cmaloneyGood morning15:04
mrgoodcati found the best website on the internet15:27
mrgoodcathttp://www.lingscars.com/ < don't click if flashing banners, 90's web, or possible viruses bother you15:27
wolfgermrgoodcat: you have a strange idea of "best"17:10
ZimdaleY'all just need to do more LSD wolfger17:11
wolfgerI think that website counts as LSD17:11
wolfgerand I definitely need to do less of that17:11
greg-git was taking longer than 4 seconds to load in my Iceweasel, so I closed it :)17:12
wolfgerLOL. I forgot Iceweasel existed. You really use that?17:13
greg-gwhy not? Fx is harder to install on Debian and Iceweasel is just as good or better :)17:13
wolfger<shrug> No reason not to use it.  I just never saw any reason *to* use it, either. I'm a Chromium fan these days though17:14
greg-gchromium is my "I don't use this for anything real, lemme check if this link works there real quick" browser :)17:18
greg-gie: what epiphany used to be17:18
cmaloneyI'm going to have to replace my home machine's install with 14.04 in order to keep using Chrome17:34
hpuckswhat are you running currently if 14.04 is an upgrade cmaloney?17:57
greg-gthe last great LTS, Lucid (10.04)17:59
cmaloneyUnfortunately I have a habit of making one machine my "monolith" machine18:02
cmaloneyso my music is all stored on there, my IRC session is on there.18:02
cmaloneymail, productivity, gaming,18:02
hpucksYeah, makes upgrading tough when everything just works as you want it anyhow.18:03
cmaloneyHah, listening to Kerbie Hancock's Sound-System for the first time18:03
cmaloneyhe samples Yes in Metal Beat.18:04
mrgoodcati'm the opposite. i kill and reinstall machines so often that i've become almost phobic of storing anything locally18:04
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Yeah, I want to get to that point at some point18:04
cmaloneybut $$18:04
mrgoodcatits not that expensive18:04
mrgoodcati just gave up my media collection entirely18:04
hpucksmrgoodcat: me too.  I have everything in cloud services.  I just reinstall the clients or third party clients and let it all redownload.18:05
mrgoodcatnetflix/hulu/gmusic/hbonow is all my media now18:05
cmaloneySee, that's no fun18:05
mrgoodcatmakes no difference to me18:05
cmaloney/dev/sdb1      1922858352 1253046768 572135984  69% /mnt/music18:05
mrgoodcatwish you were here looks the same on google play as it did on my local machine18:05
mrgoodcatcmaloney: you can upload your music collection to google play music18:06
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Not and keep it lossless. ;)18:06
mrgoodcatin order to backfill what their catalog is missing18:06
mrgoodcatoh lossless18:06
mrgoodcatthat's what vinyl is for18:06
mrgoodcatmusic i care about18:06
hpucksYeah, gmusic is far from lossless.18:06
mrgoodcatwho cares?18:06
cmaloney4385 albums with 45579 songs by 4183 artists.18:06
mrgoodcatsounds fine on my shitty headphones18:06
cmaloneymrgoodcat: It's a compromise I'm not willing to take18:07
hpucksI generally don't care though.  I don't have a audiophile level ear.18:07
mrgoodcatme either18:07
hpucksBut if lossless is what you're looking for you will be disappointed.18:07
mrgoodcatthe high quality setting is fine for me18:08
hpucksYup, me too.18:08
mrgoodcatgoogle play high quality is 320kbps mp318:08
cmaloneyProblem is I have a lot of music procured through Bandcamp that I use for the show18:10
cmaloneyso I need to have it lossless for as long as I can before re-compressing it18:10
mrgoodcatsounds like you need a freenas18:10
cmaloneyI compress for work as well via the squeezebox but I control those settings.18:11
cmaloneyyeah that's an option18:11
cmaloneyBTW: MUG Meeting tonight18:12
cmaloneybe there and potentially win books18:12
hpucksWe had a couple of USB hard drives connected to our router, until the cat knocked them off the shelf this weekend.18:14
ZimdaleWhat do you do at said mug meeting?18:14
cmaloneyWe have a speaker.18:14
cmaloneyAnd we sometimes get into other topics18:14
cmaloneyIt's free to attend18:14
ZimdaleWhat's the speach about this week?18:15
cmaloneyWhat's New in HIgh Performance Computing18:15
hpucksOne of these days I'm going to make it to a mug meeting.  Today is not that day unfortunately.18:19
mrgoodcati went to one once18:20
mrgoodcatits in the worst trafficked area in detroit during the heaviest traffic part of the day18:20
cmaloneyNow now18:21
cmaloneyit's not that bad. :)18:21
hpucksoff of 12 Mile isn't it?18:21
mrgoodcatyea. farmington18:22
ZimdaleIf it was in detroit, that would be great18:24
Zimdalefarmington should be pretty easy to make it to.18:24
hpucksNo, not too bad from where I'm at.18:25
Zimdalein fact, I kind of pass it on my way home sometimes18:25
hpucksyou take 696?18:25
Zimdalesometimes if it's bad I get off at orchard lake and take 12 mile home18:37

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