pittiGood morning06:41
didrocksgood morning!06:55
pittibonjour didrocks !06:57
didrockshey pitti06:58
larsugood morning!07:44
pittihey larsu!07:46
larsumorgen pitti!07:46
didrockshey larsu!08:01
larsubonjour didrocks!08:01
desrthappy 9am CEST, everyone!08:06
* desrt parties08:06
larsumorning desrt08:06
desrthello larsu!08:07
desrtand everyone else at the party :)08:07
* desrt would also like to give a special mention to the coffee machine, for being so lovely08:08
didrocksgood morning desrt08:14
seb128good morning desktopers08:29
seb128hey larsu pitti didrocks desrt08:30
pittibonjour seb12808:30
didrockssalut seb128, ça va ?08:34
seb128didrocks, ouais, et toi ?08:34
seb128zzarr, hey08:34
zzarrI get an error trying to connect to WiFi networks from lightdm, "(32) Incufficient privileges"08:35
zzarrseb128, :-)08:35
zzarrI installed the system with the help of debootstrap so I suspect I'm missing some settings08:36
seb128zzarr, try #ubuntu for user questions08:36
* duflu just learned what he should already know08:36
seb128hey duflu08:37
dufluseb128: Morning08:37
zzarrseb128, duflu sent me here ;-)08:37
seb128zzarr, but that's normal afaik, the greeter has limited privileges to avoid having non auth users to be able to do too much on the system08:37
zzarrno problem, I'll ask in #ubuntu instead08:37
dufluOh, so the system needs to learn about the network first inside a login08:38
didrocksseb128: ça va :)08:38
seb128zzarr, duflu, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-greeter-team/unity-greeter/trunk/view/head:/debian/unity-greeter.pkla08:38
dufluYep, as designed08:39
zzarrI'll have a look, thanks08:39
zzarrseb128, is that ini file found on the system anywhere?08:42
seb128zzarr, dpkg -S <filename>08:42
seb128usually replies to that question08:42
seb128unity-greeter: /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/unity-greeter.pkla08:42
zzarrseb128, okey, nice to know08:42
zzarrI'll have a look what it says on my system08:43
zzarrseb128, it looks the same to me08:47
seb128zzarr, why would it be different?08:48
zzarrseb128, I don't know, but I checked in case08:48
zzarrseb128, is there a command to connect to WiFi from console?08:56
seb128zzarr, nmcli08:57
seb128zzarr, http://askubuntu.com/questions/377687/how-do-i-connect-to-a-wifi-network-using-nmcli08:57
zzarrthanks seb12808:58
Laneyhey hey09:01
willcookemorning Laney09:02
seb128hey u.k people09:02
seb128how is your island today?09:02
willcookewhat up seb12809:02
Laneyhey willcooke seb12809:02
willcookeactually not too bad09:02
Laneyit's sunny09:02
seb128we have sun here this morning!09:02
Laneylooks good!09:02
* seb128 ^5 Laney09:02
flocculantLaney has now broken that and the rain will be back later09:02
Laneyoh noes09:03
zzarrseb128, the step where it says "To list WiFi networks" don't work09:04
zzarrit complaints that there is no list option09:04
seb128I think nmcli changed syntax09:04
seb128zzarr, try nmcli d wifi09:05
Laneynmcli dev wifi list ifname wlan009:05
zzarrseb128, okey, I'll do09:05
seb128or what Laney says09:06
seb128dunno the difference09:06
Laneydon't you just love nmcli's interface?!?!?!09:06
zzarrthanks seb128 that worked09:06
didrocksgood morning Laney, willcooke09:06
Laneyhey didrocks!09:06
willcookehey didrocks!  How's your market?09:07
didrockswillcooke: busy market place! but good, thanks! :)09:07
willcookedidrocks, I see that a community guy might pick up Fritzing \o/09:07
didrockswillcooke: it's the one with commit rights :)09:08
willcookedidrocks, that guy rocks!09:08
willcookeseb128, X tests:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/15002882/ <-- no failures on Xorg though. :/09:08
didrocksyeah, he really does :)09:08
seb128Laney, can you help me with that maybe? is there anything keeping appstream in main? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.html lists it as "binary to demote", I'm wondering why it's not "source & binary"09:08
willcooketjaalton, https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=813610  <--- fixed!  Thank you!09:12
ubot5`Debian bug 813610 in xf86-video-omap "Please update to 0.4.4" [Wishlist,Fixed]09:12
Laneyseb128: the source is in universe already09:13
Laneydon't ask me!09:13
seb128lol, ok09:13
* seb128 demotes the binary09:13
tjaaltonwillcooke: yeah, seems it got synced too09:13
* Laney has not the power09:13
seb128so gcab can build09:13
seb128can unblock gnome-software in universe09:13
seb128until we get the MIR resolved09:13
willcooketjaalton, can I mark that bug as fixed release?>09:16
willcooke(the Ubuntu one)09:16
seb128urg, no, appstream-glib can't be demoted so it's not going to fix it09:16
seb128need the security team to do that review then09:16
tjaaltonwillcooke: I just did09:17
willcooketjaalton, \m/09:17
seb128tjaalton, did the drivers situation get resolved yesterday?09:17
tjaaltonseb128: yes, -amdgpu is in main now09:17
tjaaltonso the images should be fine?09:17
seb128indeed they are09:18
seb128well the manifest is at least09:18
seb128I didn't try to boot one yet09:18
tjaaltonso the xserver testing is going well, and a point-release happened yesterday. I'm thinking of moving them to main repo next monday before FF09:18
seb128TheMuso, hey, I guess you saw the pulseaudio build failure?09:24
seb128TheMuso, they renamed pa_strlist_tostring to pa_strlist_to_string and 0600-droid-sync-with-upstream-for-Android-5-support-and-b.patch needs to have those changed09:33
seb128Sweet5hark, hey09:38
Sweet5harkseb128: moin!09:39
seb128Sweet5hark, the libreoffice autopkgtests seem grumpy with the update09:39
seb128/tmp/adt-run.GLsJeZ/build.1te/libreoffice-5.1.0~rc3/solenv/gbuild/Package.mk:81: *** Something depends on package instsetoo_native_setup which does not exist..  Stop.09:39
seb128Sweet5hark, ^ does it speak to you?09:39
seb128andyrock, hey!09:39
Sweet5harkseb128: hmmm, it tells me something in the libreoffice build system is fubared (or rather, the abuse we do with it to run the tests standalone).09:41
Sweet5harkseb128: FWIW, it does not suggest that libreoffice itself is broken (yet).09:42
seb128still it makes britney frown at it09:43
Sweet5harkseb128: for more, I'd need to get a local autopkgtest setup to see what is odd there.09:43
Sweet5harkseb128: yeah, will look into it.09:43
seb128well, one way or another we need to unblock it09:43
* Sweet5hark mumbles something about "tests are for quicheeaters" and real programmers use pascal (http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/real.programmers.html)09:45
desrt"One can tell immediately by this comment that Nicklaus Wirth is a Quiche Eater."09:49
* seb128 shakes fist at firefox, it crashed, used 100% cpu and now my awesome bar is less awesome/lost some history09:53
seb128I guess something in the profile got corrupted/deleted09:53
seb128it's annoying!09:53
desrtseb128: firefox has some very serious issues when the history db gets too big09:53
desrti periodically sacrifice my history in order to avoid losing more important stuff like saved passwords :p09:54
seb128that is suboptimal :-/09:56
Laneyoh em gee10:06
Laneywe had a power cut10:06
LaneyI can now hear a symphony of burglar alarms10:07
Laneyall across the land10:07
willcookeI've never understood the logic in that10:07
willcookepresumably something like... now the burglars have reconnected the power I shall alert my owners to this probably break in10:08
willcookeor.. Ah, I am freshly switched on... let me sing you the song of my people10:08
Laneynah it was sounding when the power was off too10:09
Laneynow I get to find all the shit that doesn't come up properly when power gets restored10:09
* Laney stares at you, NFS mount on rpi10:09
willcookestarting the things in the right order is always a pain10:10
Laneysystemd kindly blocked my boot waiting for it10:10
Laneynow... I was actually staring at some code before this rude interruption...10:11
* Laney looks for that video of Homer playing with the squirrels10:11
seb128need some UPS!10:12
willcookeLaney, https://frinkiac.com/ is your friend10:12
Laneythis one will do10:13
Laneyappstream segfaults... birds... appstream segfaults... cup of tea...10:14
Laneyok I'm back in the zone10:14
LaneyWTF no I'm not10:16
* Laney had never put pi's external hard drive in fstab10:16
pittiseb128: ftr, chromium-browser has failed on armhf for a long time, little sense in retrying10:20
seb128pitti, can we skip it?10:21
pittiseb128: we have a force-badtest for it10:21
pittipitti:force-badtest chromium-browser/48.0.2564.82-0ubuntu1.122210:21
pittiseb128: see excuses.html "Should wait for chromium-browser 48.0.2564.82-0ubuntu1.1222 test, but forced by pitti "10:21
seb128right, I overlooked that one10:22
seb128do you get notified of every retry? ;-)10:22
pittione of these days I need to fix britney to show the overrides right after/on the affected result10:22
pittiseb128: no, I just look at http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.shtml#queue-xenial-armhf to see how far we are10:22
seb128I see10:23
seb128sorry for adding useless backlog10:23
pittiseb128: perl  and Qt in the silo combined have kept the armhf runners busy since Monday evening..10:23
pittino worries10:23
pittiseb128: the armhf machines need quite a lot of handholding, so I'm looking at running regularly10:23
dokoseb128, Laney: all sphinx* related packages updated, and fixed simon.11:05
dokoexcept for unity-voice11:05
dokonow, there is a problem: the vcs reads for 2014-06: Remove old energy-based VAD11:05
dokoand unity-voice apparently relies on that :-/11:06
Laneydoko: perhaps this is a thing that is not maintained11:12
Laneyor needed11:12
dokohow to find out?11:12
Laneyit seems to not be on touch images11:12
Laneymaybe ask sil210011:12
dokosil2100, ^^^ you touched this last11:12
sil2100Hey, what's up?11:13
dokoread backlog11:13
sil2100hm, ok, I suspect this package is no longer used, but let me double-confirm that11:15
dokoreverse-depends doesn't show anything for it11:19
sil2100doko: yeah, confirmed it's not used or really maintained11:22
LaneyFLUSH IT11:22
dokosil2100, please could you address this at some meeting that those packages are removed? these issues cost people's time :-(11:23
dokosil2100, please file a bug report and assign it to ubuntu-archive11:23
sil2100doko: on it o/ I actually wonder why we didn't drop it when we dropped it from our touch images11:23
sil2100Thought they had some other uses for it11:24
dokosil2100, bug report?12:06
sil2100doko: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-voice/+bug/154402512:22
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1544025 in unity-voice (Ubuntu) "Please remove unity-voice from the archive" [Undecided,New]12:22
dokosil2100, removed12:25
sil2100doko: thanks o/12:25
seb128doko, Laney, check with ted or pete-woods maybe? I think unity-voice was going to be used for the hud (I think it's still on futur roadmaps, just not a priority atm)12:34
Laneyyeah, when that time comes it can be fixed & reuploaded12:35
Laneyalready talked to pete on some other channel12:35
seb128I'm not going to complain about being agressive for removals12:36
seb128usually it's the other way around, I would delete half of the universe craps but people keep saying that those might have some users and we should better fix things than remove them :p12:37
dokoseb128, Sweet5hark: are you going to work on the hsqldb dep-wait?12:43
* doko ducks12:44
seb128doko, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hsqldb/2.3.3+dfsg2-1 no dep-wait?12:44
dokoyes, because it's still in universe12:45
seb128I can fix that12:45
dokosure, and please all resulting component mismatches12:45
seb128thanks for pointing it out12:45
dokoI assume these are the same for the two versions12:46
* Sweet5hark sticks pins in his libreoffice-base voodoo doll.12:52
Sweet5harkdoko: thanks for the notification.12:53
willcookegrrrrr. the big orange thing in the sky is too bright and now I'm having to close the blinds13:05
ogra_send it over here, you can have our rain13:05
* willcooke goes to look for an envelope 13:05
pittiogra_: dry and half-sunny here :)13:06
ogra_lucky you in the south13:06
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Sweet5harktoggling proposed in software updater toggles binaries, but not deb-src ...14:43
seb128Sweet5hark, did that use to work? unsure what's the logic but I would expect it to enable deb-src if you have those enabled for the main pocket15:36
Sweet5harkseb128: dunno, if it used to work. I just enabled proposed via GUI, then installed the libreoffice bins and was confused for a sec when I got libreoffice 5.0.x with apt-get source16:09
dobeySweet5hark: pull-lp-source is your friend, btw16:28
Sweet5harkseb128: hacked the autopkgtest into submission, I think. needed some 3-line change in the bowels of the libreoffice build system16:30
seb128Sweet5hark, cool16:32
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davmor2whose the best person to talk to about secureboot and it's behaviour in 16.04, more specifically how to re-enable it after the installer disabled it?18:01
willcookedavmor2, humm, I would guess foundations18:02
davmor2willcooke: thanks18:03
willcookealrighty, g'night all18:03
Sweet5harkseb128: libreoffice_5.1.0~rc3-0ubuntu2 currently uploading to http://people.canonical.com/~bjoern/xenial/5.1.0/ and should fix the autopkgtests. no upload of libreoffice-l10n needed though. should be finished in a few minutes -- suggesting upload tomorrow though (as per "no late evening or friday uploads if possible" guideline for libreoffice)18:15
* Sweet5hark is of for the day.18:16
TheMusoseb128: Yeah, I'm on it.21:00
TheMusoGah I always do that...21:00
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robert_ancellattente, I pushed some coding style changes to the Ubuntu login dialog code22:00
flocculantrobert_ancell: I've been playing with the gnome-software ppa in xubuntu - sort of, just got back to looking again - completely updated it, currently it want's (and obviously does) remove system-config-printer for me - should I report that? is that something you'd want to see reported22:22
robert_ancellflocculant, yeah, please report that22:23
flocculantrobert_ancell: given it's a ppa and it won't let me ubuntu-bug - anything you want me to attach to the manual report?22:26
robert_ancellflocculant, just note in the report it's from the PPA22:26
flocculantbug 154432522:30
ubot5`bug 1544325 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "Installing gnome-software removes system-config-printer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154432522:30
flocculantI know someone else in our team was looking I'll try and get them to confirm that22:30
flocculantI know timezone issue here - so if I can do anything - leave a ping in here perhaps and I'll see it when I get back22:33
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robert_ancellflocculant, thanks22:35
flocculantrobert_ancell: might actually be an issue with an old vm install and the ppa and updating/grading - someone else looked and can't confirm it - redoing mine22:50
attenterobert_ancell: can we squash those commits together to make a clean patch?22:51
robert_ancellattente, I have a local branch with everything squashed together22:51
robert_ancellattente, I've never worked out the appropriate way to do this with git - do we start a new branch with a clean commit?22:52
=== Guest3706 is now known as pitti
attenterobert_ancell: i've only ever done it on private/in-progress branches too22:53
attentei guess it gets hard if we start to force-push to a common remote22:53
attentemaybe it's best if you maintain the clean branch after all22:54
robert_ancellattente, yeah, the force push just doesn't seem to scale beyond one developer.22:54
robert_ancellattente, So I'm putting the patches from my rebased branch onto bugzilla - you can always pick up one of those and modify it if you need it22:55
robert_ancellattente, and of course it's not impossible to generate the rebased branch yourself, though there are likely many conflicts in the process22:55
attenteyeah, you're right. probably best if you maintain the clean patchset22:57
attentebut if you push it to the remote, i could work off of that instead22:58
attentebecause it must be confusing keeping track of changes between the wip branch and the bugzilla patches22:59
robert_ancellattente, it's not hard - I just do a git diff to see what needs pulling in and then git cherry-pick them followed by a rebase23:00
robert_ancellattente, the issue pushing to the remote is then we have to force push and it gets messy/dangerous23:01
attenterobert_ancell: i think it's ok as long as you're the only one doing it. but yeah, if you're ok with cherry picking changes from the other branch, that's sounds ok too23:01
flocculantrobert_ancell: I was trying to unconfirm that bug - now I've got add-apt-repository crashing on me - so I'll leave it for tomorrow - but it appears that a clean install today installs -gnome23:21
flocculantI'll look as soon as I can on that23:21
flocculantbug 1544346 just in case that's important23:26
ubot5`bug 1544346 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "add-apt-repository crashed with ssl.SSLError in create_default_context(): unknown error (_ssl.c:3046)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154434623:26

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