c_smithquestion: has gnome-software landed in 16,04 of this flavor? I know it's not in mainline 16.04 (outside of a ppa last time I checked)00:58
vermithiusHi, I need help installing ubuntu gnome on my desktop computer. I start the install and it pops up with a window saying Ubuntu has encountered an unrecoverable error; the whole error seems to be due to a graphics driver problem. I'm using an Nvidia GTX 660.07:30
lindolhi all09:14
jrseligaAnyone use XDMCP on 15.10?16:24
craysiiidoes umake not have an update command?20:12
new123can gnome 3.18 run on ubuntu?22:14
new123does it run well?22:14
new123any plans to remove titlebar from firefox? This option available on Win/OS X would be perfect on Gnome too..23:05

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