=== balloons changed the topic of #ubuntu-google to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Google Events Coordination channel! || Now prepping: Google Summer of Code || http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/google-summer-of-code || Organisation Admins:- Nicholas Skaggs (balloons) [USA] & Alan Pope (popey) [UK] & José Antonio Rey (jose) [Peru]
balloonsand now for something slightly different!21:02
wxlheeeey balloons. kmnowing that i don't have a ton of time but enough to help out with gci, is there something i can do for gsoc?21:39
wxlballoons: also when do i get *MY* gci t-shirt? XD21:39
balloons*soon*. I believe they started prep for shipping this week21:40
balloonswxl, for gsoc, check out details on the community site. We need mentors!21:41
wxlballoons: is it a thing like i can depend on the rest of the community to fill in the gaps as with gci?21:42
balloonswxl, yes. I'd recommend having a backup for your idea / project21:43
balloonsbut it will be longer, so not as time critical like GCI21:43
wxlballoons: ok, cool. i'll see what i can come up with. sorry for not reading the email fully but is there a deadline?21:43
wxl(for idea/project/becoming a mentor)21:43
balloonswxl, next week.. 9 days from now21:43
wxlok, i'll see what i can do21:43

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