uis there a way to report a bug by email ?17:39
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uInTheShelli'm running Debian, and need to file a bug against ubuntu-archive17:39
uInTheShellbut.. seriously, I don't want to fire up a Ubuntu VM for this.17:40
uInTheShelldocumentation states nothing.17:40
uInTheShellactually, more specifically, if any of you have more precise instructions on how to request sync-blacklisting a package from Debian (which I maintain there), please shoot.17:41
uInTheShellI did not find anything17:41
uInTheShellgreat. fired up a vm. `ubuntu-bug sync-blacklist` and `ubuntu-bug ubuntu-archive` tell me that i cant report a bug to a package that cannot be installed.17:55
tewarduInTheShell: i can help you file the bug, what package do you need a sync blacklist for, and what's the reasoning?17:57
tewarddoes the package also need removed here in Ubuntu's release?17:57
tewards/release/devel release/17:57
uInTheShellteward: great thanks!17:59
uInTheShellthat's a package i maintain17:59
uInTheShellin Debian17:59
jtayloryou can also just use launchpad17:59
uInTheShelland it changes way too much for now to be in any stable distribution.17:59
uInTheShelljtaylor: i tried to do that18:00
uInTheShelljtaylor: but, i can't see where i report a bug there :)18:00
tewarduInTheShell: it's "report a bug" at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tails-installer18:00
tewardalternatively: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tails-installer/+filebug may help18:00
jtayloruInTheShell: launchpad.net/ubuntu there is a report bug unter "Get Involved"18:00
tewardbut if not, I can stab it18:00
uInTheShellyes, but there is " tails-installer in Debian does not use Launchpad for bug tracking. "18:01
tewarduInTheShell: you're under /debian/18:01
tewardcompare your links again18:01
tewardyour link vs. my link18:01
uInTheShelloh i see18:01
tewarduInTheShell: /ubuntu/+source/...18:01
tewardi'm already started on the bug, you can comment in later.  :P18:01
tewardor you can file the bug18:01
tewardand i can go poke nginx with Debian to try and prep for the dynamic modules move >.<18:01
uInTheShellmaybe it should be me because i am the maintainer of that thing18:02
tewardworks for me18:02
* teward nukes the current tab in Chrome, and goes back to his terminal18:02
uInTheShellbut.. how will the ubuntu-archive maintainers be aware of this?18:02
tewarduInTheShell: we'll subscribe them18:02
uInTheShelli thought i should report this bug against sync-blacklist?18:02
uInTheShellsorry for these stupid questions..18:03
tewardnot a problem :)18:03
uInTheShellteward: cool, I did it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tails-installer/+bug/154420718:08
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1544207 in tails-installer (Ubuntu) "Please remove/sync-blacklist tails-installer from Ubuntu archive" [Undecided,New]18:08
uInTheShelli suppose that i/we need to add ubuntu-archive@lists.ubuntu.org to the subscribers?18:09
tewardrefresh your page18:09
uInTheShellthanks a lot.18:10
uInTheShelli feel way lighter now.18:11
tewardthey're not fast at replying though ;P18:11
tewardbusy busy after all18:11
uInTheShellyes i can imagine.18:11
uInTheShellso i shall be patient then.18:12
uInTheShellthanks again!18:12
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