balloonsAny editors about who might be willing to write a summary of GCI and GSOC? I have the content, but we could use a more general annoucement post on the fridge21:24
pleia2we can post things to fridge, but typically we take announcements that other people write (unfortunately I can't make time this week to write anything original)21:26
pleia2so you might want to ask someone in #ubuntu-community-team to write the announcement that we can post21:27
balloonspleia2, I can do a generic annouce too if that would help :-)21:27
pleia2whatever you give us will be what goes on the fridge+in newsletter, so it's up to you :)21:28
balloonsjust want to make sure the info gets out there, and my blog post is too informal21:28
tsimonq2(A NEW ORANGE NOTEBOOK BLOG POST?!?!?!?!?!?)21:29
* tsimonq2 goes and reads21:29
balloonslol, I've not posted it yet, heh21:29
tsimonq2aww XD21:29
* tsimonq2 wonders if that made him sound like a balloons fanboy XD21:31
balloonspleia2, if you can simply repost this for GSOC, I think that will work. I'll try and shorten the GCI summary and send it in a few21:31
balloonserr, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-community-team/2016-February/001009.html21:31
pleia2I was about to post https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-community-team/2016-February/001010.html to fridge21:33
pleia2should I not?21:33
pleia2that one is fine to go to the fridge, the GSOC one is a bit vague and not very announce-y21:34
pleia2since we haven't actually applied yet21:34
pleia2I guess not, I need to get back to work, so just let us know and I'll try to get to it later21:38
balloonspleia2, yea go for it. If you're happy, then I'm happy21:42
balloonsand thank you, no rush :-)21:42
balloonsand yea, GCI=thanks everyone, GSOC=we need mentors!21:44
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