davidcalledpm, dholbach: can't do, sorry12:21
dpmsvij, popey, dholbach, I think I'll kick off a trello board for the ubucon call. I worked quite well for the one at scale12:55
svijdpm: ok12:56
dholbachdpm, cool12:56
popeygreat idea12:57
dpmsvij, can you remind us of the dates?13:02
popeymmmmm dates13:03
dpmIn the meantime, https://trello.com/b/vrvHS6sk/ubucon-europe13:03
dpmfeel free to add anyone else that you think should be in the board13:03
dpmit's a public one in any case13:03
svijdates? you mean 18th to 20th November?13:11
svijbtw, I wanted to add someone to our call, but that didn't really work (yay for no success/error message)13:16
balloonsdpm, are you also going to host the q and a?13:48
dpmballoons, I am, but it'd be good to have someone else too13:51
dholbachsvij, who did you want to invite for the call - can we still get them on the call?14:25
svijI've send her the direct link to the hangout14:26
svijshe should be able to join, I think14:26
dholbachis it Ilonka?14:28
dholbachsvij, ^14:28
svijdholbach: yep14:28
dpmdholbach, svij, will be 2 mins late14:30
svijdpm: ok14:30
* svij looks on his watch14:32
svijis popey also coming?14:33
* popey arrives fashionably late14:34
popeydpm: svij where do you want to track suggested speakers?15:04
dholbachdpm, which hangout do we use for UOS planning?15:04
svijpopey: either wiki or trello, or what do you think?15:05
dpmdholbach, sorry, added it now15:05
svijwikipages for ubucon eu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuconEu/UbuconEu201615:05
dpmpopey, svij, I added a list for speakers during the call on the Trello board if you want to use it15:06
svijdpm: you mean the column "speakers"?15:06
svijwe can do it their15:06
svijI'm pretty unfamiliar with trello15:06
popeyso that's for suggestions, not confirmed, right?15:07
dpmpopey, yeah, good point. We named that column "Proposed speakers" for ubucon @ scale15:07
* dpm renames15:07
svijdo we get jane? ;)15:09
popeywe get the opportunity to ask :)15:09
svijcan you add lp user "ilonka-o" to the ubucon site editors? She wants to help for the website :)15:11
svijoh I can do that too15:12
dholbachall right, I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:10
wxlknome: well, i'm out for testing unless you have some other suggestions, though i certainly understand your logic. of course your instructions include no suggestions about permissions17:39
knomewxl, i'm no expert when it comes to permissions anyway, maybe somebody with more insight to that can help you set your test server correctly17:40
wxlknome: is any parent theme required by chance?17:45
knomewxl, no.17:50
knomeeverything is self-contained17:50
knomeand you still aren't seeing the screenshot, which is totally part of the theme17:50
knomeso there has to be some permission problem, or something else fishy17:51
wxllogically i get that, but it's not really helpful in determining why17:51
knomeas i said, i'm no permissions expert17:51
wxlwell i'll check with some experts i know17:52
knomegood luck17:52
wxlknome: finally got it to work. had to put it in the right wp-content/themes directory and symlink from one to the other. wish downloading the zip just worked but it didn't18:22
wxlknome: i filled it with some testing contrent and at first glance it looks pretty darn good18:22
wxlknome: i LOVE the footer.18:24
wxlknome: the menu is nice but i wish it didn't take over the whole page. personal preference, of course18:28
* wxl mounts redwolf 18:29
wxloops wrong channel O_O hahahah18:29
wxlknome: dark theme is really nice, too. a welcome feature, too!18:43
wxlknome: are there any limitations/requirements for the main logo in terms of size and such?18:46
wxlknome: love how the menu changes to a dropdown when there's not enough room, although it seems weird that the logo switches sides. is that intentional?18:58
knomewxl, the header logo image is max. 25px as specified in the customizer19:50
knomewxl, and yes, the logo change is intentional; in real life, you don't often resize the window that much, so i don't think it's a big problem19:51
wxlknome: i don't see that here, actually. it just says "The logo to show in the right side of the header. If an image is not set, a Ubuntu logo is used." by the way, that "a" should be an "an"19:52
knomeyou're right, it isn't there; will add19:54
knomeand no, it shouldn't be "an" (ask native english people)19:54
wxlknome: i am native english19:54
wxlif the word following the article starts with a vowel, it should be an, otherwise a19:54
wxlthat's why you say "an image" and not "a image"19:54
knomei've been tought it depends on the pronounciation of the word19:55
knomeand there are several pronounciations of "ubuntu"19:55
wxlknome: and ubuntu doesn't begin with a vowel sound? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_articles#Indefinite_article19:56
Piciit does depend on the pronounciation.19:56
wxlone canonical way to pronounce ubuntu it seems http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ubuntu?s=t19:58
wxlso vowel sound = an19:59
knomewell, it's fixed in the branch20:00
knomehappy to help with critical bugs20:00
wxlgreat i'll let you know but so far have been disappointed, not having found any20:00
knomesorry :(20:00
wxlthe installation was a little bit of a pain, but i suspect that's a wordpress problem20:00
knomei don't think that's even related to wordpress as much as the server setup20:01
wxlyeah could but, though i just used the instructions to install the whole thing20:01
wxlin any case, i'm convinced, especially having had others try it, that it's specific to my set up20:01
knomesounds very likely so20:01
wxlthough one of them uses the upstream tarball XD20:02
knomehappy to hear you got it fixed20:02
wxlsaw your email about flavors, mhall119. i just want to tell you i love you :)23:20
pleia2right <323:20
pleia2they even used the correct logos23:20
wxlthe order is a little weird23:20
pleia2knome submitted a bug report for that23:21
wxloh good23:21
wxlno thank you :)23:21
knometime to relax (read: make my back/neck go even worse) by playing fifa23:22
pleia2actually, it's interesting that Kylin is listed there and on the main downloads page23:22
pleia2but 9 is a nice number23:22
knomeBUG! BUG!!!23:22
knome(or alternatively, mention xubuntu on the main page)23:22
wxl"yeah we want to be on the main downloads page too! waaaah!"23:22
knomethough i guess there are so many of those chinese people that it might even make sense!23:24
wxli guess it's on each flavor to take care of pointing people at downloads23:40

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