VxMAnyone know if there's a way to make spotify work with lates kubuntu?01:05
geniiVxM: What problem are you having with it?01:07
VxMI installed it following instructions on their website and I can find it in search but it just shows at taskbar for few seconds and then disappears01:09
geniiVxM: If you run it in Konsoile with: spotify     ... does it complain about libgcrypt.so.11 ?01:15
VxMecho deb http://repository.spotify.com stable non-free | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list01:16
VxMthats what it gives01:16
geniiWhat you pasted was one of the instructions off their page to install it01:18
genii( and not presumably a link to a pastebin with what happens when you try to run it)01:18
VxMoh right that was on my clip board still01:19
VxMspotify: error while loading shared libraries: libgcrypt.so.11: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:19
VxMthat's what I get01:19
geniiVxM: What it needs is for you to make a symbolic link called libgcrypt.so.11 which points to your actual one which is a later version. Are you on 32 or 64 bit, or a different platform altogether?01:25
* genii makes more coffee01:27
VxMI'm on 64bit os01:28
geniiVxM: Then please give the result of: ls -l /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt*   ...and then I can give you the correct command to make the symbolic link01:30
VxMlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     19 helmi  5 18:25 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.20 -> libgcrypt.so.20.0.301:32
VxM-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 924096 touko 21  2015 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.20.0.301:32
geniiVxM: So then: sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.20.0.3 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.1101:33
VxMok done. It should work now?01:34
geniiHopefully. Although it looks like you have libgcrypt20 series, not sure if they have compatible libraries01:37
geniiWe will know if it throws an error after tryig to run it again from Konsole01:37
genii!info libgcrypt11 wily01:38
ubottuPackage libgcrypt11 does not exist in wily01:38
genii!info libgcrypt11 vivid01:38
ubottuPackage libgcrypt11 does not exist in vivid01:38
geniiInteresting. My Vivid box has 11 but apt doesn't know where it came from ( probably from a previous Kubuntu, this one has been upgraded continuously)01:40
genii!info libgcrypt11 precise01:40
ubottulibgcrypt11 (source: libgcrypt11): LGPL Crypto library - runtime library. In component main, is standard. Version 1.5.0-3ubuntu0.4 (precise), package size 275 kB, installed size 615 kB01:40
VxMWell this is less than week old01:41
geniiVxM: Did it throw some error when you tried: spotify       at command line?01:42
VxMlib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.11: version `GCRYPT_1.2' not found (required by /opt/spotify/spotify-client/Data/libcef.so)01:42
VxMI pasted that earlier but accidentally left / at begining01:43
geniiYeah, so just linking will be no good. So now we need to remove the symbolic link: sudo rm /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.1101:44
genii..and to do the more complicated procedure :)01:44
genii!info libgcrypt11 trusty01:45
ubottulibgcrypt11 (source: libgcrypt11): LGPL Crypto library - runtime library. In component main, is important. Version 1.5.3-2ubuntu4.2 (trusty), package size 231 kB, installed size 607 kB01:45
geniiWhich is: grab the Trusty deb file, grab out the shared library file from it and put it in /opt/spotify/lib    then make a symlink to it in that spot, then run ldconfig on that dir01:46
geniiSmoke, be back in a couple minutes01:47
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geniiVxM: Are you ready for the next set of instructions? :)01:53
VxMnot yet. I found libcrypt.so.1 Do I need to move it or what? I'm kinda new with this01:53
geniiNo, don't bother removing that one01:54
geniiVxM: I will give you now the instructions, one line at a time:wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libg/libgcrypt11/libgcrypt11_1.5.3-2ubuntu4.2_amd64.deb01:57
geniiVxM: tar -xvf data.tar.xz01:57
geniiVxM: sudo mv lib /opt/spotify/spotify-client01:58
geniiVxM: sudo chown -R root:root /opt/spotify/spotify-client/lib01:59
VxMhold on01:59
VxMthat tar gave me Cannot open: No such file or directory01:59
geniiApologies, forgot one command right after the wget one01:59
geniiVxM:  ar -x libgcrypt11_1.5.3-2ubuntu4.2_amd64.deb02:00
geniiVxM: From that ar -x, go to the next ones02:00
geniiVxM: After the sudo chown command which i gave, to do:02:01
geniiVxM: sudo ldconfig /opt/spotify/spotify-client/lib02:01
VxMOk I got that far02:03
geniiVxM: If you have completed the ldconfig command now and all of the previous commands completed OK, try again with running spotify on the command line02:04
VxMYeah I got it working now.02:10
VxMThanks alot about that02:10
geniiVxM: Glad to assist02:10
VxMthough now I understand why some people find linux dark and mysterious world02:12
geniiHeh :)02:12
geniiVxM: Hopefully at some point Spotify updates their package to the libgcrypt20 and solves the issue02:12
VxMinstall-> agree -> next -> next -> done doesn't work anymore02:13
VxMyeah hope so02:13
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geniiI've reported the problem in detail now to Spotify's bug report system, but I don't hold out much hope there for a fix.02:41
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sea`I want to run an untrusted program. I've made another user for it and am about to run it under that user. I see countless people online saying that it should be run in a chroot or a virtual machine, though. What's wrong with an unprivileged user account? I thought UNIX was a multi-user system, but if running unsafe programs /requires/ a separate machine (virtualized or not), then it obviously isn't. What's the reason for this?07:15
OOPManHey guys08:05
OOPManI'm wondering if there is an easy way I can redownload and reinstall the KDE5 packages on my system08:05
OOPManOr rather my laptop08:05
OOPManI'm not sure what's going on but it's waaaaaaaaaaay more unstable than my desktp. KWin is crashing constantly and there are various other oddities (The cross icon for notifications missing, etc)08:06
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noaXesshey ho09:09
DQSIIshould have stayed with 14.04.3 kubuntu xD09:09
noaXessdoes anybody know the state of plasma 5.5.4 package for kubuntu 15.10?09:10
DQSIInot  here i use lts kubuntu i wont use plasma 5 till the next lts release im staying with kde 4 xD09:10
lordievaderGood morning.09:23
lordievaderHey Smurphy, how are you?09:27
Smurphytired. Time I go on PTO -> Snowboarding with my girlsa next week :) That will be fun ! :D09:31
SmurphyAnb you ?09:32
lordievaderNice, have fun ;)09:32
lordievaderI got coffee next to me, guess I'm doing okay.09:32
Smurphyyeah - got my 3rd coffee now :D09:33
lordievaderWhere are you going to snowboard?09:33
SmurphyVauges ... Small station in the French Jura :}09:38
lordievaderIs that still part of the alps?09:43
SmurphyNo. Jura - other mountain chain09:44
SmurphyNot as high as the alps.09:44
lordievaderAh, I see.09:44
ilgioshi there! I have a problem with my pc with kubuntu. i have two network adapter. I need to change setting of eth0. I googled and the path /etc/sysconfig in my kubuntu is not present10:07
ilgioswhere can i modify the settings of the0?10:07
ilgioswhere can i modify the settings of eth0?10:07
lordievaderilgios: Under Kubuntu network interfaces are configured through Network Manager.10:08
lordievaderNormally, anyhow.10:08
ilgioslordvander under NetworkManager the ip is correctly set, but if i do from command line a ifconfgi eht0, i have another ip address10:09
lordievaderilgios: Use the Network Manager to take down the interface and then re-establish the connection.10:09
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BluesKajHI folks11:55
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iohi, how to disable ktorrent autostart in 15.10?14:10
iothere is no ~/.kde/autostart dir in my home14:10
iothere is no ktorrent entry in autostart kde control module14:11
clivejosystem setting14:12
clivejouncheck the enabled status14:12
ioclivejo: there is no ktorrent entry there14:13
BluesKajcheck in ktorrent for an autostart option14:13
clivejodo you save your session?14:14
ioBluesKaj: I did't find that option it in ktorrent14:14
BluesKajprefer qbittorrent here, it's more configurable14:14
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hateballio: are you restoring your session on startup?14:21
hateballas opposed to starting with a blank session14:22
hateballoh clivejo already asked14:22
iohateball: may be, I did not check that. it's my second day with kde14:22
hateballio: it's enabled by default, so14:23
hateball(a most awful default imo)14:23
iook. I try to close it and reboot.14:23
io__ok, that ktorrent autostart was a session restore thing14:33
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noaXesswhere do i get information about building status of plasma 5.5.4 package for 15.10 wily?15:52
marco-parillonoaXess: You can go to #kubunut-devel if you are willing to help test via a PPA16:01
marco-parillonoaXess: #kubuntu-devel that is.16:17
noaXessjep.. i see.. and also found the landing backports ppa ;)16:17
marco-parilloI am sure that channel would love to hear your test results.16:18
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MylonianSo windows keep flashing like 10 times rapidly before minimizing/maximizing/switching.  It's grating on me.17:01
MylonianIs this a known issue?  I just installed, but do I need to update video drivers?17:02
clivejoMylonian: never heard of that issue17:03
clivejois there any particular time it does it?17:03
MylonianIt seemed fine during the live demo and during like, the first 5 minutes I was using it.  Then I clicked in Muon to install Pidgin and it froze for a few seconds so I clicked again and then all hell broke loose and now it does it always, even after a restart.17:04
MylonianFirst 5 minutes after the fresh install I mean.17:05
MylonianLemme try powering it off entirely...17:05
GreenDayLemme or Lemy?17:05
clivejohave you the open source or proprietary drivers installed?17:06
MylonianWhatever the default is.17:08
Mylonianx.org AMD/ATI display wrapper (recommended)17:09
MylonianA power cycle seems to have fixed it.  For now...17:09
* clivejo fingers crossed :)17:09
MylonianSo the default IM client in kubuntu doesn't support IRC.17:11
MylonianWhat's up with that?17:11
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DarinMillerMylonian: I caught the tail end of the flashing issue.  From the limited description, the flashing may be fixed by toggling the composter off/on Alt+shift+f12.17:14
DarinMillerMylonian: KDE has an IRC dedicated app call Konversation.  It works quite well but it does not integrate with telepathy (the default IM app).17:17
MylonianThanks for the info.17:17
DarinMillerMylonian: Since I missed the 1st part or your post, are you running 15.10?17:20
d12fkI'm trying to configure a "Office 365/Lync" instant messaging account in wiley using the backports ppa. It tells me I need the "sipe" telepathy connection manager. Any idea what package I need to install? Searching for sipe didn't bring anthing up in muon and going through the results for telepathy in aptitude didn't indicate anything obvious either.17:31
BluesKajd12fk, I see pidgin-sipe and pidgin-sipe-dbg in regular muon, not the default muon discover17:35
MylonianYeah, I think it's 15.1017:36
MylonianAnd the flickering is back.17:37
DarinMillerMylonian: The flashing issue is reduced with newer versions of Plasma.  Are you familiar with the backports ppa?17:37
BluesKajnothing about sipe with telepathy though17:37
MylonianI am not.  I haven't touched Linux in like... 5 years?17:38
DarinMillerMylonian: did the alt+shift+f12 fix the flashing?17:38
MylonianIt did.17:38
DarinMillerMylonian: Have you ever installed PPA's?17:39
MylonianI have not!  Unless that's what Muon does.17:40
DarinMillerKDE has a backports ppa that brings new releases to older distributions.  https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports17:40
MylonianKubuntu 15.10 is an older distribution?17:40
d12fkBluesKaj: thanks, pidgin-sipe at least made plasma not crash any more when adding a sipe account via libpurple17:41
Mylon1Alright, here I am with the troublesome laptop.17:41
Mylon1And somehow I have a presence on this server with my proper username but I'm not sure where/how.17:42
DarinMiller15.10 is the latest Canonical/Kubuntu release but does not have the latest KDE packages (Frameworks, Plasma, application). The backport ppa enables new releases before the next release of Kubuntu.17:42
DarinMillerMylonian: to install the ppa, go to the command line and paste: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports17:43
Mylon1Ah, figures.  Linux still very much requires the command line.17:44
DarinMillerThen run sudo apt update  && sudo apt full-upgrade.17:44
Mylon1And I can't seem to find it... Go me.17:44
DarinMillerNot really. There is a gui method but it is more complicated to explain from a chat window.17:45
rapteMylon1: IIRC software repositories in ubuntu has a way to add software repos17:46
Mylon1konsole, that's what I'm looking for.17:46
DarinMillergot run, I wil check in later...17:46
Mylon1Thanks for your help.17:46
d12fkBluesKaj: I correct myself: crashes less often... do I really have to use pidgin? =(17:50
Mylon1Holy cow, that's a lot of touchpad options.17:52
Mylon1Gonna be forever before I figure out how to tune it so the palm stops doing stuff.17:52
BluesKajd12fk, i really don't know, personally i don't use either pidgin or telepathy17:53
Mylon1I think this KDE update is taking longer than the full install of Kubuntu did.18:01
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Mylon1And now my touchpad isn't working.  Taps no longer register as clicks.  Argh.18:06
Mylon1And touchpad won't launch anymore.  I'm regretting this decision.  :/18:07
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MylonSo... irc.ubundu.com redirects to freenode.  That explains some stuff.18:42
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MylonAnd.... Youtube shows a black pane instead of video.  Hmm.18:58
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BluesKajMylon, install flashplugin-installer18:59
MylonI thought that was grabbed by the Kubuntu installer... At least it specifically named flash as one of the third party software installs.19:00
MylonBut I also thought Youtube went to html5...19:02
BluesKajMylon, using firefox? if so then install the plugin-installer, chrome has itr's own configured embedded flash19:03
BluesKajMylon, not all video is HTML5 on YT19:03
MylonOh wow, Firefox's addon search is full of scammy looking stuff.19:10
Mylon"Youtube flash player"19:10
MylonJust looking for Flash19:10
BluesKajMylon, try the frehplayer as well , some sites don't use the same adobe flash as most others19:12
BluesKajfreshplayer even19:12
aboudreaultAre you awayre of any issues related to X11 with latest release? both my Dell and Lenovo freeze after the login19:13
BluesKajaboudreault, depends on which gpu most likely19:14
BluesKajno issues here with nvidia or intel, amd seems to have some19:15
aboudreaultmy dell is probably a generic intel graphic card19:15
aboudreaultemm  :/19:15
aboudreaulttrying to see in the logs19:15
aboudreaultI'm wrong.... looks like both my lenovo and dell has the same card. A NVIDIA Quadro K110019:17
aboudreaultI can see a FAULT of nouveau in dmesg.19:18
BluesKajaboudreault, which kubuntu?19:19
aboudreaultsorry, :P. I'm not using Kubuntu in fact, but netrunner-os.. just ask here since both are developed by blue systems and are similar.19:20
aboudreaultI know it's not your problem at this point. I will try to figure out how to fix that.19:20
aboudreaultI think I have to ensure nouveau is uninstalled, blacklisted and install the proper nvidia driver.19:21
BluesKajnouveau is normally removed when a nvidia proprietary driver is installing19:24
aboudreaultOk. let me simply try to install it with the installer.19:24
BluesKajusually there's no need to blacklist, but it probly can't hurt19:24
BluesKajBBL, stuuff to do for 20mins or so.19:32
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aboudreaultyeah. this is the bug I'm experiencing: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=18914520:05
aboudreaulta sddm segfault20:05
BluesKajaboudreault, can you get to VT/TTY? if so run sudo systemctl enable sddm20:08
aboudreaultyes, currently stopped it.20:08
aboudreaultlet me try20:09
aboudreaultThe unit file have no install section20:09
aboudreaultI wonder if I can not simply install another display managet20:10
BluesKajdon't think any other DM will run in systemd20:11
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MylonBlargh.  So I can't figure out how to tweak this touchpad to not trigger from palm movements.20:31
MylonAt some point I ended up disabling tapping entirely and I'm not sure how so I just went back to defaults.  :/20:32
aboudreaultfixed some issues, still have this one though: sddm-greeter opengl failed to create context neither glx nor egl are enabled21:01
MylonHow do I move notifications?  They're appearing in the right-center of screen instead of right-bottom.21:10
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ymarhello all21:51
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ymarinstalled kubuntu 1510 - works fine21:57
DarinMillerMylon: Still here?22:51
DarinMillerdid you resolve the notification location issue?23:03
MylonI found an article that involved installing a program to customize notifications.23:03
MylonBut I didn't wanna do that.23:03
DarinMillerBy chance did you change your screen resolution?23:03
MylonNot that I know of.23:04
MylonThis article shows that there's 6 possible locations, and they currently appear at #2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/128474/how-to-customize-on-screen-notifications23:04
DarinMillerI have seen issues with plasma remembering the smallest screen resolution and displaying/centering things accordingly.23:04
DarinMillerfrom konsole try this: killall plasmashell && plasmashell &23:05
DarinMillerThat will restart your plasma shell.23:05
DarinMillerthen, to check notifications, run this from the konsole: kdialog --title syslog --passivepopup "foo" 223:05
MylonOr you could just say my name in chat because Pidgin uses notifications.  :323:06
DarinMillerok, I will have to give pidgin a spin.  I have not tried it in years but I liked it when I used to use it.23:07
MylonIt supports damn near everything.23:07
DarinMillerI saw they supported MS protocols which would be handy for work IM's.23:08
MylonI just had a problem in Windows where it would occasionally need a restart after a few weeks because it ran out of memory or would end up eating a processor.23:08
MylonBut that could have been the windows GUI they used.  I forget the name of it...23:09
MylonSo after killing Plasmashell and relaunching it, I seem to lack a taskbar.23:10
DarinMillerensure to exit konsole by typing exit. Otherwise, it will kill all child processes launched from the shell.23:11
DarinMilleruse alt-spacebar to launch krunner and type: plasmashell23:11
MylonI typed plasmashell + enter into the alt-spacebar widget that popped up and nothing happened.23:12
DarinMillerClarification: Clicking on the the windows controls to close konsole kills the child processes.23:12
DarinMillertype alt-spacebar and type konsole23:13
DarinMillerthen type "plasmashell &"23:13
MylonThe konsole doesn't pop up.23:13
DarinMillerwhy typing in the widget, does it bring up a list of matching items as you type?23:15
DarinMillerwhy = when23:16
MylonNo, I just see a box I can type into and nothing happens except what I type appears in the box.23:16
MylonSo yeah, I seem to be stuck with the windows I have open.23:17
DarinMillerthe little box is called krunner.  it's supposed to match anything it can find on your computer with the text that you type... but krunner seems to be misbehaving.23:18
MylonI can get a console by hitting alt-f1, but I don't think that's what I want.23:18
DarinMillerby chance did you assign a keyboard shortcut to open konsole?23:18
Mylonctrl-alt f123:18
MylonNot that I know of.23:18
DarinMilleryou could try the killall plasmashell && plasmashell & from the ctrl-alt-f1 but I don't think it will work as it will not see the necessary components.23:20
MylonHuh, so I log in to the other workstation or whatever it's called and it says ** system update required **23:23
MylonSystem restart.23:23
MylonSo maybe I should just reboot.23:23
DarinMillerI think at this point I would recommend a reboot.  Close down everything, drop to the ctrl+alt+f1 prompt and type reboot.23:24
Mylon'k, brb.23:24
DarinMilleryou could also stop sddm and then restart it, but reboots are typically pretty fast.23:24
MylonAlright, notifications appear in bottom-right.23:27
MylonThanks for helping me out.23:28
MylonNow my next task... Figure out how to get palmsense on my touchpad to work right.23:28
DarinMillernp.  The commands  I gave should not have caused to many problems.23:28
MylonI just tried alt-space and it works as it should.23:29
MylonShowing stuff as I type.23:29
DarinMillerWhat model of laptop do you have?23:34

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