zygagood mornig07:54
dholbachgood morning08:08
opnyhello, the maven plugin assumes  that in a target directory there have to be a jar or war after mvn package. Is there a way I can circumvent this check?09:14
opny(in snapcraft)09:14
dholbachopny, you could use https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/docs/plugins.md and copy the maven plugin to remove the check just to see if that makes it work09:19
dholbachopny, maybe this should be an option in the maven plugin?09:19
opnydholbach, hello, yes having it optional may be a good start. I try to add the option in the "overidden" plugin. Actually a property allowing to move custom dir/files like the filesets one would complete the loop09:25
dholbachmaybe you can bring up the idea on the mailing list?09:26
dholbachit'd be interesting to hear what others think and how the idea could be generalised09:26
opnydholbach, sure, which one?09:27
opnydholbach, ok09:27
dholbachawesome :)09:27
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Plimsoll Day! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ09:41
noizerHI does somebody knows how I can solve this?   u"!#$%&'*+-.^_`|~:").encode('ascii')10:09
noizerLookupError: no codec search functions registered: can't find encoding10:09
noizerit is with werkzeug that i have this error10:10
opnyIs there a method to force snapcraft to update the apt repository as listed in sources.list ?11:23
dholbachopny, maybe you'd need to talk to sergiusens about reopening https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1493081 (or https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/issues/19)11:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1493081 in Snapcraft "Ubuntu plugin: allow downloading of binary packages from PPAs" [Medium,Invalid]11:26
dholbachkyrofa, ^ do you have any idea if there was any additional discussion about this?11:27
opnydholbach, thanks.. again :) I'm plagued with Hash mismatch errors which block me for hours11:31
dholbachopny, I'm afraid I don't know how to work around that11:37
dholbachmaybe when sergiusens and kyrofa come online you can ask them11:37
dholbacha quick search in the code didn't let me find anything yet11:38
=== ant_ is now known as Guest40019
kyrofaGood morning12:18
kyrofadholbach, I'm afraid that was before my time-- I've not heard anything about it12:19
noizerkyrofa HI does somebody knows how I can solve this?   u"!#$%&'*+-.^_`|~:").encode('ascii')12:22
noizerLookupError: no codec search functions registered: can't find encoding12:22
noizerit is with werkzeug that i have this error12:22
kyrofanoizer, I'm sorry no, I don't know anything about that one12:26
kyrofanoizer, you might consider asking in #python12:26
dholbachhey sergiusens12:52
sergiusensdholbach, hello12:52
dholbachsergiusens, is there a way for snapcraft users to provide their own sources.list... or add PPAs or use different mirrors and stuff?12:53
sergiusensdholbach, not currently; but soon we will remove just use local sources by default so it is whatever you have on your system12:53
dholbachopny, ^12:54
dholbachok cool12:54
opnysergiusens, dholbach thanks12:54
sergiusensopny, dholbach for now there is a hidden USE_LOCAL_SOURCES you can export12:54
opnysergiusens, dholbach seems like sources.list is took once and then not updated anymore..12:55
dholbachah, nice one... I saw that in the source and wondered how it'd work12:55
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opnysergiusens, dholbach is it like `USE_LOCAL_SOURCES=1 snapcraft` ? I cannot find it in the snapcraft source, maybe a python/apt thing13:00
dholbachsergiusens, or _PLUGIN_STAGE_SOURCES?13:01
sergiusensopny, dholbach sorry, it is SNAPCRAFT_LOCAL_SOURCES13:02
opnysergiusens, dholbach works, perfect! Thank you :)13:03
kyrofaAnyone else having stability problems with the dragonboard?13:07
ogra_kyrofa, on what image ?13:07
kyrofaogra_, actually on the linaro Ubuntu image, so not really an Ubuntu Core question. But I find if I push it very hard for very long, it just gives up13:07
* ogra_ is about to finish an all-snaps one that should be stable .... my 15.04 one is clearly hacked up enough to expose instability 13:08
kyrofaogra_, ah, I'll definitely give that a shot when it's available. I'm just worried it's a heating problem or something13:08
kyrofaCan't build any good-sized snaps on it13:10
ysionneauhi, how can I generate an oem snap? Do I need to use snapcraft?13:44
ogra_i dont think we have oem plugins yet ...13:44
ogra_also note that oem snaps are 15..04 only ... we switched to a different setup with "gadget" snaps in 16.0413:45
ysionneautype: oem does not seem to work indeed it tells me "you need either app or framework"13:45
ysionneauI'm following the documentation for "how to port snappy to your platform"13:45
ogra_yeah, thats still 15.0413:45
ogra_16.04 is to much in flux still .... we're in the middle of switching the whole image design to a "all snaps" setup13:46
ysionneauIt seems I need the oem snap in order to do the ubuntu-device-flash command to generate the image13:46
ysionneauso, how am I supposed to generate the oem snap?13:47
ogra_ysionneau, we store the official code for the oem/gadget snaps at https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-systems ... for 15.04 you would have to go a bunch of revisions backwards in the commits though13:51
ysionneauoh right, there are the snap.yaml files in there13:53
ysionneautype: gadget13:53
ogra_yeah, you will have to go back through the history to get to package.yaml and 15.04 setup13:54
ysionneauah, if I go back in time indeed I get the package.yaml files13:54
ysionneauI'm especially interested in the arm64 stuff, so dragon I guess13:55
ysionneaurev 18 seems interesting13:55
ysionneausince rev 19 renamed package.yaml to snap.yaml13:56
ogra_ysionneau, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/dragonboard/13:56
ogra_thats a very hackish 15.04 image13:56
ogra_thogh 15.04 has issues that will likely not get fixed13:58
ogra_(on the dragonboard specifically)13:58
ogra_focus is on 16.04 only13:59
ysionneauhmmm ok13:59
ysionneaumaybe I should switch to 16.04 then13:59
ysionneauI'm wondering, now that I have that package.yaml13:59
ysionneauI still don't understand how to generate the oem.snap :p13:59
ogra_i'm waiting for a final kernel build and should have some test image ready later today13:59
ysionneausnapcraft is searching for snapcrafy.yaml13:59
ysionneauah good news!14:00
ogra_yeah, we dont use snapcraft for oem/gadget ... but "snappy build" directly14:00
ysionneauah great, it worked :)14:00
ysionneaunow I get "Signature verification failed" :'14:02
ysionneauwhile doing the ubuntu-device-flash14:02
ogra_you need to use --developer-mode14:02
ysionneaubtw, 16.04 is devel ? devel-proposed ?14:02
ogra_else it wont allow your own oem/gadget14:02
ogra_16.04 is rolling/edge14:02
ogra_(release is rolling, channel is edge)14:03
ysionneauogra_: did you ever tried to run your dragon snappy system on qemu?14:12
ogra_does qemu support arm64 yet ?14:12
ogra_(and does it emulate the dragon ?)14:12
ogra_no, i never tried14:12
ysionneauit does not emulate the dragon specifically14:12
ysionneauI cannot see any arm64 emulated boards14:12
ysionneaubut you can do something like -M virt -cpu cortex-a5314:13
ysionneauand such14:13
ogra_well, i doubt that works with the dragonboard specific kernel14:13
ysionneauhttp://www.bennee.com/~alex/blog/2014/05/09/running-linux-in-qemus-aarch64-system-emulation-mode/ < like this14:13
ysionneaubut you don't need to compile your own qemu14:13
ysionneauit worked on my debian testing with official debian qemu package14:14
ogra_with a dragonboard kernel ?14:14
ysionneauI don't even know how this guy generated his kernel (with which config)14:15
ogra_right, most likely just some generic arm64 thing14:15
ysionneauyeah I guess14:16
ysionneaumaybe I can just use the dragon snappy image, but use my generic aarch64 kernel14:18
ysionneauso that it can run in qemu14:18
ysionneauor I should just generate my own system image14:20
asachmm. i have a rolling all-snaps image from the 8th january ... do i need to reinstall to get back on latest rolling lane?14:21
asacmy image doesnt update14:21
* asac just goes and installs latest https://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/rpi2-all-snap.img.xz14:23
ogra_asac, yeah, i dont think they update yet14:23
asacguess they changed names :14:24
asacof snaps like ubuntu-core14:24
ogra_(and we have no auto-builds that would submit the snaps to the sotre yet .... all manual)14:24
asacwill see once its booted14:24
asacwell, thats fine. let me see what i find here on the 4th feb image i guess14:24
asacinteresting that bbb is 40M igger than pi2 image14:24
asacguess pi2 isnt a full blown kernel?14:24
ogra_it is14:25
ogra_but a smaller initrd14:25
asachmm. ok. different config?14:25
asacor how did this end up being different?14:25
asacanyhopw, i am on pi2 anyway so dont mind smaller footprint14:26
ogra_simply doesnt pull in as many modules14:26
ysionneauis there online documentation about the new "all-snaps" architecture?14:26
ogra_(and yeah, i guess there are less built ... effectively you mostly only want USB stuff that you can plug in)14:26
sergiusenskyrofa, elopio be there in 214:31
kyrofasergiusens, sounds good14:31
asacysionneau: i dont think there is... buut summary is that everything is now snaps. anything specific you want to know?14:34
asacdholbach: think good clinic topic would be to make overview of all-snaps when mvo is back14:35
kyrofajdstrand, is access to /proc/<pid>/statm a risk? (denied in 15.04)14:35
elopiofgimenez: my deploy got stuck stoping jenkins-master-service. Did you do one?14:35
ysionneaunothing specific, it's just that I'm very beginner with ubuntu snappy stuff14:35
ysionneauso I feel more confortable using something documented14:35
dholbachasac, yes - that's noted down and requested already14:35
ysionneauroot@imperium:/home/yann/dev/snappy# ls -l my-snappy.img14:35
ysionneauls: cannot access my-snappy.img: No such file or directory14:35
jdstrandkyrofa: looks fine to me14:35
asacdholbach: cool!14:35
* jdstrand adds it14:35
dholbachasac, niemeyer and mvo just seemed very busy lately - so I didn't get a date from them yet14:36
ysionneauhttp://pastebin.com/0u4f92Xc < any idea why this fails?14:36
asacdholbach: fine14:36
asacjust keep nagging... guess after sprint might be better time14:36
jdstrandkyrofa: what is requesting the access (trying to decide if in default or a cap)14:36
asacysionneau: you cannot use tarballs as device parts anymore... needs to be snap. check with ogra14:37
jdstrandoh, status is basically the same info14:38
jdstrandok, default profile14:38
elopioplars: http://pad.ubuntu.com/spi I started updating the stuff, with a little bit of problems.14:38
plarselopio: oh, I've done none of that yet on my side14:40
ogra_ysionneau, right, like asac says, all-snap means that everything is a snap .... rootfs, kernel, gadget (oem)14:40
ogra_ysionneau, the 15.04 setup still uses the phone based tarball system-image setup14:40
plarselopio: for authorization stuff, you'll need to contact ev's team I think14:41
elopioplars: yes, I'll be talking to them today.14:43
elopioplars: from your side, we need to be able to call the all-snaps udf.14:43
ogra_ysionneau, try using the oem snap from my image ...14:43
ysionneauogra_: ok thanks14:44
elopioplars: maybe if we include the binary name, not just "udf-params"14:44
ogra_oh, annd the dragonboard setup has a very specific partitioning for the bootloader ... that requires the very latest ubunu-device-flash from xenial14:44
ysionneau15:37 < asac> ysionneau: you cannot use tarballs as device parts anymore... needs to be snap. check with ogra < which means the documentation is wrong? :o14:44
ogra_ysionneau, the documentation refers to 15.0414:44
ysionneauyes, which is what I'm using right now14:44
ogra_it will be changed once all-snaps is the default14:44
asacysionneau: i would suggest to stick to 15.04 for now14:45
asacif you are new14:45
ogra_if you build for 15.04 you can indeed use tarballs14:45
asacbc there is lots of stuff landing as we speak on trunk14:45
asacso if you are not yet deep in this topic it will be rough at best :P14:45
ogra_but i dont think you will get a dragon image to work with 15.0414:45
ysionneauso since I'm targeting 15.04 in my pastebin, any idea why it does not work?14:45
ogra_there are various issues with that14:45
ogra_(as i said earlier)14:45
plarselopio: is there a cheat sheet for how to build all the all-snaps images using the all-snaps udf?14:46
ysionneauwhat you say about "dragon image" is also true for any arm64 image?14:46
ysionneauthe fact that it would not work for 15.0414:47
plarselopio: and can you confirm if I really need to be on xenial to build all-snaps images or not? I remember you mentioned that before, but I thought it was unconfirmed at the time14:47
ogra_generic arm64 might work or not14:47
ogra_the specific dragnboard setup will definitely not work though14:47
ogra_so you can try a aemu arm64 image based on a generic kernel ... but YMMV ... i dont thinnk anyone actually tested arm64 on 15.0414:48
ysionneauhmm hmm ok14:48
fgimenezelopio, nope, your's finished after all14:50
noizerHi how can I force delete an application. Because when I'm trying. it says read only permission or something14:50
jdstrandkyrofa: I'm going to upload this in a few minutes, but I don't know when the next image will be spun. I believe one is undergoing testing to pull in security updates, so the next one may not have this unless they respin (or you ask them to respin)14:59
kyrofajdstrand, woo! Excellent news, thank you :)15:00
asachmm. snappy search command doesnt exist right now on 16.04?15:00
* asac installs bluez5 out of the blue15:01
jdstrandasac: snap find foo15:01
jdstrandI don't know the reasoning behind that, but came across it15:01
elopiofgimenez: no, it's missing one slave.15:02
asacgood... i looked at snap command15:02
elopioI'll retry.15:02
asacbut missed that find thingy15:02
asacthanks jdstrand15:02
asacsnap find bluez5 yields nothing15:02
asacguess store is borked?15:02
asacsnap find bluez15:03
asacerror: no snaps found for "bluez"15:03
asacubuntu@localhost:~$ snap find bluez515:03
asacerror: no snaps found for "bluez5"15:03
asacubuntu@localhost:~$ snap find hello15:03
asacerror: no snaps found for "hello"15:03
asacok let me find a bt dongle ... /me hopes he can find those mini things15:03
ogra_asac, 90% of the store snaps cant run on 16.04 anyway ... until they are converted to squashfs15:05
ogra_might be that the store now finally filters them15:05
ogra_(snappy install falls over on the click legacy during install for most of them)15:06
asacok this is not looking good15:07
asaclet me order a new one15:07
ogra_no beer before 5 !15:07
asaci wish15:15
asacso what cool BLE device could i buy? guess just a dongle wont make it15:15
ogra_asac, http://www.amazon.de/Satechi%C2%AE-Bluetooth-Button-Kompatibel-Cortana/dp/B012OWC5NQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1455117712&sr=8-4&keywords=BLE+bluetooth15:22
ogra_or http://www.amazon.de/Satechi%C2%AE-Bluetooth-Button-Series-Samsung/dp/B00RM75NOW/ref=pd_cp_23_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0SA6C938R1PRR0S634S715:23
asaca bt button15:29
asacalways wanted that :015:29
asacok ordered :)15:29
jdstrandkyrofa: 15.04.12~ppa17 uploaded to the ppa15:30
kyrofajdstrand, awesome, thanks15:31
ogra_ppisati, FYI ... boots perfect with the new DT15:37
ogra_thanks a lot15:37
ppisatiogra_: yeaaaaaaahhh! :)15:38
ppisatiogra_: as soon as i have some time, i'll try to debug what was going on with the old dtb15:38
ogra_it is weird that we dont see it everywhere15:38
ppisatiyes it is15:38
jdstrandkyrofa: and ubuntu-core-security 16.04.15 uploaded to xenial16:04
kyrofaThanks jdstrand!16:05
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa reviewzzzz :-)16:12
kyrofaelopio, did you say the maven PR was good?16:13
elopiokyrofa: I did, yes. But sergiusens changed everything. I'm looking again.16:14
jdstrandzyga: dumb question-- I'd like to review the entire PR as it stands now (ie, with all of your changes) in github. how do I do that?16:27
jdstrandI feel like I found it yesterday, but I can't seem to today16:28
jdstrandoh, Files changed16:29
jdstrandzyga: nm16:29
elopioev: noise][: can you help me today with spi?16:29
zygajdstrand: hey16:30
zygajdstrand: :D16:30
zygajdstrand: ping me if there are tests missing16:30
zygajdstrand: I think you asked for one more but I'm not sure16:30
joc__elopio: hi, we're making some good progress on running the snappy tests from checkbox16:34
elopiojoc__: awesome!16:34
joc__elopio: last few failing tests are printing "Error: aa_change_onexec failed with -1. errmsg: Permission denied16:34
evelopio: hey, whatโ€™s up?16:35
joc__elopio: are they expecting to be run with sudo?16:35
jdstrandzyga: I think we are good (gave +1)16:35
jdstrandzyga: thanks!16:35
elopiojoc__: they should have permission to run sudo, but the scripts themselfs add the sudo command when required. That's more likely that you have an outdated allsnaps image.16:35
kyrofasergiusens, any idea why all-snaps doesn't have /etc/protocols?16:36
elopiojoc__: I was looking at this yesterday: http://bec-systems.com/site/942/running-a-reboot-cycle-test-shell-script-with-systemd16:36
elopiowe could use it to test reboots without adt-run. It would be a lot more complex than what we have now, though.16:36
elopioseems easier to do adt-run with the nil testbed, so it runs in the same host.16:37
joc__elopio: i wrote some stress-tests that do almost exactly that in checkbox16:37
elopioev: hey. I got two errors here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/spi16:37
elopioIn the current section.16:37
joc__elopio: they arent great though as you can't receonnect to them from a user session16:38
joc__elopio: but they allowed us to atleast set up warm boot / cold boot stress tests16:38
plarselopio: did you see my questions earlier about building images? in particular, for x86?16:38
ysionneauin ubuntu-device-flash , the --oem is supposed to be the path to the .snap ? or the path to the source of the oem package (the directory containing the meta directory)?16:39
sergiusenskyrofa, should I name it 2.1.2? I already have, but seem to regret it a bit16:39
plarselopio: also, how much concern do you have for testing older pre-allsnaps images across supported platforms? I'm tempted to just move everything to the new tool except for specific platforms that generally need the older image16:39
elopioplars: sorry, I didn't. zyga said he's writing a cheat sheet for all snaps, or that's what I understood.16:39
sergiusenskyrofa, no idea; but why should it be there for you?16:39
plarselopio: ack16:40
sergiusensneed to resolve a proto name?16:40
elopioplars: and it doesn't need to be xenial. What I said is that the new ubuntu-image will be xenial only.16:40
kyrofasergiusens, for getprotobyname and associated calls16:40
plarselopio: I found what to do for rpi2, and I can see from your pastebin how to do it for bbb, but I'm interested in db410c and x86 too16:40
sergiusenskyrofa, so I bet netbase is installed; ogra_ clues?16:40
kyrofasergiusens, regarding the version, wouldn't 2.2 be more correct since you have the --output feature?16:40
zygajdstrand: perfect, thank you :)16:40
elopioplars: for db ask ogra_. For x86, maybe he'll know too.16:41
sergiusenskyrofa, there16:41
noise][elopio: hey, missed your ping earlier, what can I help with?16:41
sergiusenskyrofa, netbase is not in the manifest http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily-preinstalled/current/16:41
sergiusenskyrofa, you can ask ogra to seed it I guess16:41
elopioplars: and if it makes things easier, just don't worry at all about 15.04 images. Our main focus is 16.04.16:41
kyrofasergiusens, thanks :) . ogra_ how would you feel about that?16:42
elopiohey noise][. Pasting the message again: I got two errors here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/spi16:42
elopioIn the current section.16:42
kyrofaogra_, it was in 15.04... was it removed for a reason?16:43
evelopio: authorisation is keyed on permissions to snaps now, rather than organisation keys: https://spi.canonical.com/assets/tutorial.html#creating-a-product16:43
evhttps://spi.canonical.com/assets/tutorial.html#testing explains how to set up that gold master test16:43
ogra_kyrofa, i didnt explicitly remove it ... weird ... yeah, we can add it bacjk16:45
ogra_kyrofa, btw, see my dragonboard mails ... image is up16:45
sergiusensogra_, maybe related to the 'one seed to rule them all' thread?16:45
kyrofaogra_, I saw that, thank you :)16:46
ogra_sergiusens, i dont think anything changed yet16:46
ogra_though i might be wrong, seems severakl teams now tinker with that, could be that slangasek already started with some changes that i missedf16:46
ogra_plars, i only heard this week that x86 will be a supported target, i'll work on it alongside with enabling the arm64 builds for the db16:48
noise][elopio: checking..16:48
kyrofaogra_, hmm... should we talk to some about adding it back, then? Or do you think it's safe?16:51
ogra_kyrofa, lets wait for slangasek, i dont want to mess up anything he is currently fiddling with ... apart from that, yeah, i think we should add it back16:52
kyrofaogra_, alright sounds good. Thank you!16:52
ogra_ /etc/services and /etc/protocols is definitely something we should have :)16:53
kyrofaTook me a while to trace my segfault back to that16:53
ysionneauhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15009577/ any idea? ( I'm using the bzr rev12 of snappy-systems for the oem package of beagleblack)16:54
didrocksDo you know where the webdm code is? I would have expected it to be on https://github.com/ubuntu-core16:59
ogra_didrocks, m,ost likely on launchpad17:01
ogra_didrocks, only snappy and snapcraft moved to github17:01
didrocksoh right, for some reasons, I thought https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/webdm/trunk was old17:01
dholbachdidrocks, https://code.launchpad.net/webdm17:01
didrocksyeah, thanks ogra_ & dholbach :)17:01
didrocksinteresting, it doesn't use snapcraft (yet ;))17:03
sergiusenselopio, pushed now, I had addCleanup which took care of os.environ afaik, but since you love fixtures, it is there now17:06
sergiusensdidrocks, because of multi arch17:06
sergiusensdidrocks, now that that is there it can migrate17:06
noise][elopio: i'm able to repro that error, digging now to see why17:06
elopiosergiusens: ah, I didn't see that and it was just one line above :) But yes, I prefer fixtures.17:07
elopiosergiusens: missed one: os.environ['SNAPCRAFT_SETUP_PROXIES'] = '1'17:07
elopiothat's twice actually.17:08
sergiusenselopio, oh, I didn't push :-p17:09
sergiusenswell, I didn't commit to be precise17:09
plarsnoise][: do we have to specify a primary snap to base the "product" around? What if we just want to test the base image by itself?17:11
elopioas I understood, that's just for authentication. So I used a dummy snap of mine.17:13
elopioI might be wrong, of course.17:13
noise][right, the primary snap is for authz17:13
elopiosergiusens: just the two os.environ['SNAPCRAFT_SETUP_PROXIES'] = '1', and then you are free to go.17:13
plarsnoise][: elopio: so to test the image, I have to create a dummy snap that I have no intention (or desire) of actually installing, and everything is dependent on updating that snap?17:14
elopioI wonder if useFixture works on a @classmethod. umm...17:14
sergiusenselopio, oh, right17:14
slangasekogra_: hi, I don't think I have context for these highlights17:15
elopioplars: no, it is dependent on the list of snaps you use. Which don't need to be yours.17:15
ogra_slangasek, snappy seeds ... did you cahnge anything for them yet ?17:15
plarselopio: but one of them does, right?17:16
slangasekogra_: no, what are you expecting to be changed?17:16
sergiusenselopio, is this needed at all http://paste.ubuntu.com/15009708/ ?17:16
sergiusenselopio, and will that work?17:16
ogra_slangasek, well, there was some discussion to base them on lxc seeds ort some such ...17:16
noise][plars: primary_snap needs to be owned or shared with you17:17
elopiosergiusens: to be safe, I would put it in the SetUp.17:17
slangasekogra_: I'm not sure I was part of any concrete discussion about this17:17
ogra_slangasek, natbase seems to be gone from snappy in 16.04, i was asked to put it back, i just wanted to make sure i'm not stepping on your toes here17:17
slangasekwe certainly shouldn't have lots of different parallel seed definitions, but I'm not driving anything here currently, no17:17
ogra_ok, good17:17
elopiosergiusens: and maybe it's not needed to clean it up, as all the examples tests will need the proxy. But I've gone mad a couple of times because of environment variables that I'm not sure where are set. That's why I started liking fixtures.17:18
sergiusenselopio, yeah, that's why I didn't worry about cleanup here17:18
sergiusenselopio, in anycase, pushed17:18
elopiosergiusens: thanks. Land whenever you want.17:19
sergiusenselopio, when testing finishes of course ;-)17:19
elopiofgimenez: the sync has been here for a long long time: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15009722/17:20
elopiois it normal?17:20
noise][elopio: aha!  s/rolling/rolling-core in your "release"17:20
elopionoise][: what? I didn't know rolling-core was a thing.17:21
elopioI'll update it.17:21
noise][elopio: I'm just going by what data is actually in the store/CPI17:21
noise][for those snaps you list it's rolling-core17:21
elopionoise][: thanks for digging it out.17:22
noise][y, sorry that error message isn't very good17:22
fgimenezelopio, i don't think so, that should be the final step, after all the files has been copied right?17:23
elopiofgimenez: I don't know. The jenkins page is down.17:24
elopioif I ctrl+c and sync again would I just break it all?17:25
fgimenezelopio, :) i think that it would be better to try to restart the docker service, it seems to be broken somehow, anyway compose will simplify this (that's my moto)17:30
elopiofgimenez: killing and retrying is my motto :p17:30
elopiorestarted. I can't even run docker ps.17:32
elopioI'll do it all over again.17:32
fgimenezelopio, wait, docker ps is working17:34
fgimenezelopio, np :)17:34
elopiofgimenez: yeah, too late.17:34
kyrofaogra_, just read the scrollback. netbase sounds okay to add back then, it seems?17:35
ogra_kyrofa, yeah, i'll update that tomorrow if thats sufficient17:36
kyrofaogra_, perfectly :)17:36
kyrofaogra_, thank you!17:36
fgimenezelopio, all the containers were there http://paste.ubuntu.com/15009811/ anyway we could replace restarting them with the service restart in the sync script if you find problems again17:36
kyrofaelopio, re: rolling vs. rolling-core, remember there's rolling-personal as well17:37
elopiolet's see how it goes now.17:38
elopiokyrofa: ahh17:38
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/31118:02
jdstrandJamesTait: hey-- not trying to create more work for you but I did a refactor branch and have one ACK, which would normally be enough for me to push. were you planning on looking at it more?18:04
jdstrandJamesTait: I'm not blocked18:04
* zyga thinks that https://github.com/zyga/devtools/ is now useful for snappy development in general18:43
elopioplars: ^ a temporary ubuntu-image.18:56
* sergiusens notes that zyga has become the ubuntu-image owner ;-)18:56
plarselopio: I know, I saw... I'd prefer just a cheatsheet of the cli args, but I have that now :)18:57
elopioit was a trap18:57
zygaplars: the cli will probably change19:00
zyga(over time)19:00
sergiusenselopio, great https://launchpadlibrarian.net/237772709/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.snapcraft_2.2_BUILDING.txt.gz19:46
sergiusenselopio, I need to 'unset' the no_proxy var as well :-/19:46
elopiosergiusens: I think that if you pass None to the fixture it will remove it.19:47
sergiusenselopio, too bad I merged the changelog...19:47
sergiusenselopio, should I create 2.2.1 or should I create a PR that fixes this and still considers it 2.2?19:47
* kyrofa wouldn't look if sergiusens rebased the changelog19:48
sergiusenskyrofa, nah, not for this19:48
elopiosergiusens: you can modify the master commit, right? Just reset one change.19:48
* sergiusens ponders splitting up the packaging branch19:48
kyrofaYeah I say fix it for 2.2 the move the changelog commit19:49
elopiosergiusens: I thought you were waiting for my +1 to merge that :D19:49
elopioalso I wonder why travis doesn't fail.19:49
sergiusenselopio, because it doesn't set a no_proxy ;-)19:49
sergiusenselopio, I didn't know I was waiting for your +1 fwiw19:50
plarsnoise][: I logged in, generated the config.ini, but I get 401 when I try a similar product creation to what leo did: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15010644/19:50
elopiokyrofa: sergiusens: I reported three bugs for the failing examples. These are not related to our release, so I was about to +1 the changelog.19:50
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa quick hangout; irc feels like broken telephone19:50
noise][plars: and you own that primary snap?19:51
plarsnoise][: the user I'm trying to login as does, yes... but maybe that's the problem if it's really checking. It probably isn't published yet19:51
plarsnoise][: I need to wait for approval I guess?19:52
noise][plars: yeah, has to exist in CPI, thus be published19:52
kyrofasergiusens, I can't at the moment, but if you guys go ahead I'm happy with whatever you decide19:52
noise][plars: "./scripts/api_example.py config.ini https://spi.canonical.com/products" will spit out the list of "packages" that you have access to19:55
plarsnoise][: I can't see that until I register the product as above though, right?19:55
plarsright now, it's an empty set, because I wasn't authorized to register the product yet, since the snap is not yet published19:56
noise][plars: i think that should give you the list of all published packages you own or have shared access to19:58
noise][regardless of having created a product yet19:58
plarsnoise][: ah, ok19:59
noise][the endpoint returns a dict w/2 top fields: packages, products19:59
plarsnoise][: I would have assumed it's only the set of products I've created19:59
plarsI see19:59
noise][yeah, the packages part if just a bonus :)19:59
sergiusenselopio, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/31220:11
elopiosergiusens: +1. Now another for the changelog?20:14
elopioI'm hungry! :D20:14
sergiusenselopio, oh, we don't need one is what I thought20:14
elopiosergiusens: ah, right, no problem.20:15
elopiomerged. Ping me on telegram if you need me.20:15
sergiusenselopio, built fine https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/snapcraft-daily/+packages?field.name_filter=snapcraft&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=xenial20:15
sergiusensnow let's hope that adt works for at least amd6420:16
sergiusenskyrofa, feel free to edit for clarity https://launchpad.net/snapcraft/+milestone/2.2 (the Release Notes that is)20:29
sergiusensdon't change bug status yet20:29
sergiusensas we haven't migrated from proposed still20:29
sergiusensjdstrand, hey, at your leisure, can you look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1544249 ?21:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1544249 in Snapcraft "mosquitto example fails to start" [Undecided,New]21:00
jcastroIf I wanted to track development with a spare machine I just dd mvo's all-snap image onto a disk right?21:02
sergiusensjcastro, yes21:08
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sergiusenselopio, new set of errors FAILED (failures=1, errors=14, skipped=2)22:25
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JamesTaitjdstrand, thanks for doing that, I'd missed the new branches.  Taking a look now.23:00
sergiusenselopio, I'm giving adt some more importance, so I might fix these tonight https://launchpad.net/snapcraft/+milestone/2.2.123:21
JamesTaitjdstrand, first branch +1'd.23:24
jdstrandJamesTait: thanks!23:24
jdstrandJamesTait: fyi, about to head out, but the 3rd branch while 'work in progress' is only missing the 5 TODO tests at the bottom of sr_lint.py23:25
JamesTaitjdstrand, *so* much cleaner, thanks for breaking it up, and apologies for the extra work.23:25
jdstrandJamesTait: glad it helped. the exercise actually helped me spot a few things23:25
jdstrandI'm working on those 5 tests now, but won't be done with those and tests before eod23:26
JamesTaitjdstrand, now I don't feel so bad. ๐Ÿ˜‰23:26
jdstrandbut there is a lot to review in that branch if you want to get a head start23:27
JamesTaitjdstrand, that's fine, I can take a look in the meantime and finish the review when you're done.23:27
JamesTaitIt's not blocking me, and I'm out Friday and Monday.23:28
jdstrandme too :)23:28
JamesTaitYay for long weekends! D23:29
JamesTaitGah, I hate this keyboard. :-/23:30

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