schaurianHi can someone in here help me to create a bug report because i don't really know which information are relevant?08:49
schaurianUnder Linux Kernel 4.2.0-19 the Luks encryption at bootup works fine but under 4.4 it don't work anymore08:51
schaurianno one in here? :)08:55
schaurianIt is properbly to early / late in othere timezones. But still thanks. Ubuntu Gnome Rocks !08:56
mgedminalso, irc is not really realtime09:00
JockeTFmgedmin: Perhaps not! But, it is alpaca time! http://i.imgur.com/yYGaKfM.jpg09:13
darkxsthe lasted 7mins thats more than many10:02
darkxsthey aday10:13
adayo/ darkxst10:13
darkxstdid you ever get to following up my questions? or its still in progress10:14
darkxst(re agreement)10:14
lindolhi all12:48
muelliheh. I've never realised aday was here...13:04
adaymy days of lurking are over, it seems :)13:04
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