mhall119marcoceppi: is there any way I could get a juju gui showing off the developer.ubuntu.com staging deployment?00:58
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stubmarcoceppi, cory_fu : I think fixing imports is a separate issue, and should be done in any case. It makes things cleaner and less magic, and avoids hacks in situations that need it (eg. an @hook('upgrade-charm') wanting to invoke @when handlers directly). Python3 spent a lot of effort getting it working in the odd situations it didn't work in Py2, because occasionally you do need it and not having it is a pain in the bum.05:23
stubmarcoceppi, cory_fu : If the convention is to put APIs and callable or shared non-handlers in lib/charms, thats fine. I had things in reactive because I wasn't aware of the convention, and it felt quite nice having it in the same package.  It was handlers and methods and helpers called by handlers, and some of those methods also designed to be called by handlers in other layers.05:27
stub(you call things directly rather than set state when you want a particular invocation order, have things invoked inside a context manager, interleave calling handlers with other code...)05:29
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jamespageapuimedo, hey - I will get to your MP's today - just need to sortout an issue in our QA cloud with liberty09:59
apuimedovery well jamespage ;-)09:59
stubHas anyone wired up a Juju charm integration test suite to travis-ci ?11:01
marcoceppistub: we did for a few layers irrc11:06
marcoceppibut not the integration stuff11:06
marcoceppi(like amulet)11:06
stublxc test runner needs a kick - failing to bootstrap due to port in use11:19
smartbitWhere can I find the recording of the first day at cfgmgmtcamp 2016, that includes Mark Shuttleworth's talk? I found it a couple of days ago, but lost it :-/12:00
marcoceppismartbit: I'm not sure we've published it yet? I'll see if I can find them12:12
marcoceppismartbit: we typically publish them here: https://www.youtube.com/jujucharms/videos but none have been uploaded yet12:13
marcoceppismartbit: I'll ping James who was doing the recordings12:14
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smartbitmarcoceppi: Found it through http://eventifier.com/event/cfgmgmtcamp/videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp_Re8Mx9xk&t=409512:20
smartbitRecordings of day 2 & 3 juju charner summit 2016: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzSGDpUWtiotngRgVqpa8jeCBQ2CCjzfo12:21
iceycan I `juju add-machine` with an existing machine, in essence bring the manual provider stuff to a regular deployment?12:53
rick_h__icey: I've not tried it, but I *think* so?12:55
iceywell then rick_h__ I'll let you know how it works :)12:55
iceyI need a very much not standard machine for a demo tomorrow so wanted to build the /machine/ by hand and then let juju have at it12:56
marcoceppiicey: yes you can12:56
iceyglad to have it confirmed marcoceppi12:56
marcoceppijuju machine add ssh:user@address12:57
marcoceppiicey: ^^12:57
jamespageapuimedo, neutron-api and charm-helpers fixes landed thankyou!14:09
apuimedoI just got the email14:10
apuimedothank you ;-)14:10
apuimedoI made some improvements to midonet-api today14:10
apuimedoto prevent races when running in HA14:10
apuimedoif you want an ha liberty bundle yaml let me know14:10
stubmarcoceppi: Just looking at the apt layer, I have an install_queued method that may be called directly that is also a handler called automatically. So if I split it, there is going to be some silly duplication.14:11
jamespageapuimedo, bundles good14:21
jamespageyes please14:21
apuimedovery well14:21
jamespageapuimedo, hows the polish on lint, unit and amulet tests going?14:21
apuimedolint should be fixed. unit tests are almost there14:22
apuimedoamulet tests I basically have to remove the old ones14:22
apuimedothe new one I added that can also install the enterprise edition, should be good14:22
stubYeah, lib/charms/apt.py ends up ok but reactive/apt.py is a bag of dead chickens and the bootstrap/setup method.14:33
shruthima<mbruzek>: Hi,I will be developing IBM-IM as layer and I explored to make use of basic layer which is present in the "interfaces.juju.solution". and I am not sure about which interface that i can use it for IM from "interfaces.juju.solution",...? or do we need to develop IM interface seperately?? Can you please guide me on this?14:57
mbruzekshruthima: Hello again!  From the information you gave me yesterday the IBM IM layer would be a charm layer not an interface layer (which is like a relation).  So your layers.yaml would import from the layer:basic.15:00
mbruzekThat will give you a starting point and you can create a charm layer in a repository such as Github or Launchapd.15:02
mbruzekat this point you shouldn't need to worry about interfaces.juju.solutions, you can make a layer off-line on your own machine. Then when you run "charm build" it will go to interfaces.juju.solutions to pull the basic layer just once15:03
cory_fustub: While I enjoy your colorful metaphor, I'm not sure I understand why you're unhappy with the resulting reactive/apt.py?  Do you have it committed, perchance, that I might take a look?15:06
shruthima<mbruzek>: oh ok thank you.15:07
cory_fuA branch, perchance?  :)15:07
mbruzekshruthima: Other people on the team know about layers and reactive, you can ask technical questions about layers and reactive here and others should be able to respond.15:08
mbruzekhere == #juju15:09
shruthimaokie :)15:09
jaceknhello. I'm having problems understanding juju storage documentation: https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/storage I am looking for list of possible values for "type" parameter. I can see "type: block" in an exmaple but it's not documented anywyere15:12
jaceknalso "type: filesystem" seems undocumented15:12
jaceknwill something like this work at all? https://pastebin.canonical.com/149486/15:13
stubcory_fu: https://git.launchpad.net/layer-apt/tree/?h=apipackage15:58
stubcory_fu: Its not terrible, but it seems worse than what I started with.15:59
stokachumarcoceppi: \p/16:08
jaceknhello. I have not heard anything regarding this bug I filed 2 weeks ago: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/1538573 can somebody tell me if it's on charmers's radar?16:21
mupBug #1538573: New collectd subordinate charm <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538573>16:21
cory_fustub: Do you really think that users will need to manually call install_queued or ensure_package_status instead of just relying on the state system to invoke them?18:41
cory_fumarcoceppi: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-basic/pull/33  Thoughts?18:42
marcoceppicory_fu: weeeee LGTM18:43
cory_fuIt's untested, though.  ;)18:43
cory_fu(Testing it now)18:43
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jcastrodoes anyone know who this is so I can credit them in the summary?19:38
marcoceppijcastro: it's probably smartbit20:01
jcastroyeah I was looking for a real name20:20
stubcory_fu: Sometimes. A simple linear @hook('install') might be preferable to half a dozen state handlers. I was also calling install_queued from inside a context manager at one point.20:50
cory_fustub: If that's the case, might it not be cleaner to just use the existing tools in charmhelpers?20:51
stubcory_fu: I think the API is tidier in what I have, and if people like it, this would be where this bit of charmhelpers migrates too20:52
stubSo I would like to support both calling styles. There doesn't seem to be any reason to not support it.20:52
cory_fuFair enough20:53
cory_fubtw, you could avoid doing explicit aliasing if you just import those functions directly20:53
stubWhich is certainly an argument in favour of sticking things in lib/charms20:53
stubOh, duh.20:53
cory_fuI see what you mean, though, about the reactive file just ending up a place to add decorators to existing functions.  I'm not sure that I consider that a bad thing, though.20:56
stubI can argue it both ways20:56
stubI don't think these 'library' layers are typical.20:57
stubI'll go with the split unless people have other use cases for putting an API in reactive.20:58
stubBut I still think it is worth doing the imports better ;)20:58
stubGiven the PEPs Python3 has implemented to get absolute and relative imports working in all other cases, it will be surprising and seem broken whenever people discover it doesn't work in built charms.21:00
cory_fuYeah, I don't disagree21:03
stubWhen you say 'just a place to add decorators to existing functions' I have flash backs to Zope3 and ZCML ;) At least we don't need to use XML to decorate them :)21:04
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wesleymasonAre there any good examples of a reactive charm using the nrpe interface? I can't seem to get the bloody thing to work.22:21
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marcoceppiwesleymason: not that I'm aware of - what are you having problems with?22:34
boltholequestion about juju and lxc. https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.24/troubleshooting-local-lxc doesnt mentoin how to view the actual lxc containers juju uses. doing "lxc list" doesnt show anything?22:35
marcoceppibolthole: is this lxc local provider or lxc in a deployed environment?22:38
marcoceppibolthole: also, if you're not using 1.24 of juju, I recommend going to the /stable/ version of the docs22:39
boltholejuju with local environment22:40
boltholesetup with juju bootstrap, etc.22:40
boltholeas far as version of docs.. I go to what google pulls up. So you guys may have some tweaking to do for google search optimization ;->22:41
marcoceppibolthole: we've been trying to kill juju from crawling our versioned docs, so far that has been fruitless :\22:42
marcoceppibolthole: does `lxc-ls` work instead?22:42
boltholeanyways, content is identical.22:42
marcoceppibolthole: sure, but just a point in general22:42
boltholelxc-ls shows nothing. (and isnt it just an alias for lxc list?)22:43
marcoceppibolthole: `lxc list` and lxc-* are two different versions of lxc. one, lxc list, is the new LXD frontend, and the other is traditional lxc22:44
marcoceppibolthole: do you have services deployed?22:44
marcoceppidoes `lxc-ls -a` show anything?22:44
marcoceppierr `lxc-ls --fancy`22:45
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: effectively, deploy my charm, deploy nrpe, add-relation, I have a handler with a @when('local-monitors.available'), and it never fires.22:49
wesleymasonSame for nrpe-external-master if I used that instead22:49
marcoceppibolthole: what does you juju status output look like?22:52
marcoceppiwesleymason: weird, that's not the intended design22:52
* marcoceppi checks interface22:52
marcoceppiwesleymason: do you mean nrpe-external-master?22:53
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: well using either, local-monitors for nrpe22:54
marcoceppiwesleymason: we don't have a local-monitors interface in the interface listing22:55
marcoceppiI can't read22:55
marcoceppiwesleymason: what does your metadata.yaml look like?22:55
boltholerebuilding it right now, so cant answer :-/  but if someone with workig juju local wants to post THEIR ouptput, that would be great :)  meanwhile, I am going to be afk for a while22:56
marcoceppibolthole: I've been running the alpha1 for a while and am using the new lxd provider - so much more awesome :)22:57
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: https://github.com/1stvamp/juju-errbot/blob/master/metadata.yaml22:58
marcoceppiwesleymason: that's the problem22:58
marcoceppiwesleymason: you don't require local-monitors, you provide it. The interface library is a bit incomplete - it only has one side of the protocol implemented, the more common side, which is providing local-monitors22:59
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: aaaaaah nuts, yes, I see it now22:59
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: been staring at that metadata for ages, blind22:59
marcoceppiwesleymason: it's all good. we should consider adding a check at build time that "you provide X interface but interface library does not have provides.py"23:00
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: good idea, I should also check my glasses prescription 😉23:01
marcoceppiwesleymason: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/10523:07
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: 👍23:08
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: also interface working fine now 😀23:08
wesleymasonQuite close to a fully working errbot charm now23:09
smartbitjcastro: Bart Smith >smartbit :-)23:10
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: out of interest, what's the generally accepted way to package/ship a charm built from a layer? Are people just checking into separate repos/branches, or shipping built tarballs somewhere etc?23:10
marcoceppiwesleymason: people are starting to use the charm command to upload/publish them into the store23:22
marcoceppiwesleymason: but that's still a private beta, otherwise, they're putting their layers into VCS they like then the charm artifcat that's built is just uploaded to bzr like charms have been in the past23:22

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