blippeeasymp3gain-* references mp3gain (which aint in the archives). Is this a bug? (The situation is the same in debian).07:54
blippei think mp3gain disappeared from debian when nobody wanted to maintain the package any longer. If I wanted to step up, would it be better to do so for debian or directly to ubuntu?07:56
dholbachgood morning08:09
blippethere is something special about putting part of your password in an irc channel and then scurrying arround changing your password on laptops.08:12
blippegreat, according to dconf, lock-enabled and lock-delay are set to enabled and 0, and well, you saw it didn't work. :P08:44
simosxOur gr.archive.ubuntu.com mirror has stopped serving over HTTP and only works with FTP. When shall we make this change?21:15
Picisimosx: you may want to mention that in #ubuntu-mirrors21:16
simosxPici, thanks!21:17
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