tseliotricotz, mamarley: I asked nvidia about the arm driver (waiting for an answer). Also, we are going to need some changes for GLVND (I'm on it)14:17
ricotztseliot, ok -- did you notice the mtrr_add mtrr_del problem on 304? (with kernel >= 4.3)16:41
tseliotricotz: in xenial?16:41
ricotzI would assume so since it is 4.4 ;)16:42
ricotztseliot, are working on 361.28?16:43
ricotztseliot, are you ...16:44
ricotztseliot, ^16:45
tseliotI'm pretty sure I wrote a patch for mtrr_add and _del. I can't remember which driver I did it for16:45
ricotzhmm, just tried the 4.4.0 ppa build on trusty with 304 and it failed16:46
tseliotI can write a patch for that. It's pretty easy16:49
ricotztseliot, alright16:52
mamarleyOh wait, there is a new driver out?  Darn, sorry I missed it.17:27
mamarleytseliot: Which route are you taking, GLVND or non-GLVND?17:40
tseliotmamarley: the former18:52
mamarleytseliot: Cool!  Let me know once you are done and I can test. :)18:53
tseliotmamarley: sure18:53
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soeehows the new nvidia drivers packaging going ?23:06
mamarleytseliot is gone at the moment.23:16

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