clivejois there any way to get build permission on KCI without being Kubuntu member?11:26
clivejoI cant get onto wiki.kubuntu.org to make a profile11:26
clivejohttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/ doesnt work either11:31
yofelKCI: no, that's controlled through the team membership and would need a CI change15:04
yofeldoesn't work in what way? Login to moinmoin is as flaky as it gets. Like if you click on continue and the page doesn't load leave it alone, it might respond after a couple minutes15:05
yofeland protip: never ever log out15:05
clivejocould I be made a special temporary member :P17:12
clivejopretty please oh right honourable lord Yofel the 1st17:14
yofelno, that would be a policy violation19:51
valorieclivejo: after us begging you for months to become a member, what's the sudden rush?21:34
clivejoI dont have build permission22:08
valoriewell, are the stupid wikis back up yet?22:22
valoriedamn moinmoin.....22:22
valoriejust use notes.kde.org or so22:22
clivejopassword = phils username22:22
valorieyeah, same crap I got last night22:23
valoriewhy password it?22:23
clivejonot sure what that information is being output22:23
valorieso, I can get in through wiki.ubuntu.com22:24
valorietry that22:24
clivejocould be a key or something in that data, just being safe22:24
clivejook I can sign in via wiki.ubuntu.com22:25
valorieso make your page through there22:25
valorieit will also be able to reached through wiki.kubuntu.org22:25
valoriejust make a new page22:25
clivejooh cheese sticks22:26
clivejoIve edited the home page!22:26
clivejohow on earth do I create a page22:27
valoriefill in that sucker22:28
* clivejo cries22:30
clivejohelp me, please22:34
valoriethis is mine: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ValorieZimmerman22:39
valoriecopy whatever you like22:39
valorieI particularly like the list of IRC chans22:39
valoriefound that on somebody's page22:39
valoriebe sure to add a testimonial section and bully all your friends into filling it out22:40
clivejohows that looking?23:06
valoriegood, you can list an alternate email if you want, you know23:11
clivejowill you add a testimonial for me please?23:19
valorieI keep forgetting how to do the signature23:32

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