mhall119wxl: yeah, we considered pointing directly to each flavor's downloads page, but we were worried that doing so wouldn't give adequate explanation of *what* they were downloading, so we opted for the homepage to start with00:41
wxlmhall119: there's some logic to that, thus i didn't file a bug :)00:42
dholbachgood morning08:08
pleia2morning, dholbach08:09
pleia2look what jcastro and IS helped me with \o/ http://opensourceinfra.org/ (adding the Ubuntu bits)08:10
dholbachhey pleia208:12
dholbachvery nice :)08:13
davidcalleMorning ☀️08:41
pleia2svij: thanks :)08:46
svijpleia2: np ;D08:46
knomepleia2, <p></p>The following is a list of open source infrastructures that we're familiar with:</p>11:53
knomepleia2, oh noes, invalid markup!11:53
knomepleia2, <p></p>A: Yes.</p> too!11:53
knomei'll send a pull request.11:55
knomepleia2, done.12:01
MooDooyou mean it can't hangle the extra </p> ;)12:05
knomebrowsers can, but it's not good form to do that12:08
MooDooi know i was teasing :)12:11
knomeof course12:46
knomei love how people go awkward when their teases/bad jokes are replied to with straight face12:47
jcastroanyone know where the next UOS is?13:12
belkinsaMay 5 to 9, I think.13:12
jcastrooh cool, it's on summit already nm lol13:13
jcastrothanks anyway13:13
jcastro3-5 may13:13
belkinsaNot a problem.13:13
=== jcastro changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Next UOS 3-5 May || http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1605/
knomejcastro, pay attention jorge :P13:20
popeyyeah, keep up at the back!13:20
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow! :-)17:12
davidcalleballoons: great infographic!21:21
balloonsdavidcalle, you like it? I'm so happy! I'm really terrible at such things21:25
popeyballoons: oh, _you_ made that?21:25
balloonscrazy to believe eh?21:25
popeyI thought it was magically generated by google, so that's a compliment21:25
popeyI know, right!?21:26
balloonsand davidcalle, I was inspired by you.. You spiced up my content, it seems lame to just send text now ;-)21:33
davidcalleballoons: hey thanks! Next time I'll raise the bar and do an interpretative dance about Juju21:34
davidcalleballoons: how is Lorelai?21:37
balloonswe just got back from the docs.. shots ;p21:37
balloonsso, heh, she's a little sore atm, but otherwise a happy and healthy little baby21:38
balloonsshe's starting to show some personality now21:38

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