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stwalcherHey guys, I'm hoping you can help me out on something. Just recently converted my webserver from CentOS to 15.10 and I'm running into a problem with uploading files via PHP. On the old server, there was no issue, but with this new one, I can only ever get an error 3 (file was partially uploaded). I have all permissions set correctly, and the php ini vars (upload max size, post max size) set to 512M. I05:16
stwalchert's honestly driving me a little crazy at this point.05:16
stwalcherAlso, weird thing, the POST and FILES superglobals are empty on it. A normal non-multipart form has them populate just fine, but using that kind of form kills them for some reason.05:16
stwalcherAny ideas?05:16
tomreyn"check your php + webserver logs."05:20
stwalcheri have, and there's no entry for anything at the time of the upload05:24
stwalcheri'm trying to see if there's a way to just debug the partial upload, but i haven't found a way yet05:24
tomreynincrease log verbosity, check the webservers' configuration for maximum post size05:30
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lordievaderGood morning.09:29
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dodaubuntu-14.04.3-server-amd64.iso fails to mount cdrom when installing from usb stick, everything works fine if i manually mount /cdrom11:20
KimseAnybody here ever tried to use automount inside a NAT'd LXC container to mount home directories shared via NFS?11:29
zetheroois there a firewall setup and running in Ubuntu Server 14.04 by default?12:39
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mastahh|workHi all, I was wondering if it was possible to load a .sh file as soon as a user logs in to a Ubuntu server via SSH?13:49
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tewardis the server team holding a meeting today?15:29
jgrimmteward, yes there should be a meeting today15:46
* teward waits15:46
jgrimmbeisner, are you able to chair today?  you are still at front of the queue since we cancelled last week's irc meeting15:47
beisnerhi jgrimm - i've got mtg conflicts (all/most openstack team does).  we may need to either adjust one of our mtgs, as it's a recurring conflict.15:49
beisnerjgrimm, i pinged gaughen and matsubara as next-non-openstack in line (internal chan).  sounds like gaughen also has a conflict.15:49
jgrimmbeisner, and matsubara is out on vacation all week15:51
jgrimmbeisner, i'll take15:51
beisnerjgrimm, much thanks15:51
jgrimmno worries15:51
jgrimmirc meeting time16:01
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aziz                        17:38
azizany one there17:38
Obi1kenobihi guys, not quite sure if that's the right channel to ask this question, but I have two servers, serverred and serverblue, on serverred I have 2 websites hosted. The websites are domain1.com and domain2.com. On serverred I have directadmin where there are 2 e-mail accounts active, email@domain1.com and email@domain2.com. Now I want to move the websites to serverblue and keep using19:27
Obi1kenobidirectadmin with the e-mail accounts on serverred. If the DNS of domain1.com and domain2.com will be changed so it points to serverblue instead of serverred, how can I redirect email@domain1.com and email@domain2.com to work with the new DNS of domain1.com and domain2.com ?19:27
sarnoldObi1kenobi: you just need the MX records to point to the right hosts19:30
Obi1kenobihm sarnold MX record "domain1.com MX mail.domain1.com" in the DNS of the domain which is pointing to serverblue and in the directadmin on serverred an A record "mail A ip.of.serverblue"19:48
Obi1kenobiwould that be the setup?19:48
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