ViperChief1Have LoCo's in the US pretty much completely died off?00:12
wxlnope, ViperChief1 00:12
ViperChief1I helped with the getting the NV one started back in the day but, overall, LoCo's in the U.S. look dead.00:13
ViperChief1Especially when looking on the forums. A lot of those LoCo forums haven't had posts in years.00:13
pleia2California is quite busy, Arizona has lots of events00:13
pleia2oh yeah, the forums are pretty dead00:13
wxlyeah well i don't use the forums00:13
wxloregon is still chugging along slowly00:14
ViperChief1That's good to see. I know a lot of people see LoCo's and LUG's as no longer relevant. I miss the social aspect.00:14
ViperChief1I'm thinking of taking over the LoCo here (been in talks with the current leads) and restarting a LUG.00:14
pleia2great :)00:15
ViperChief1I'd like to see people get interested in computing again. Not gaming, but actual computing, hacking, etc.00:16

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