slvn_Hello ! I tried to install ubuntu on Nexus10 (manta). I see there are recent images (https://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu/manta/)  but it could boot afterward.08:28
slvn_is this meant to be working ?08:28
powerewopguys who can answer me where i missed? zte t82, oem unlocked, device is in recovery mode now ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu --bootstrap08:36
powerewop 2016/02/09 11:33:05 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting08:36
bshahpowerewop: reboot in bootloader mode08:37
bshahor fastboot as they say it08:37
powerewopif i'm booting in bootloader mode screen not works, just is dark08:38
powerewopwill it work correctly?08:38
powerewopwell, i'll try...08:39
lotuspsychjepowerewop: does the zte t82 have a port ready for touch?08:40
powerewopactually, idk..08:41
lotuspsychjepowerewop: its not wise to install ubuntu touch on a device not really supported...08:41
lotuspsychje!devices | powerewop08:41
ubot5`powerewop: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices08:41
powerewopi thought i thought Touch may be user at all devices08:41
lotuspsychjeno yet mate08:42
lotuspsychjepowerewop: you can search the XDA forums to see if your device has a working project?08:42
powerewopphone in bootloader mode now, but still waiting08:42
powerewopyeah, i'll check everything now :D08:42
powerewopthanks, guys08:42
lotuspsychjepowerewop: you can buy a nexus4 or a bq 4.5 if you like ubuntu touch08:43
powerewopi don't know about like i Touch or not yet, but i love ubuntu :) well, ZTE isn't in list of supported devices...08:45
lotuspsychjepowerewop: sell your device and buy a bq :p08:48
powerewopi like zte, thank you :)08:48
powerewophow long ubuntu will come free for all devices?08:49
bshahHello, while installing android-tools-adbd I am having strange error: invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/android-tools-adbd not found.08:49
powerewopadb, not adbd08:49
lotuspsychjepowerewop: developers working hard, its not easy to just port devices like that, but your free to try the porting guid yourself08:49
powerewopam i understand right, port is port for repository connect or what is it?08:50
bshahpowerewop: http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/android-tools-adbd08:50
bshahwell, anyway.. while searching for this I found out that ogra_ had similar problem 2ish years back :D but no solution08:51
lotuspsychjepowerewop: porting a device is to make a working image for a device, see topic08:51
bshahany idea what to do?08:52
powerewopah... ok, sry08:52
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Pancake Day! 🙌09:32
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teveHi, I tried here maps and it asked if I'd like to use updated version of maps. pressed ok and after that here app crashes every time.11:39
teveerror in webapp-container: malloc smallbin double linked list corrupted11:41
tevevegetahd, rc r24811:42
lardmanslvn_: I'd be interested to hear how you get on as I was planning to flash a Manta image later today12:24
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slvn_lardman, ... I first start to see a mail/new about ubuports and see that the "nexus10" port was refresh. I start to flash my nexus with it. but it did not work. Then, I also look on the official devel-proposed and I saw there was need images built ! I try them. and it didn't work either.12:29
slvn_But, since I saw many images on the official server, I wonder whether the image were broken, of if I just fail flashing my nexus1012:30
lardmanThe spreadsheet giving status of Nexus devices indicates that 20140821 is working12:30
lardmanbut that's quite old....12:31
slvn_yep, I now, but they are old. I just wondering if they would be some new images. especially with latest mir api's.12:31
lardmanIs there a maintainer for the Manta I wonder? It's one of the officially supported devices I think12:32
tathhuNot anymore AFAU12:33
lardmantathhu: ah I see12:33
lardmantathhu: Can you remember vaguely when it was dropped? I'd be interested to know what the latest working build setup is12:35
tathhuLike a week ago I saw something about manta images @ ubuntu-phone ML12:37
lardmanah, I must have searched that list for tilapia rather than manta, /me goes to look again12:37
lardmanhmm, can't see any posts with manta in the title all the way back to mid-Cotober12:41
lardmanOctober even12:41
lardmanI'll do some Googling12:41
svijlardman: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg17857.html12:42
svij"We're also slowly preparing for the removal of the no-longer supported12:42
svijmanta images from our official system-image servers."12:42
lardmansvij: Thanks12:43
lardmanUB Ports it is then, is this the right channel in that case? I see the forum link is down on the wiki main page12:47
lardmannm, link from site main page works12:52
jgdxmzanetti, ping12:57
mzanettijgdx, hi there12:58
jgdxmzanetti, hey, I'm trying to port [1] to USS but it's not working well. [1] https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/update-inputinfo/+merge/27324812:58
mzanettijgdx, why/what?12:59
jgdxmzanetti, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15001145/12:59
mzanettijgdx, you should not need to port that to USS12:59
jgdxmzanetti, how so=?13:00
mzanettiMirv, when will the inputinfo patch land on the phone?13:00
mzanettijgdx, because this will be part of QSystemInfo13:00
jgdxyeah, but eventually, right?13:00
mzanettijgdx, rather soon, I think13:00
jgdxtoday? :p13:00
mzanettiMirv will know13:01
mzanettijgdx, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/76313:01
jgdxmzanetti, cheers!13:02
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Mirvmzanetti: when someone tells me "it's good, please land it". my latest info from zsombi was that it doesn't work because of apparmor blockings, and a mir backend for providing the info for the Qt API would be needed13:17
Mirvmzanetti: but unconfined it's supposedly working as is13:17
mzanettiMirv, well, it would work for unity8 and systemsettings13:17
Mirvjgdx: ^13:17
mzanettibut yeah, for zsombi's use case it might be a bit of a problem atm13:17
Mirvmzanetti: in that case I could finish the silo with one more final build and set it off towards QA. have you tested either unity8 or systemsettings with it, does it bring what's needed?13:18
zsombiMirv: mzanetti: talking about the device info API?13:19
mzanettiMirv, I'll give another review asap. I'll ping you13:22
Mirvzsombi: yes13:23
Mirvmzanetti: ok!13:23
zsombiMirv: mzanetti: the thing is that even if it doesn't work for UITK, it'd do the job on X apps, right? So we coudl also use it full featured once the Mir adaptation is done by lpotter13:24
mzanettizsombi, yeah, also works for unity8 and systemsettings, given both are unconfined13:27
CheeryLeeCongratulate me, guys! I did last_kmsg.13:55
CheeryLeeThis is CONFIG_SEC_LOG_LAST_KMSG flag in kernel defconfig.13:56
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jgdxMirv, are there any docs for the 5.5 systeminfo?13:56
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jgdxlpotter, hey, I'm looking at qsysteminfo and I'm unsure how to assert what type a device is? Using this example: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15001992/14:24
jgdxMirv, that would be my only comment on the silo ^14:27
sil2100ogra_: hey! Do you know if the ./update script in ubuntu-touch-meta uses -proposed?14:28
sil2100ogra_: I just wanted to update the seeds as per what's in -proposed and it didn't fetch the package I wanted during update14:28
sil2100ogra_: do you know if it's ok to manually modify the seeds in this case?14:29
ogra_sil2100, hmm, i dont think it does14:30
ogra_(and i wouldnt know how to make it work)14:31
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Mirvjgdx: regarding inputinfo part, not at this point, the patch is all code https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/101049/15//ALL,unified15:00
Mirvjgdx: you might want to exchange experiences with zsombi who was successfully using it15:01
zsombijgdx: happy to help :)15:03
jgdxMirv, thx!15:06
jgdxzsombi, cool :) It's basic really, how do I get only Mouse devices from a DeviceManager? I've been using this [1], but I'm not having any luck. [1] http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15001992/15:07
zsombijgdx: hmm... I've been using it from cpp, and it works there like charm15:09
zsombijgdx: see here https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/device_detection/+merge/28428215:10
jgdxzsombi, right. Good to know—most likely pebkac. Thanks!15:11
zsombijgdx: so the deviceAdded signal is sthing you don't get triggered at all?15:11
jgdxzsombi, it triggers, and I have a device and device.properties.type, but I'm unsure how to assert the type15:12
zsombijgdx: the type is an enum, so you simply use == :)15:13
zsombijgdx: you are trying to check whether the flag is set :)15:13
jgdxzsombi, that's actually code from the example folder in that silo15:14
jgdxzsombi, okay, I'll try that! Thank you15:14
zsombijgdx: it's weird... the type is an enum, the filter is a flag. check the cpp code I have15:15
lotuspsychje!devices | OerHeks16:37
ubot5`OerHeks: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:37
CheeryLeeGuys, where is system.img live on my device?16:48
CheeryLeeIn /data?16:49
TheOneLawhi cheery looks like we are all very alone here.16:53
CheeryLeeVery. :D16:54
TheOneLawwhat kind of hardware are you looking into ? I am guessing this makes a big difference..16:54
CheeryLeeSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I have system image, but when I drop it into /data initrd write the error: Couldn't find a system partition16:58
CheeryLeeIt causes kernel panic16:58
TheOneLawaha - you are one of the heroes who actually do things.16:59
TheOneLawI believe you need to write the img file into existence, but I would need to go back and check. I use a BQ E5 so my life is easy17:00
CheeryLeeYep. I'am almost built it.17:00
TheOneLawi am curious enough to go look, back in a bit.17:01
rhoppis there any installation guide to change samsung 10.1 gt n8010 from android to ubuntu?17:01
CheeryLeeOh, yep17:01
CheeryLeeJust check wiki devices page.17:01
CheeryLeeOur device has Ubuntu Touch build made by mamenyaka.17:02
rhoppsorry, but i only find a guide for sony nexus - does it also work for samsung?17:03
CheeryLeeYep. I'm currently working on N8000 build.17:03
CheeryLeeIf everything will be ok, I will work on N801017:04
rhoppdoes it mean, that i schould wait?17:05
CheeryLeeNow -- doesn't. I would see qualitative system.17:07
CheeryLeeAnd all stuff must working.17:07
rhoppso i understand, that it's better to wait until there is a final build for Samsung n8010. is it right?17:10
CheeryLeeUr right17:11
rhoppthank's and by17:11
TheOneLaw@CheeryLee  it has been awhile since I did anything like that but I thought you were flashing the image, more than simply copying it. But that is why I gave up sideloading long ago.17:35
CheeryLeeTheOneLaw: I use rootstock script from the porting guide.17:50
CheeryLeeTheOneLaw: do you have another way?17:56
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TheOneLawCheeryLee - you mean like this: $ ./rootstock-touch-install vivid-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz out/target/product/mako/system.img ?18:10
CheeryLeeTheOneLaw: Yep18:10
TheOneLawCheeryLee it looks like you are flashing two items: the tar.gz and also the system.img - correect ?18:26
TheOneLawCheeryLee - I find this on the launchpad source site: ./rootstock-touch-install ./trusty-trusty-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz ./system.img (assumes both files in the current directory)18:29
TheOneLawThis means what it is doing is writing the file system (tar.gz) and then painting it with the contents of system.img -- I guess the question is what happens when you do that ?18:32
Robert_ZenzIs somebody else having trouble with the battery display? My (up to date) Aquaris 4.5 is reporting 91%, I charged it last Thursday. That has started a few months ago.18:33
TheOneLawRobert_Zenz :  my BQ E5 (OTA-9) is doing okay but no guarantees about an E4.5. I do know it is always much better to turn off wifi unless you are actually using it.18:36
CheeryLeeTheOneLaw: Everything is OK - the system image writes to /data directory.18:37
CheeryLeeTheOneLaw: I think there is problem in touch script in initramfs.18:37
mcphailRobert_Zenz: I've had some battery oddity in the past on my 4.5, but things seem OK just now. I was wondering if a charge to less than 100% confuses the battery stats, but I have never got around to investigating18:38
CheeryLeeTheOneLaw: But now after editing touch script I get uncempression error while kernel is booting. That's really funny.18:39
CheeryLeeGuys, how about battery life in Ubuntu? Worse then Android?18:40
Robert_Zenzmcphail, well, I have drained and recharged it completely multiple times (mostly because It drops off *very* fast below 60% or so).18:40
Robert_ZenzCheeryLee, my Aquaris 4.5, with WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS turned off lasts for roughy one and a half week on standby.18:41
CheeryLeeHmm, it's tempting.18:42
mcphailCheeryLee: I charge my phone every night, but I suspect i could charge it twice a week.18:42
mcphailOld habits die hard18:43
kenvandinebarry, can you have a look at bug 150808119:04
ubot5`bug 1508081 in ubuntu-download-manager (Ubuntu) "Fails to receive OTA updates" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150808119:04
kenvandinebarry, allowOverGSM should really only be set on auto downloads too19:04
kenvandinebut we need a way to override that to force a download19:05
TheOneLawCheeryLee - I gotta go now, but it sounds like your problem is simple but probably very difficult to locate inside your system.img - maybe a bad write version. good luck !19:10
CheeryLeeTheOneLaw: I wiil find. Thanks!19:10
TheOneLawmcphail and Robert_Zenz - always charge as often as you can otherwise you lose (gradually) capacity. good night all.19:11
barrykenvandine: are you saying that when 'wifi-only' is set, you still want to allow downloads over gsm?20:28
kenvandinebarry, yes20:35
kenvandinebut not automatically20:36
kenvandineonly when the user clicks download in the UI20:36
barrykenvandine: then i think that has to set auto_download != 120:36
kenvandineno... different thing20:36
kenvandineauto_download is if it should download automatically when it's found20:37
kenvandineright now if on gsm, the download gets created with allOverGsm false20:37
kenvandineso udm doesn't download it20:37
kenvandinewe want to be able to change that property on the download after it's created20:37
kenvandineand changing auto_download persists20:38
barrykenvandine: that can't be done through the si client20:38
kenvandinethis is for one time20:38
kenvandineright... we need to :)20:38
barryonce the group download is started, si is out of the picture until it receives signals from udm20:38
barryno, i mean, afaik, there's no way to communicate what you want to udm20:38
kenvandineyou should be able to change the property in udm though20:38
kenvandineElleo, ^^20:39
kenvandinei think you can20:39
barryon an existing group download?20:39
kenvandineand if you can't, we can get Elleo to implement that20:39
kenvandinea group download?20:39
kenvandineit's a single download right?20:39
barrykenvandine: but then, why not have system setting change that itself?20:39
barryno, it's always a group download20:39
kenvandinebecause we don't have access to the download in udm20:40
kenvandineit's owned by s-i-d20:40
kenvandineElleo is probably gone for the day now, but he can probably explain better20:41
barryok.  i have lots of questions, and i'm kind of skeptical frankly20:41
barrybut we can certainly talk about it20:41
kenvandineright now there's no way to download the update if it was created without wifi if you set to auto download on wifi20:42
kenvandinewe need to be able to manually click "Download anyway" type button to download20:42
barryyou could of course cancel the existing download and restart it while not on wifi-only.  maybe not pretty but it's doable today20:43
kenvandineand because of other bugs, udm often doesn't know if you connect to wifi after20:43
barryoh, i know about that ;)20:43
kenvandinethat's a different bug though, which makes this worse20:44
kenvandinecancel and start again would be ok, but i don't want to change the auto_download setting before restarting it20:44
kenvandinesince that's a persistent setting20:44
kenvandineif we want a one-time, really download over gsm update, we can't right now20:45
kenvandinebarry, anyway, think about it and lets sync up with Elleo in the morning20:46
barrythe semantics of auto_download have morphed several times in the past.  it's unfortunate, because i never thought it should be kept in si in the first place, but that horse has left the barn20:46
dobeykenvandine: huh? you're saying s-i updates can't happen over gsm?20:47
kenvandinedobey, not if you've set it to auto download over wifi20:47
barrydobey: they can't happen over gsm if it's set to wifi-only20:47
dobeykenvandine: but it certainly does work20:47
barryyou really want a wifi-only-wink-wink-nudge-nudge20:47
kenvandinebut that wifi-only setting is for auto downloads, shouldn't be for manual downloads20:48
dobeybecause i don't have wifi enabled on my phone, and system-settings is set to "on wifi" for "auto download"20:48
dobeyand i haven't had any problems installing updates20:48
pmcgowankenvandine, I had that bug and I set all the devices to autodownload never20:48
dobeyiirc, it even auto-downloads on gsm forme20:48
pmcgowanbut thats probably the network status thingy20:48
barrypmcgowan: right, that will work too because that does not set gsm=False20:48
kenvandinedobey, not app updates20:49
barrygsm=false is only set when wifi-only is set20:49
kenvandinedobey, it shouldn't20:49
dobeykenvandine: app updates never auto download do they?20:49
dobeyso what's the problem? :)20:49
kenvandinesystem-updates when auto download on wifi only, we have no way to force them to download20:50
kenvandineif the download gets created but doesn't start20:50
barrykenvandine: the way i'm looking at the code, allow_gsm is not tied at all to the group download.  it's entirely owned by the interface.  so i think settings could flip the gsm flag20:50
kenvandineif we have the download object i guess20:51
barryin fact, we force allow gsm=false when we create the group download because of a bug in python-dbus.  it's only later that we set the gsm flag on the iface based on that setting20:51
barrykenvandine: it looks to me like you don't need the group download object, just the interface20:52
kenvandinecurrently we never talk directly to udm for system updates20:52
kenvandineand i guess the download id20:52
* kenvandine isn't familiar with udm20:53
barrynope, we don't have any of that.  all we do is iface.allowGSMDownload(allow_gsm)20:53
kenvandinethe id my be in the object path or something, don't know20:53
kenvandinehaven't looked20:53
barryso there's nothing that only si has to flip the gsm flag20:54
kenvandinebut that's a property on the individual download20:54
kenvandinenot globally20:54
barrykenvandine: what i'm saying is that afaict, it *is* global20:54
kenvandinei hope not20:54
kenvandinetoggling that could then mess up browser downloads :)20:55
kenvandineit a property on the download object20:55
* kenvandine isn't talking dbus API... just udm cpp api20:55
barrykenvandine: ok, i'll review the code more closely, and we can talk about it tomorrow20:55
kenvandineyeah, Elleo understands this stuff much better than i do20:56
barrycool.  then we'll talk about it then20:56
kenvandinebarry, thx20:56
ahoneybundoes anyone have the problem of text overflowing into the Tab?21:19
ahoneybunbut only on devices not in the SDK21:19
ahoneybunmm the SDK is telling me that PageHeader is not a type21:48
ahoneybunahayzen, any ideas?21:48
ahoneybunmhall119, pin21:52
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ahoneybunhow do I know if it is the framework version being wrong?22:21
mariogripmhall119: ping22:28
ahoneybunhey mariogrip22:30
mariogripahoneybun: Hey :)22:30
matv1what's the ubuntu-pd channel for?22:44
k1l_talking about irc channel?22:58
matv1it is a release channel for ubuntu touch apparently23:07
matv1was wondering what is in it specifically.23:11
k1l_d-p would be devel-proposed23:15
matv1omg yes of course. haha i should be in bed it seems23:16
matv1thnks k1l_23:17
_Spongenhaines: New video looks s'well. Not sure if everyone bis picking it up from your LJ page (?)23:34
nhaines_Sponge: Thanks.  It's actually mirroed on Planet Ubuntu, which is where I presume people will read it.23:35
_Spongefair enough.23:36
_Spongenhaines: Just as an aside. Community-thingy : I'm still waiting for Josee from ubuntu onair to update the Calendar to reflect weekly Q&A that /should/ be below on Tues. Could you prompt him, next time to see a stickie ?23:39
_SpongeNo worries if your busy at the moment.23:40
nhainesI've sent jose a reminder.23:41
_Spongenhaines: Quick query, if you've a sec (just say IDK if not) ?23:49
_SpongeWhat channel should I be on to ask about fingerprint readers for laptops ?23:50
nhaines_Sponge: presumably #ubuntu, but I can save you time and just tell you that none of them work.23:51
n1ckyI'm asking again because my buffer was too short to see if there was a reply. I'm noticing a lot of curl 404's when running my initial phablet-dev-bootstrap, is that safe to ignore?23:51
nhainesThere's a model or two that you can use software to construct an image from scanned data, but I don't think there's anything that does anything useful about that.23:51
_SpongeNote: this bis for a package for Ubuntu distro, not a flavour #elementary as it happens.23:51
nhainesStill #ubuntu23:52
_Spongenhaines: This is the story so far .. http://postimg.org/image/w52myz0gf/23:56

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