dholbachgood morning08:02
unlaudabledholbach, ... the creator of byobu?08:12
dholbachno, I'm afraid not :)08:12
dholbachDustin Kirkland might be the guy you want to talk to. :)08:13
unlaudableof course ... :D have my D's confused...08:29
ngaioI'm a Python application developer. I've been reading the documentation on packaging a Python application for Debian & Ubuntu, as well as writing a proper setup.py. My application is written in PyQt, hosted on launchpad, and uses gettext and the launchpad translation service. I'm overwhelmed by the complex interface between the various python installers (setuptools, distlib, etc.), and what's required by distros, such as man page installation. Is there11:50
ngaioan exemplary PyQt application that I can use to model my work on?11:50
ngaiosorry I just had connection problems12:06
justin_timeHi, I'm trying to update the tomahawk package and I'm not so familiar with the ubuntu sponsoring process. I would be really happy, if someone could help me and please check my bugreport (LP: #1487729) if this sponsoring request is correct and what I have to do next.12:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1487729 in tomahawk (Ubuntu) "Tomahawk 0.8.4 or newer [needs upgrade]" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148772912:37
dholbachjustin_time, looks good AFAICS12:49
justin_timedholbach: ok, thanks for checking! Is there a chance that this request will be reviewed before FeatureFreeze?12:51
dholbachyeah, I guess so :)12:51
justin_timeok, thank you for your help!12:53
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bregmadholbach, what's my next step for #1541417 ?14:53
dholbachI thought somebody else would take a look in the meantime....14:55
tewardit's assigned to someone so maybe they're going to look at it?14:56
tewarddholbach: does the assignment there mean "that person is working on it, nobody else needs to" yet?  At least for some of the other developer process bugs i've seen, the assignee tends to indicate someone is working on it and nobody else needs to poke :)14:56
* teward lurks14:57
* bregma has gotten awfully rusty at Ubuntu packaging14:57
dholbachteward, I don't think there's a hard and fast rule for that14:57
dholbachsome use it for "who's working on all the code", some use it to show "who's reviewing it now"14:58
tewardindeed.  i know for MIR it was used for 'who's reviewing', at least for nginx's MIR14:58
tewardbut was curious :)14:59
dholbachbregma, uploaded15:16
bregmadholbach, thanks for your time15:17
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