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ppisaticking: ./stress-ng --aggressive -a0 --maximize --metrics-brief14:52
ppisaticking: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15002159/14:53
ppisaticking: https://launchpad.net/~p-pisati/+archive/ubuntu/embedded/+files/linux-image-4.4.0-1004-snapdragon_4.4.0-1004.4_arm64.deb14:53
ppisaticking: stress-ng --aggressive --sequential 0 --maximize --metrics-brief14:55
ckingyep, the latter is good :-)14:56
smoserapw, around ?15:09
smoseri know you poked at that some. there is one marked 'Regression'15:09
smoseri need that into archive with that change i made. what can i do to help?15:09
apwsmoser, the ppc64el linux regression is an linux realted issue and not related to initramfs-tools15:12
apwsmoser, i asked for a retry as it is a intermittent (separatly reported)15:12
apwsmoser, buut with the perl transition dropping 2k tests on the adt queue it will take a fair while to even start15:12
apwsmoser, if you want to ask for it to be waved trhough based on that, i would support that15:13
smoserin the theory that we'd put it in and then deal with it if it fell out15:13
apwi know for sure the issue in that test is there with older initamgs-tools, it is not new15:14
apwit appears about 1/3 linux tests on ppc64el regardless of trigger15:14
smoserapw, can you help me in ubuntu-release then ?15:20
apwsmoser, what does your fix fix ?15:26
smoserthe last merge from debian broke mounting of vfat filesystems15:27
smoseras vfat depends on nls_ and nls_somesillyname got dropped from the list of modules to include.15:27
smoserand it wasn't automatically included because there is no 'vfat' module (as we build that in... not sure why we do that)15:27
smoserie, 'vfat' is listed, and if it were a module it would have read modules.dep and pulled in the others (i think)15:28
smoserbut because its not a module, it doesn't know to get the other things.15:28
apwvfat is built in to handle efi and the like, so you are sure you can write your kernel to where it needs to be15:28
smosernot sure though if nls_*  is explicilty a dependecny or not.15:28
smoserthen maybe you should also build in the nls things15:28
smoserbecause you can't actually mount vfat15:28
apwthat is entirely possible15:28
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1540522 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "vfat support broken in initramfs" [High,Confirmed]15:29
apwsmoser, ok request made, you could chip in15:29
smoserapw,  i dont know that the kernel ever could actually mount vfat without the nls module.15:45
smoserreally odd.... at least it can't do that for any vfat authored by a modern (probably anything ever produced by a Ubuntu mkfs.vfat) 15:46
smosermodern mkfs.vfat15:46
apwsmoser, perhaps we use a different charset by default, 437 rings a bell15:46
apwthe majority of those are likely bios made15:47
smoserapw, well, the original change, that i put back in included15:49
smoser vfat nls_cp437 nls_iso8859-115:49
apwright, but i think cp437 is builtin, which makes vfat useful15:50
smoseryeah. you're right.15:50
apw(in a limited set of cases)15:50
smoserso vfat would not actually depend on those anyway.15:51
smoserright ? (from a modules.dep perspective)15:51
apwlikely not15:51
apwcirtainly it owuld not pull them all in15:51
apwsmoser, migrated16:46
smoserapw,  thanks.16:46
webdafordI'm having trouble figuring out how to report a configuration problem in the latest 4.4.1 kernel builds.  I'll describe below.16:58
webdafordI have a new laptop that only has an NVME SSD drive.  The ubuntu supplied 4.4.1 kernel is configured to add support for NVME block devices as a modulue.16:59
apwwebdaford, yes16:59
webdafordI can install, but when I boot, the drive can't be accessed because there's not support.16:59
webdafordI've built my own 4.4.1 kernel and am able to boot (with other issues) by setting CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NVME=y17:00
apwwebdaford, it depends which series you are running, as mainline renamed hte NVME drivers and so initramfs-tools needed to change to support them17:00
webdafordI poked around trying to figure out how to report this, but without much success.17:00
apwwebdaford, it is already reported, and indeed fixed in xenial i beleive17:01
webdafordI've taken the configuration from the daily (yesterday) build ubuntu 4.4.1 kernel and am building with the module included.  I expect it to boot. 17:01
webdafordhmm, not from yesterday17:02
apwwebdaford, it is not the kernel that changes to fix the issue, it is initramfs-tools17:02
webdafordah.  (I'm new :-)  any suggestions on how to proceed?17:02
apwwhich version of ubuntu do you have installed17:02
webdafordI've played around a bit, I think the latest I can boot (with problems) is 15.10, I was trying to go to the 4.4.1 kernel to get suport for a wireless card.17:03
webdafordjust confirmed 15.1017:04
apwsupport in 4.4.1 only or in any 4.4 ?17:05
apwonly xenial has initramfs-tools fixes for that as yet, as 4.4 isn't a supported kenrle in wily17:05
webdafordI have a new Dell xps13 (9350) with a new Broadcom wifi card, I believe support is in 4.4.*17:05
webdafordI've tripped across a few blogs with people running 15.10 and upgrading to the latest ubuntu kernels and having success.17:06
apwwebdaford, yep in principle it works, because you have an NVME root, you need to upgrade17:06
apwinitramfs-tools as well17:06
apwerm, if you have a 4.4* kernel on 15.10 you need the initramfs-tools from xenial in order for the initramfs to find your root disk17:08
webdafordany suggestions on what to google so I can find instructions on how to accomplish that?17:09
* apw goes see if initramfs-tools will build in wily17:10
webdafordI did try an install of 16.04 (latest), but that failed to boot as well17:11
lamont4.4.0-2 hates my second display17:12
lamont4.3.0-7 and earlier find it just fine17:12
lamont00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)17:12
lamont00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)17:12
lamontonly one of those is there in 4.4.0-2... known?17:12
apwwebdaford, would depend when the image was produced, the fix for initramfs-tools is prety fresh17:13
apwlamont, you have two intel display controllers in the same machine ?17:13
apwlamont, i'd say file a bug with the full dmesg from working and not working kernels, and jsalisbury can perhaps look at the delta17:13
lamontapw: will do17:14
webdafordchecking it (16.04) was built yesterday.  I got it from here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/17:15
jsalisburyapw lamont I can review17:15
apwjsalisbury, thanks17:15
lamontjsalisbury: it's 2 connectors on the MB - dvi and vga17:15
lamont4.4 hates the dvi17:16
lamontjsalisbury: I'm going to give you kern.log, rather than rebooting the broken kernel17:16
webdafordI'll try again with today's 16.0417:17
jsalisburylamont, kern.log from the broken kernel?17:17
lamontboth kernels17:17
lamontyou'll love them - they're full of network csum fault spam too17:18
jsalisburylamont, ok.  can you also post the apport data to the bug?  It should collect it automatically, depending on how you open the ub17:18
lamontjsalisbury: sure... do you care which kernel is running when I file it?17:18
jsalisburylamont, the bad kernel would be better, since it will collect dmesg, etc.17:19
jsalisburylamont, thanks17:20
apwwebdaford, ok i've just backported the NVME fixes to wily and uploaded a test package to my ppa:apw/ubuntu/initramfs-tools (https://launchpad.net/~apw/+archive/ubuntu/initramfs-tools/)17:24
apwwebdaford, when that finishes buildnig you could try adding that PPA and see if it works better for you17:25
lamontjsalisbury: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/154368317:26
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1543683 in linux (Ubuntu) "Fails to detect (second) display" [Undecided,New]17:26
* lamont reboots back to 4.3.0-7, to restore his user experience.17:26
jsalisburylamont, thanks for opening the bug, I'll give it a review17:27
webdafordapw, many thanks17:28
jsalisburylamont, can you post 'lspci -vvvnn' on the good kernel and post it in the bug?  17:31
webdafordapw, to make life difficult, my laptop has no network access....that's what I'm trying to acomplish with the 4.4.* kernel update.  Hmm..17:31
apwwebdaford, any other machines? you could put the .deb's on a memory stick17:33
webdafordyes, this one (wily)17:33
webdafordI see them on the web site17:35
webdafordnewbie question: is it possible to download the deb's from the ppa website?17:37
lamontjsalisbury: done17:38
jsalisburylamont, thanks17:39
lamontthanks for jumping on it17:39
webdafordI found the tar file for initramfs-tools_0.122ubuntu3.tar.xz, is that the one I want?17:40
jsalisburylamont, I'll review the diffs for the two kernels, but we may end up having to perform kernel bisect.  That would require testing about 7-10 kernels17:40
lamontjsalisbury: oh, joy...17:40
lamontworst case, gimme a pointer to the tree, and the good/bad checkins, and remind me of the joy of building, and I'll be "happy" to drive it.17:41
* lamont hasn't built his own kernel in a looong time.17:41
jsalisburylamont, I don't mind building the kernels for you.  I have access to a nice build machine that can do in 20 minutes or so17:42
lamontjsalisbury: wfm17:43
lamontI might even break out the laptop for the testing time17:43
jsalisburylamont, it's testing the kernels that takes the time.  Let me first take a look at the i915 changes and see if anything sticks out between the kernels17:43
lamontjsalisbury: any benefit to me trying anything in between those kernels (that's already packaged, that is)17:54
jsalisburylamont, sure.  There are over 400 i915 changes between those two kernel versions, we probably want to narrow it down more.  I'll post some links to kernels in the bug17:55
lamontI was figuring on just bysecting the fullpubhgistory17:55
lamontotoh, 4.4.0-1.15 seems to have left the building17:59
jsalisburylamont, it would be best to also test the upstream kernels during the bisect.  that will tell us if the bug is Ubuntu specific.  I'm writing up a comment to the bug now.18:00
lamontjsalisbury: I may need to be a total slacker - need to write some code for a demo that happens tomorrow...  so I may be 24 hours laggy :(18:02
jsalisburylamont, ok, posted.  It's a pain to bisect, but it's usually the best approach with so many changes.18:02
jsalisburylamont, that's no problem at all, as I usually multi task as well :-)18:02
lamontjsalisbury: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.4-rc2-wily/ looks very boring and usleess18:14
lamont(just fyi)18:15
lamontjsalisbury: I'm assuming that a simple "good/bad" indicator is sufficient, and that you don't care too much about capturing the various bits18:15
jsalisburylamont, yes18:16
jsalisburylamont, once we know the last good and first bad, we can start the bisect to identify the commit.  Or it may just stick out in the git logs18:16
* lamont will happily play the "clueless" card rather than look at the logs18:17
apwwebdaford, nope that is one of the source packages18:28
apwwebdaford, assuming you are 64 bit, then you want th two .debs on: https://launchpad.net/~apw/+archive/ubuntu/initramfs-tools/+build/898901218:29
* lamont reboots a few times.. brb18:32
tjaaltonapw: the nvme-not-in-initrd seems not fixed18:44
apwtjaalton, hrmm18:44
tjaaltonI just installed a build of 4.4.0-418:44
apwwhat is a man to do, testing results seem to mean nothing18:44
tjaaltonand it fails to boot like before18:44
apwtjaalton, what version of initramfs-tools18:45
tjaaltonI see it's in hook-functions under block)18:46
apwtjaalton, can you like: zcat /boot/initrd... | cpio -it | pastebinit18:46
tjaaltonor update-initramfs -v?18:47
tjaaltonI have both18:47
apwmy initramfs has the nvme drivers in it18:47
apwwhich is a 0.122ubuntu1 version i believe18:47
tjaaltonok then, sorry18:47
tjaaltonI see them too now :P18:48
* apw regenerates18:48
tjaaltonbut I don't understand why cryptsetup fails again18:48
tjaaltonguess I just need to debug it further..18:48
apwtjaalton, well its a big merge, somethign else could be broken pretty easily18:48
tjaaltonlast time the reason was nvme missing18:48
apwbreak=bottom or something and see if you have a/18:49
apwyeah a rebuild has the drivers at least18:49
tjaaltonso mainline 4.4.0 works, -2/-4 doesn't. rebuilt the mainline initrd so it's not due to that18:51
apwtjaalton, so the initramfs-tools bits must be good if mainline 440 works18:54
tjaaltonjumped the gun there, it's something else18:54
apwtjaalton, np, its good to know we're making some kind of progess18:55
lamontjsalisbury: bug updated (rc4 is fail, rc2 is missing)18:55
tjaaltonapw: ha, unlocking root works without splash18:56
lamontjsalisbury: and with that, I'm done rebooting until I get my code finished18:57
tjaaltonaaah of course18:57
tjaaltonit was all my fault.. the initrd doesn't include i915_bpo (again) :)18:59
lamonttjaalton: I hate days like thyat19:00
jsalisburylamont, thanks for the testing.  We should rc3 or rc1 next.  I can post links in the bug19:00
apwtjaalton, oh how did that fall out, did i do that /19:00
tjaaltonso the splash pwd dialog doesn't work, bah19:00
apwtjaalton, i could believe i lost something19:00
tjaaltonapw: I'm not sure if it was added to mainline19:00
tjaaltonbut yeah that should be kept as it's kinda coming back every year :)19:00
apwmainline wouldn't have more than ur stuff19:01
apwour stuff19:01
* lamont bets he can guess what they are. :p19:01
lamontjsalisbury: i'll poke you when I have an update... expect ~20+ hours from now19:02
jsalisburylamont, thanks19:02
tjaaltonapw: oh right I meant our mainline and not vivid/trusty19:03
tjaaltonas in the current tip19:03
apwtjaalton, but yes, ubuntu/ in xenial doesn't have *_bpo ...19:04
apwtjaalton, surely by now that must be upstream ...19:22
lamontjsalisbury: for further giggles, rc1 is missing kernels, too19:57
lamontI'll test rc3 once I get code happy19:57
apwlamont, is that 4.4-rc1/2 ?19:58
apwlamont, if so check out the +cod1 variants19:58
tjaaltonapw: what is?20:05
tjaaltonthe old i915_bpo bits are, but now we need newer crap for KBL and BXT and tbh for SKL still..20:14
lamontapw: it is.  will do21:16
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