xnoxcjwatson, cyphermox: i'm now starting to firmly believe we should be default to dasd partition table format.13:31
xnoxvirtio can handle anything, but not if it's backed by a dasd drive, or if dasd drive is the thing one is installing onto.13:31
xnoxgpt seems like out of the question, and msdos "works" magically.13:31
cyphermoxI thought you had seen that msdos didn't work due to the numbering?14:10
xnoxcyphermox, well, msdos doesn't work no. manual partitioning switches to dasd14:37
xnoxor soemthing else for virtio14:37
xnoxhm, let's see.14:37
xnoxcyphermox, so.... for dasd drives, i should use dasd partitioning table, for virtio-blk devices i should use gpt probably.14:40
xnoxso it's like block device dependant.14:41
xnoxnot sure about dasd drives that are exported via virtio-blk interface.14:41
Laneyplease review my webkit2 branch18:05
* Laney wants to start uploading this stuff soon-ish18:05
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