xnoxcan armhf do gpt?17:33
xnoxwhy should amd64 & i386 still semi-default to msdos?17:33
xnoxwhy don't we switch everything to gpt?17:33
* xnox assumes that e.g. uboot supports gpt17:33
infinityWe don't switch x86 to GPT wholesale because most old BIOS implementations won't boot it.17:51
infinityNot all uboot implementations will either.17:52
ogra_recent ones do though ...17:53
xnoxogra_, i think arm64 defaults to gpt, but not armhf. obviously one can override it.18:08
xnoxinfinity, why is lucid still on archive.ubuntu.com mirrors?18:08
ogra_xnox, "defaults" is such a broad word :)18:10
* ogra_ just booted an arm64 dragonboard via uboot with GPT ... 18:10
ogra_i booted it with MBR before though ... its a matter of hacking ;)18:10
xnoxogra_, partman-partitioning default_disk_label() function. This is #ubuntu-installer =) we get to pick what we lay down by default =)18:12
ogra_lol, right, i missed what channel i'm in ... for me itz was partition.sh and flash.sh :P18:12
xnoxogra_, hippie =))))))18:13
* xnox ponders why popularity-contest is configured18:19
cjwatsonbecause otherwise all systems with it installed end up with the same "unique" id18:20
cjwatsonat least for ones installed from a livefs base18:21
cjwatsonone of several packages that require that kind of handling18:21
xnoxwell, we had all machines using same dbus-id and systemd machine-id for quite some time =) nobody complained18:23
cjwatsonerr, yes they did :)18:24
cjwatsonthough the result of that is fairly subtle18:24
infinityI vaguely recall the dbus thing being fixed a day or two before release in London.18:25
infinityMay have been the same release sprint where some crazy person was debugging grub by attaching gdb to qemu.18:25
cjwatsonThat was a sad time in my life18:25
xnoxwell i recall complaining about machine-id but it was just a grumpy rpm loving intel employee pointing fingers rather than it being a real issue i experienced from.18:26
cjwatsonHavoc Pennington complained about it, in fact :P18:27
xnoxand this is the sort of thing that probably keeps re-occuring in e.g. touch, snappy, cloud-image variants, lxd, etc.18:29
xnoxa class of $must-be-unique bugs18:29
agrajaganyone know what/who creates the officially released ISOs, and specifically the mini.isos?22:17

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