Kiloshellooo africa05:49
CraigZimmore meneer06:03
Kiloshi there CraigZim ive been busy lately so been afk most of the time06:04
Kiloscan you keep things going here till i get a break please06:04
CraigZimnp Kilos06:04
=== Egy_Paradox is now known as EgyParadox
Kilosyessir elacheche17:46
Kiloshi acetakwas and other llurkers17:47
elachecheSay hi to EgyParadox a ubuntu member from #ubuntu-eg :) He was no around for months and now he's back :)17:47
Kiloshi EgyParadox17:47
EgyParadoxHello Kilos17:47
Kiloswb EgyParadox17:47
EgyParadoxThanks Kilos17:47
elachecheEgyParadox, Kilos is the founder of this initiative :)17:47
elachecheI should go home.. Kilos tell him about the project :)17:48
EgyParadoxGreat initiative17:48
Kilosgood to have you join us EgyParadox17:48
Kilosthe more we are the more we can grow17:48
EgyParadoxI will join now on launchpad17:49
Kiloscool and join the mailing list as well please17:50
Kilosi think we have someone else here from egypt as well17:50
Kilosoh elacheche bartoc  hasnt complained yet hehe17:51
Kilosoh dont you know why we have this going17:54
Kilosit all started at a ubuntu-za monthly meeting, someone said it would be nice if we could connect with all ubuntu and linux users in africa17:57
Kilosand the project grew from there17:57
Na3iLwelcome EgyParadox glad to see someone from Egypt here :D17:59
Kilosha Na3iL you padawan guy too18:00
Kilosyou have too much energy18:00
EgyParadoxNice to meet you Na3iL18:00
Na3iLHiya Kilos yep I am from the masters there :P18:00
Kilosi saw18:00
Na3iLEgyParadox, thank you, nice to meet you too, I am from Tunisia :D18:01
KilosEgyParadox do you know TheLinuxer1 from the egypt loco?18:06
EgyParadoxYes I do know him18:06
Kiloshe was the only other contact i found there18:06
EgyParadoxHe was our team leader18:07
Kilosoh was18:07
EgyParadoxthen there was an Ubuntu Egypt Council18:07
EgyParadoxhe is part of it18:07
EgyParadoxI used to be part of it18:07
EgyParadoxUbuntu Egypt used to be lead by a person then a council18:08
Kilosoh my18:09
Kilosin south africa we just all jump in18:09
EgyParadoxI see18:09
Kilosno actual nominated leader18:10
EgyParadoxI see18:10
Kilossleep tight africa19:02

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