elachecheYooo!! Guest70406 !! Wassup dude! We missed you :)17:09
Guest70406Thanks man17:16
Guest70406Ive missed you all too17:16
Guest70406That is like me and you only?17:16
=== Guest70406 is now known as Egy_Paradox
elachechehhhh :D And Na3il :)17:19
elachecheI should go home in minutes..17:19
elachecheyou read the mail about the MegaCommunity17:19
elachecheEgy_Paradox, it's #ubuntu-africa17:22
elachecheWe are trying to connect all africa together.. We are almost there.. #ubuntu-eg still missing :) You should join :)17:22
elachecheJoin the channel #ubuntu-africa and let me intorduce you to the guys there before I go home :)17:23
Egy_ParadoxYes I did read the email17:45
=== Egy_Paradox is now known as EgyParadox
elachecheEgyParadox, #linuxac needs you as well :D17:51
Na3iLHey elacheche17:57

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