tewardcjwatson: looks like the arm builders are mostly disabled again - 9 out of 26 are running00:08
teward(one just failed within the past 8 minutes)00:08
wgrantteward: Yeah, we're leaving them dead at the moment while we investigate the cloud issues that are killing them.00:09
wgrantJust made some headway in the last few minutes.00:09
cjwatsonteward: We managed to fix ppc64el tonight, but arm is still pretty sad.  More investigation will come ASAP.03:05
* karstensrage wipes his brow03:17
karstensrageit works end to end03:17
karstensragethanks very much launchpad03:18
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tewardcjwatson: (late reply) thanks for the update.  ultimately a non-issue for me, as my nginx test build for one of my tasks in the PPA FTBFS on all architectures because of nginx upstream core changes which break module compatibility15:25
ricotzcjwatson, hi, regarding "<doko> ricotz, please could you ask a lp question to enable this ppa for s390x and ppc64el, and show the results for all these archs?" -- is this easily possible to any ppa?19:47
dobeyricotz: you can self-enable ppc64el on your ppa. but you will need to ask a question at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad to get s390x i think (at least, unless cjwatson or wgrant are around to enable it for you now)19:51
ricotzdobey, thanks, yeah, enabled ppc64el already now, I am more concerned about the restrictions to get s390x support19:53
dobeyricotz: i think the goal is to eventually have self-directed enablement for as many archs as possible, but for various reasons some are not there yet19:55
ricotzdobey, alright, I posted a question19:59
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