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unlaudableanyone ever come across ssl certs that give an error with mobile devices but not anywhere else?06:15
unlaudablespecifically the default browsers in android and ios06:15
unlaudablechrome and firefox are fine...06:15
thatgraemeguyunlaudable: that typically means you need to configure your web server to serve the complete certificate chain, including the root CA and all intermediate CAs, in addition to you own cert06:49
thatgraemeguyif you plug in the URL here it should say something to that effect: https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html06:49
unlaudablecert is there with the chain... mmm06:49
unlaudableI get an A rating on ssllabs.com06:50
unlaudablessllabs actually moans about the chain... like its unnecessary06:51
unlaudablesslshopper is all green...06:52
unlaudablemy android browser works now, default browser on samsung tablet wont even connect06:52
thatgraemeguyweird, i've never encoutered that except where an imcomplete chain is served06:57
superflyunlaudable: I've had the same, and thatgraemeguy's solution is what I had to do.08:14
dlPhreaksuperfly, FusionSparc morning08:16
FusionSparcBeen a busy start of the week for me, how are you guys doing?08:19
unlaudablemmm dunno my chain stuff seems fine... got to reenable TLSv1... so he can have older browsers working...08:30
unlaudablefor some reason my android browser is fine now... :-/ this ssl stuff is confusing...08:31
superflysup FusionSparc, dlPhreak08:34
superflyFusionSparc: always busy. Already deploy to prod once this morning, hoping to push the next one out in the next hour08:34
Symmetriaman, I need a supercomputer08:34
Symmetriawith an insanely fast array of solid state disks 08:35
Symmetriato do what I'm trying to do08:35
Symmetrialol, I have software that actually "listens" to mp3 tracks, and then compares and looks for duplicates 08:35
Symmetriaso I can find duplicate tracks08:35
Symmetriatrying to run it against 19 terabytes of music totalling 1.2 million tracks, lol, ETA is like a week from now08:35
unlaudableSymmetria, AWS Graphics cluster?08:39
unlaudableSymmetria, are you pairing it down a bit by at least comparing stuff of similar size?08:42
FusionSparcSuperfly: sounds like you're on a roll.08:51
superflyFusionSparc: Too slow. Need to be faster. -_-08:51
FusionSparcHehe,Symmetria, that's just too many mp3's.08:52
FusionSparcSuperfly...Coffee coffee coffee08:53
superflyFusionSparc: good idea!08:57
* superfly goes to get more coffee08:57
Kiloshi superfly 08:57
superflyKilos: lazy morning?08:57
Kilosjust did a win wipe and now lappy just kde08:57
Kiloswhy dual boot withy something thats never used08:58
Kiloshi FusionSparc 08:58
Kilosmorning everyone else08:58
FusionSparcHi Kilos09:03
superflyKilos: exactly. although you're a few years late. I did that in 2005.09:05
FusionSparcI'm contemplating that as well...my win10 install just annoying me.09:06
Kilosthe thing was superfly , ian said keep 7 because its a legal copy and he was going to give lappy to his secretary when he got one09:07
Kilosbut now seems ive inherited it09:07
unlaudablemmm laptop came with win 7... want to upgrade to win10, might keep it around as a backup to hearthstone in case they break it for wine...09:08
MaNIdual boot is so old fashioned, just shove windows in kvm :p09:08
superflyKilos: I'm just teasing oom. don't worry09:08
unlaudableMaNI, heheh09:08
Kilosunlaudable where fulcrum went 09:08
Kilosnono MaNI shove windows where monkeys shove their peanuts09:09
Kilosbut win is good to use on old drives when first sectors start getting dodgy09:10
Kiloslinux is more fussy about drive probs09:10
unlaudableKilos, I grouped it... so I dont get kicked again :-)09:11
Kilosuse it man, its a cooler nick09:11
unlaudableand you'll find fulcrum the beachbum kicking back in IdleRPG09:11
FusionSparcLol, thought idleRPG was a phun, it actually exists.09:26
unlaudableyeah its almost as old as irc09:28
Private_Useryou know I do not understand some clients, they post a job and in the details state this is a very simple and easy fix... Why don't you fix it yourself if it really is that simple and easy09:43
FusionSparcHehe....that's clients for you.Never tell you the whole story.09:49
Kilosjust replied to a mail from a sweeny guy thats battling with a buntu install, directed him how to get here from our site09:55
Kilosplease help him if im not around09:55
Kiloshe will be a qwrby joiner i think09:55
Kiloshis vista upgrade killed ubuntu10:00
Kilosnow he is trying to install ubuntu only but having probs10:00
unlaudablealways install winders first... isnt that what the mantra used to be?10:01
Kiloswell he said he is tired of win10:01
Kilosso we try help him get ubuntu going10:02
Kilosmaybe he hasnt got a browser working10:13
Kilosi should have told him to boot from ubuntu dvd or stick10:14
superflyinetpro: ping10:32
LangjanHi Kilos hoe gaan dit? Any updates on Oz?13:22
LangjanHi Kilos 13:38
Kiloshi Langjan 14:00
Kilossorry was watering veggies14:01
Kilosand catching some UV's same time14:01
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Kiloswb Langjan 14:33
Kilosnou en dan moet n boer ook werk jy weet14:33
LangjanNee man, 'n boer maak 'n plan!14:39
Kiloshaha net as h geld het om ander te betaal om die werk te doen14:43
Kilosals kry swaar met die droogte14:43
LangjanEnige nuus van die Australiese rooi lint? 14:45
Kilostara het hulle vandag gebel en na 40 minute se wag se die outo ding will jy jou nommer los14:46
Kilosons sal terug skakel van 2 na 5 dae14:47
LangjanEish! Almost as bad as good ole SA14:48
Kilosen daai complaint wat ek ingesit het en hulle geantwoord het met we will mail you in a timely manner wag ek nou nog vir die timely mail14:48
Kilosthey bang of me14:48
unlaudablebleugh... got broken in to at home...14:48
unlaudablePC and hifi gorn...14:48
Kiloseish unlaudable 14:48
Kilosoh my14:49
Kilossorry man14:49
unlaudablenetbook, 2.5 inch 2 tera external, 2x Raspberry pis, spare samsung s4 and samsung tablet left untouched14:49
Kilosthat would break me completely14:50
unlaudablemy old pc was stuffed so I had like 3 hdd in the pc... :-(14:51
unlaudablephotos ...14:51
unlaudablethink my wife has backups at her office though...14:51
unlaudablethe 2 tera external is just full of movies and tv series ... heheh... but the dang sickrage db was on the pc...14:53
unlaudablefriendly reminder folks... backup14:54
unlaudable3 2 114:54
unlaudable3 copies14:54
unlaudable2 different media14:54
unlaudable1 offsite14:54
Kiloshaai Langjan google health benefits of gelatine15:00
Kilosdit baie goed vir toppies15:00
Kilosen jonges wat nie reg eet nie15:01
Kilosinternet not too happy today15:02
Kilosohi superfly you might as well say something as no one else has anything to say18:35
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:42
superflyMaaz: tell Kilos Sorry, I didn't see your message there, I was AFK19:21
Maazsuperfly: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode19:21
Cryterionand then it works19:27
inetprogood evening19:29
inetprohmm.... 19:34
* inetpro needs to make more time to come here more often19:34

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