nhaines_Sponge: I don't know anything about Elementary.  I would recommend #ubuntu.00:03
k1l_i would not recomment to use non ubuntu flavours if one wants support on irc.00:05
nhainesk1l_: I suspect it would depend on the individual distro.00:06
Elleobarry, kenvandine: looks like the way system-image-dbus is using it is global, there's an allowGSMDownload method on the manager itself that's getting called by the system-image-dbus stuff, which then goes and sets the allowGSMDownload on all the downloads currently in the queue; which seems really nasty to me :/00:23
barryElleo: yeah, gosh that was all worked out with mandel ages ago00:27
Elleobarry: yeah, we might want to look at reworking that while we're fixing things, but we can discuss all that in the morning :)00:28
barryElleo: +100:29
mhall119mariogrip: pong00:38
mariogripmhall119: I setup system-image for FP2 (haven't tested it) + fixed permission + sound00:41
mariogripmhall119: wifi coming up soon00:41
mhall119mariogrip: \o/00:41
mhall119I will try u-d-f flashing my device tomorrow morning00:42
* mhall119 is currently on the couch watching Jeapardy00:42
mariogripmhall119: ack, I'm off to get some sleep :)00:42
mhall119yeah, it's late for you :)00:44
mhall119good night00:44
_Spongenighty night  mariogrip Here's a bq ubuntu-phone  article for you tomorrow :) http://tinyurl.com/zowstb701:29
n1ckyCan someone please acknowledge me? Are canonical folk using in-house phablet-tools?01:31
lpotterare there any other phablet-tools?01:35
n1ckyI mean there's the PPA on launchpad, but they might use an internal version.01:40
lpotterthere might be development branches that some folks use, but probably mostly whatever is there01:47
n1ckyokay. Well I'm getting errors when trying to run the bootstrap that downloads all the android sources02:15
n1ckycurl is 404'ing a lot.02:15
n1ckyis there a more formal place to get help, eg a mailing list?02:16
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blivesomene there?05:38
blivei need some help with a nexus 7 201205:39
blivehow can i install linux in it touch or anything else05:39
blive[05:38] <blive> hi? [05:38] <blive> somene there? [05:39] <blive> i need some help with a nexus 7 2012 [05:39] <blive> how can i install linux in it touch or anything else05:43
RAOFblive: That's no longer one of our supported platforms, sorry.05:51
RAOFblive: You can probably install Ubuntu Touch onto it, but it might not work.05:52
bliveok, i found this preinstalled version, will this work? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-active/daily-preinstalled/current/05:55
RAOFOh, wow. Oldschool!05:56
lpotterI was told nexus 7 is still a reference platform. I was even sent one :)06:17
lpotteroh. might not be 201206:17
lpotterya, I've got a 201306:17
duflulpotter: You are fortunate then to have skipped Tegra06:23
dufluAlso fortunate to have the model with wireless charging (Ikea has such chargers)06:24
* duflu only just found out Nexus 4 and 5 has it. But not 5X or 6P06:25
tsdgeosmardy: have a second?08:56
mardytsdgeos: hi! yep08:56
tsdgeosmardy: how do i see the debug output of signond?08:56
tsdgeosi changed /etc/signond.conf logginlevel to 208:57
tsdgeosbut i have no idea of what file to rad08:57
mardytsdgeos: if you don't want to change etc, you can also do "LoggingLevel=2" > ~/.config/signond.conf08:57
mardytsdgeos: then, everything goes to the syslog08:57
tsdgeosah ok08:57
waressearcher2can one install ubuntu on nexus devices ?09:19
SmurphyAnyone has the issue with repeating 1's filling up the text fields (any text field) when the virtual keyboard is up ? (Aquaris BQ E4.5 - OTA 9)09:25
tathhureboot when enabling wifi hotspot known bug?09:33
Smurphytathhu: Not happening with me. When I enable the WiFi Hotspot, it works.09:39
SmurphyWon't reboot by system.09:39
tathhuoh yeah, sorry09:39
tathhudoesn't reboot every time09:40
SmurphyI wonder if OTA 9.5 fixes my issue ;)09:40
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Plimsoll Day! 😃09:41
SmurphyPlimsoll ??? can one eat that ? :D09:42
tathhuSmurphy, all of them? :P09:53
Smurphytathhu: all of them what ? :D09:53
CheeryLeeJamesTait: Is it English holiday? Sorry for the ignorance09:54
tathhutime to learn how to read and then sleep.09:54
JamesTaitCheeryLee, just an internet "holiday"; I doubt it's actually celebrated anywhere.09:55
Smurphyprolly nowhere. Like the Admin day etc.09:56
SmurphyOk. Deleted the .cache directory on my E4.5 ... Let'09:57
Smurphys see if this repeating 1 bug still shows up.09:57
SmurphyBTW - any of you linked its owncloud to your touch device ?09:57
CheeryLeeSo, question related to Ubuntu: who is developing touch script?09:58
Smurphywhat's a touch script ?09:58
CheeryLeeIt has a LOT of errors09:58
CheeryLeeIt lives in initramfs of Ubuntu Touch kernel09:59
Smurphymultitouch library for unity ?09:59
CheeryLeeNo, in the kernel. Linux kernel, not in the system.09:59
SmurphyCan't tell then.10:00
SmurphyAnyone knows of OTA 9.5 will be released tomorrow ?10:00
CheeryLeeSmurphy: 6 weeks between releases, no?10:01
mcphailCheeryLee: the x.5 releases are hotfix releases, and don't follow the 6 week cycle10:02
CheeryLeeSo, can't tell then, sorry.10:02
SmurphyIt was supposed to come out on the 4th of February. Then it got delayed by a Week because of issues mainly linked to the M10 tablet.10:04
CheeryLeeHow about convergence? Is it ready foe use?10:05
JamesTaitmcphail, last I heard there was more going into the hotfix release than initially planned, it was delayed, and then it was considered possibly too large for a hotfix release and maybe better as a full OTA10.10:05
mcphailSmurphy: sounds as if the Mir chaps are getting close to fixing the screen-crash-during-calls bug which is annoying many people. i wonder if they'll delay 9.5 until that is done?10:05
waressearcher2can one install ubuntu on nexus devices ?10:05
tsdgeosmardy: would you have some time to help me a bit with some debugging of why logging in to youtube doesn't work for me?10:05
waressearcher2or there are only some specific models that supprot ubuntu installation ?10:06
mardytsdgeos: sure10:06
CheeryLeewaressearcher2: sure10:06
waressearcher2CheeryLee: are you a teacher pony ?10:06
CheeryLeewaressearcher2: maybe. :D10:06
waressearcher2CheeryLee: do you like Big Macintosh ?10:06
JamesTaitSmurphy, if you want a day to celebrate something you can eat, happy Cream Cheese Brownie Day! 😉10:07
tsdgeosmardy: my status is, i have a google account set up in system settings and it has the Youtube "marked" as enabled10:07
CheeryLeewaressearcher2: As for me he is cool boy10:07
tsdgeosmardy: then i go to the youtube scope and press the login button10:07
Smurphymcphail: That would be nice indeed.10:07
tsdgeosmardy: and the signond log is http://paste.ubuntu.com/15007782/10:07
Smurphywaressearcher2: Apparently the Nexus Tablet 7 works with it. got one here, but I need whatsapp for keeping in contact with my daugher.10:07
tsdgeosmardy: from processUiRequest i guess that a ui should be shown? but it is not, and the destroyUnused is probably a timeout, no?10:08
mardytsdgeos: looks like it's waiting for the UI to appear10:08
SmurphyJamesTait: I live in france. I don't need extra days to celebrate. Havea 39 PTO days :)10:08
mardytsdgeos: correct10:08
mardytsdgeos: do you have some other trusted session active? This might be caused by the fact that currently mir allows only one trusted session at a time, on the system10:09
tsdgeosmardy: why would it need a ui if i already set it up in the system settings and gave youtube permissions?10:09
moritz31hey guys, i have a quesiton related to ubuntu touch porting, am i right here ?10:09
tsdgeosmardy: no this is a clean reboot10:09
mardytsdgeos: it might be that the youtube scope requires different OAuth permissions than those requested when setting up the account -- I don't remember10:09
JamesTaitSmurphy, I couldn't even tell you how many I have any more, but it's not as many as that.  I wasn't far off that when I worked at Rolls though.10:09
mardytsdgeos: to debug it further, make sure that online-accounts-service is not running10:10
mardytsdgeos: then OAU_LOGGING_LEVEL=2 OAU_DAEMON_TIMEOUT=9999 online-accounts-service10:10
mardytsdgeos: then try again10:10
SmurphyJamesTait: :) In france, it is officially 25 to 30 Days, + RTT. They had lowered the work week to 35Hours, then raised it again. But as compensation, every worker has 1 Additional day off RTT ber month.10:10
tsdgeosi'll be back10:10
* tsdgeos reboots the phone10:10
SmurphySo makes at least 25+12=37 for workers.10:11
CheeryLeeGuys, when I change the kernel config, should I rebuild the kernel?10:11
CheeryLeeWith tottaly clean10:11
SmurphyWork Time reduction.10:11
JamesTaitSmurphy, like national holidays?10:12
JamesTaitCheeryLee, it's a very long time since I built a kernel, but I always used to build from clean.10:12
tsdgeosmardy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15007801/10:13
CheeryLeeJamesTait: OK, thanks10:13
tsdgeosmardy: but there's no trust session for me to see10:13
SmurphyJamesTait: No. Some years ago the French government had reduced the weekly work time to 35 Hours. Then some fewer years ago, they raised them again to 40 Hours - but they needed to compensate the people for it.10:14
SmurphySo everyone got one Extra day off per Month.10:14
JamesTaitSmurphy, right, sorry, I missed the "per month" part before.10:15
mardytsdgeos: mmm... I need to check something, it may be that we show the window only when the webpage has fully loaded, and maybe for some reason this doesn't happen here... let me check10:15
mardytsdgeos: yep, that seems to be the case: it looks like the page never finishes loading10:18
tsdgeosmardy: ¿?10:19
tsdgeosi do have interwebs on the phone10:19
tsdgeosmardy: or you mean the url we're loading is weird and has some kind of autorefresh/never finish to load thing?10:21
mardytsdgeos: might be due to the onLoadingChanged mess which I've been reading about in the ML...10:21
mardytsdgeos: do you have a writable rootfs?10:22
tsdgeosmardy: sure10:22
mardytsdgeos: please edit /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ubuntu-system-settings/private/Ubuntu/OnlineAccounts/Plugin/WebView.qml10:22
tsdgeosmardy: editing...10:23
mardytsdgeos: :-D10:23
mardytsdgeos: replace onLoadingChanged with onLoadingStateChanged10:23
tsdgeosok, retrying10:24
mardytsdgeos: then please try again -- you don-t need to restart the command, you can keep the old one running10:24
mardytsdgeos: actually no, better kill the old one10:25
tsdgeosmardy: that is much better10:25
tsdgeosi mean i still get the login to youtube button10:27
tsdgeoswhich is ultra weird10:27
tsdgeosbut at least i get the browser dialog and the ui is not dead10:28
SmurphyHmm. Just noticed that the Shorts app in OTA 9 does convert data in RDF Feeds -> & converts to amp ...10:28
SmurphyWhy is that ?10:28
CheeryLeeWhat is about bug 138721410:29
ubot5`bug 1387214 in android-tools (Ubuntu RTM) "[TOPBLOCKER] file corruption on touch images in rw portions of the filesystem" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138721410:29
tsdgeosmardy: so how do we proceed from here? is there a bug for that already? you mention some discussion in a ML?10:30
mardytsdgeos: nope, there's no bug yet; it would be great if you could file one10:30
tsdgeosmardy: ok, on a call, i'll create it after it10:31
Smurphydarn. identified a new bug in Shorts ...10:47
Smurphy.oO(Open a bug report ???)10:47
popeySmurphy: yes :)10:52
SmurphyJsut collecting evidence10:53
popeysuper :)10:53
moritz31does someone of you know how i can integrate the sony custom kerneltoolchain ?10:53
CheeryLeemoritz31: Ubuntu kernel differs from Android only the couple of flags for LXC support11:00
CheeryLeemoritz31: What do you want? Morw info please11:00
Smurphypopey: If you want to check it out: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/154399511:07
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1543995 in Canonical System Image "Shorts converts & into &amp; when reading RDF feeds" [Undecided,New]11:07
SmurphyAh. The Bot just put it in :)11:07
Smurphyconfirmed ? :D11:10
Smurphypopey: I actually have a very picky website Engine (self developed) which also has a very trigger-happy dynamic blacklisting integrated.11:11
Smurphyand I catch everything which is not expected.11:12
popeyconfirmed as in, i reproduced it11:12
SmurphyCool :)11:12
SmurphyI was wondering why the images are not showing up in Shorts. Reason I checked ;D11:12
Smurphyand my monitoring system sent me reports about variable manipulation :D11:14
SmurphySo - why is nobody developing actively the owncloud-app ????11:29
SmurphyAnyone has a good link for an introduction on how to program an app fopr ubuntu touch ?11:31
MCMiiicSmurphy: The account system of ubuntu touch seems quite difficult to access from apps11:33
SmurphyMCMiiic: Yeah. I can't install the ubuntu-sdk on my 15.10 ...11:34
SmurphyWell, using KUbuntu anywya.11:34
mcphailSmurphy: there are platform issues which make it difficult to create some classes of apps. File sync is a major difficulty11:34
Smurphymcphail: You mean for owncloud stuff ?11:35
mcphailSmurphy: yes, as an example11:36
Smurphyfile sync is actually one of the easyest disciplines IMHO.11:36
mcphailSmurphy: not on Ubuntu, it isn't11:36
mcphailSmurphy: the combination of app confinement and lifecycle management make the Sync experience... underwhelming.11:37
SmurphyThe evolution data-server currently running on the touch is OK, but the current UI is crap. Can only add Google accounts ? C'mon ...11:37
Smurphymcphail: That is indeed possible.11:37
MCMiiicSmurphy: Yeah :-/11:37
MCMiiicSmurphy: I’m not sure if someone is working on that or not.11:37
Smurphydon't think so...11:37
MCMiiicConfiguring carddav with commands work but this is far from ideal11:37
SmurphyThere is an owncloud-app - but last update was end of 2014.11:38
SmurphyMCMiiic: Yes. I know. And especially if you have 7 Calendars to sync, it's a pain...11:38
MCMiiicI didn’t even try calendars, I only synced contacts for now11:38
Smurphycontacts is easy. Celandars is tricky, as it syncs them all into one calendar, so you have to merge.11:42
SmurphyBut if then you sync your phone with the calendate in both directions, your main calendar on Owncloud gets all the merges ...11:42
SmurphyCrap ... :(11:42
SmurphyTook me a while to figure this out.11:42
SmurphyBTW - anyone knows on how the playlists are created/stored on the music app ?11:56
popeyin sqlite3 in ./.local/share/com.ubuntu.music/Databases I think11:58
SmurphyChecking ...11:58
popeyphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~/.local/share/com.ubuntu.music/Databases$ grep music-app-playlists *.ini11:59
SmurphyOk. Now I have to create one entry, and check what it looks like. Then I write a script to duplicate my playlists from Kodi :D12:00
Smurphyalready wrote a script for my Car's GPS System and my daughter's USB Key -> Stereo System.12:01
SmurphyAll m3u based. But this should not be a problem.12:01
Smurphy hate sqlite CLI UI. have to get used to syntax everytime I access it :}12:06
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mariogripis surfaceflinger (and/or it libs) needed?13:14
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jgdxseb128, hey, got a min for a review of a change to uss url handling?13:21
jgdxSmurphy, it's better than \d… uuh.. \dt?13:24
ogra_mariogrip, no13:25
ogra_hwcomposer is iirc but nothing above that level13:26
mariogripogra_: ok, thanks13:26
jgdxseb128, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/lp1533835/+merge/28560313:38
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ogra_pmcgowan, do you know if in the ubuntu-pd image the Xorg app launchers should do anything ?13:42
ogra_(they dont on my N7)13:42
ogra_... not even a splash screen or other feedback13:42
SmurphyOK - got my first rudimentary script that does the Creation of Playlists...13:43
SmurphyWhat a mess though. Kodi data transfer is not going to work.13:44
SmurphyAnyone knows how to read the rating of a mp3/m4a file on ubuntu touch ? OTA913:44
seb128jgdx, k, let me have a look13:45
jgdxseb128, great. shortcutToUrl would be called by qml friends. I'm looking for feedback on where to store this information. Maybe directly in the code isn't great.13:46
seb128jgdx, it might be better in the .settings?13:48
seb128jgdx, though that's not the best idea either, screen might move to another panel13:50
jgdxseb128, yeah, but then it might be more natural to edit the settings files than the utils file13:51
jgdxso yeah, good point. Any ideas on a format?13:51
seb128jgdx, we might just want to create a new file ini style with some mapping?13:51
seb128like "key=url"13:51
tsdgeosmardy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/+bug/154406313:52
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1544063 in Online Accounts setup for Ubuntu Touch "UI freezes when trying to log in from youtube scope" [Undecided,New]13:52
mardytsdgeos: thanks!13:53
pmcgowanogra_, I dont, you mean there is no feedbac while its taking tis time to show up?13:53
ogra_pmcgowan, well, i have a bunch of apps preinstalled ... they have icons in the apps scope ... if i tap the icons nothing happens13:53
pmcgowanogra_, they should launch, they do for me13:54
pmcgowanogra_, whats not working?13:54
ogra_pmcgowan, they dont do anythig for me13:54
ogra_thats an N7 though ...13:55
pmcgowanhmm still13:55
jgdxseb128, yeah, let's do that. My only argument against that format is that it is a bit ambiguous, whereas full url -> full url is clearer. What do you think?13:55
pmcgowanogra_, they work for me on mako and frieza fwiw13:55
pmcgowanand for qa13:55
jgdxseb128, full urls eats query parameters, to that's a counter arg to that13:55
ogra_hmm, perhaps i need to wipe the device then13:55
seb128jgdx, well, the file is distributed with u-s-s so it's up to us to define the format, I would argue that easier to type is better but I've no strong opinion either way13:56
davmor2pmcgowan: I know why13:56
davmor2ogra_: ^13:56
davmor2pmcgowan: you installed the click package that makes them work13:57
jgdxseb128, thank you. And you're okay keeping it to utils, more or less the same api?13:57
ogra_davmor2, ah, so the preinstalled ones dont do anything ?13:57
seb128jgdx, yeah, that works for me13:58
davmor2ogra_: you have libertine installed but not the other one digging out the link give me 513:58
pmcgowanogra_, latest pd channel has it all if you reflash afaik13:59
ogra_pmcgowan, right, i flashed freshly last week and it never worked14:00
ogra_though i dont remember if i actually wiped/bootstrapped14:00
pmcgowanshould have14:00
ogra_might be some leftover14:00
* ogra_ flashes with --bootstrap14:06
ogra_bah, so i wiped a week of data and settings just to find it still doesnt wrk :P14:15
ogra_tapping on firefox or gedit doesnt get me any reaction14:15
tathhuHmm, so many mir(?) (screen goes black -> ubuntu boot splash) chrashed today :l14:29
mhall119mariogrip: it seems ubuntu-device-flash is hanging14:34
* mhall119 has the FP2 booted into recovery14:34
mhall119it downloads the images from your server, and then just nothing14:34
mariogripmhall119: it seems to be a problem with the bootloader, the fairphone developers will take a look at it14:35
mhall119ok, so what's the workaround to try the latest image?14:35
mariogripso u-d-f does not work atm14:35
mariogripyou can flash boot.img and recovery.img and go to recovey and run the script without --bootstamp14:36
mariogriphere is the new recovery https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56653875/ubuntu/fp2/recovery.img14:37
mariogripmhall119: ^14:37
mhall119the rootstock script?14:39
mariogripno u-d-f14:40
mariogripjust without --bootstamp14:40
mhall119flash the same boot.img as you gave me on Monday?14:42
mariogripyou don't need to flash that again (if you haven't flash android again)14:42
mhall119do I need to reboot between flashing the recovery and running the script14:43
mariogripyou need to flash the recovery, then reboot into recovery and then run the script14:44
mariogripsudo fastboot reboot while you hold powerUp to reboot to recovery14:44
* ogra_ wonders if he missed the link from davmor2 :P14:46
mhall119mariogrip: I had to mkdir /cache/recovery/ on the device to get u-d-f working14:49
mhall119I was getting the unintuitive error: 2016/02/10 09:49:08 error pushing: failed to copy '/home/mhall/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/stable/FP2/version-2.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery/': Is a directory14:50
mhall119but /cache/ was empty14:50
mariogripmhall119: did you mount cache?14:50
mariogripmount  /cache14:51
mhall119oh, oops, no14:52
mhall119I remember now, I had to mount /cache and one other, which was it?14:52
mariogripmount /data14:53
mhall119ok,then run u-d-f?14:53
mariogripbut, if it use cache to all files, cache might be too small on this device14:54
mhall119can the recovery img mount those directories for you?14:54
mariogripyeah, i'll add that14:54
mariogripI also made a custom recovery with some ubuntu functions (I could sleep, so I made a recovery xP)14:55
mariogripI could not sleep*14:55
mhall119it appeared tohave enough space14:56
mariogripas you see in the recovery it has "ubuntu actions"14:56
mhall119it's rebooting now,I see an Ubuntu icon on black14:56
mariogripis it spinning?14:56
mhall119it's not the same as I see on the N4 when updating either14:57
mhall119rebooted again, now I see the bootsplash14:57
mhall119is the lightdm stop/chmod/start thing still needed?14:57
mariogripyeah, that's fine, it's a custom recovery, but i added the spinning, but i don't know why it does work14:57
mariogripmhall119: nope :)14:57
mhall119do I need to keep the screen active still, or does the power button work now?14:58
* mhall119 hopes it works, because the screen just went dark14:58
mariogripno, that is still on my todo list14:58
mariogripadb reboot :)14:58
mhall119guess I'm rebooting then :)14:59
* mhall119 needs to let this charge up a bit15:01
mhall119the battery completely drained last night15:01
mariogriphand warmers uses lots of battery :)15:03
mhall119I actually considered making a "hand warmer" app at one point, just something that burned CPU15:03
mhall119but that would probably be bad for the hardware15:03
mariogripwell, that isse seem to be linked to the "screen sleep issue"15:03
mariogripmhall119: yeah, cpu like it cold15:04
mariogripbetter use liquid nitrogen15:04
mhall119I'm sure that's covered under warranty15:05
mariogripjup, it is15:05
mhall119bah, not enough charge to finish booting Ubuntu15:07
mhall119also, got very warm this time15:07
mhall119but the darn thing won't stay powered off15:07
mariogriphehe, I use the recovery to charge15:09
Smurphylol. Takes my BQ E4.5 quite long to get all pics for the playlists :D15:16
jgdxtedg, hey Ted, on xenial, u-a-launch and url-dispatcher fails to bring up System Settings using url-dispatcher settings:///system/cellular15:42
jgdxand using ubuntu-app-launch ubuntu-system-settings15:42
tedgjgdx: Does system settings get focused?15:43
jgdxtedg, it's not running. Sorry, s/bring up/start15:43
tedgjgdx: Is the "settings" protocol in the URL dispatcher DB?15:43
tedgjgdx: url-dispatcher-dump15:44
jgdxtedg, according to dump, yeah15:44
tedgjgdx: Hmm, I'd check the unity8 log then. We dont' do much other than query that db.15:47
jgdxtedg, this is unity7, desktop. But it used to work.15:48
tedgjgdx: Oh, I'm not sure how that worked before...15:49
tedgjgdx: I guess before we checked with Unity to open. But that's really unsupported.15:49
jgdxtedg, aw. Okay, thanks.15:49
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jgdxseb128, this is with the ini file https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/lp1533835/+merge/28560315:58
mhall119mariogrip: lots of apport processes spawning on boot16:11
mhall119I think system-image-dbus is crashing and restarting endlessly16:14
mhall119and now my battery is drained again :(16:17
dobeymhall119: unity8 is constantly crashing on rc-proposed on hammerhead for me16:17
dobeymhall119: or does the dash work fine on fairphone?16:17
mhall119dobey: on boot, or just during use?16:17
dobeymhall119: on boot16:18
mhall119dobey: currently I can't get past the boot splash16:18
dobeynever gets past the ubuntu . . . . . screen16:18
mhall119same here16:18
dobeymhall119: sounds like unity8 crashing then16:18
dobeymhall119: well, "crashing"16:19
dobeymhall119: i think it's a qFatal() message causing an abort16:19
mhall119dobey: I see system-image-dbus and apport processes spawning endlessly16:19
dobeyin the qpa16:19
mhall119popey: what version of the pebble watch works with our phone?16:20
dobeyi didn't have always adb enabled on my phone, so i didn't shell in to it; but i did see a crash report for unity816:20
dobeyi don't think system-image-dbus should block unity8 starting, should it?16:20
mhall119I don't know what it does, tbh16:21
dobeymhall119: and nothing in /var/crash/ ?16:22
mhall119not that I saw before my battery ran out16:22
mhall119mariogrip: I'm not having any luck getting rev 2 past the boot splash16:27
popeymhall119: all of them I believe - ask mzanetti :)16:42
popeymhall119: I have a Pebble Time.16:43
mhall119mzanetti: what pebble models does your app support? And which one(s) do activity tracking?16:46
mzanettia) all of them b) anything with "Time" in the name16:47
mzanettib*) old classic pebbles do too, but only with an app called misfit, the Pebble native health stuff only comes with the times16:48
lotuspsychjei saw that pebbles video nice one16:49
mzanettiwhich video?16:49
lotuspsychjemzanetti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UFqmnEv8zA16:50
mhall119mzanetti: what's the difference between the Time and the Time Steel, just the material used?16:50
mzanettimhall119, material, battery life, price16:50
mzanettilotuspsychje, I totally didn't know this :D16:51
lotuspsychje: )16:51
lotuspsychjelooks pretty shiny huh16:51
popeyI *love* my pebble time16:51
mhall119ok, I'm sold16:55
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lotuspsychjepopey: is the app not yet on the store?16:59
popeywhat app?17:00
lotuspsychjefor that pebble watch17:00
popeylotuspsychje: it's in the open store17:02
* popey makes food17:04
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mhall119dobey: it's maliit-server and unity8-dash crashing18:05
gihelhey guys ! has anyone succeeded to indlude a video from ubuntu phone to a webpage using html <video> ? it tells me MIME or format unsupported but it seems it is encoded in standard h26418:05
dobeymhall119: have a link to errors.u.c for the unity8 one?18:06
dobeygihel: not sure what you mean. youtube on ubuntu phone is html5 <video>18:07
mhall119dobey: I don't think my phone's been alive long enough to send one, I just saw it is ps before it died18:07
dobeymhall119: ah. have you been able to connect it to wifi/3g at all yet?18:07
mhall119not that either18:08
dobeyok yeah. no network, no upload18:08
giheldobey: yes, i mean i was trying to include a video from my phone to a webpage i wrote, firefox tells me MIME or format unsupported18:09
dobeygihel: ah, a video recorded by your phone?18:09
giheland i actually can play h264 videos fromyoutube, that works18:10
giheldobey: yes18:10
dobeyi haven't recorded any videos on my phone.18:10
dobeyis youtube actually sending h264? i thought they re-encoded everything to webp for html518:10
dobeygihel: does it work in chromium or chrome?18:10
gihelyes, youtube sends h26418:11
giheldamn, I don't have chrome on my desktop18:11
giheli'm gonna try on ubuntu browser18:12
giheldoesn't seem it's working :(18:36
dobeyhmm, i'm not sure what codecs are used for video recording on the phone; and it might differ by device18:43
gihelaccording to VLC, it's H264 and AAC for audio18:51
n1ckyare any canonical folk on currently?19:37
n1ckyI'm wondering if you guys use an internal release of phablet-tools19:37
JanCn1cky: I assume they use the version that is in Xenial or the ubuntu-sdk-team PPA ?19:42
JanC(except when testing a new version, of course)19:43
pmcgowann1cky, no internal version19:59
dom134has anyone managed to get GPS working on a Nexus 4?20:03
dobeydom134: what channel are you using?20:04
dobeyn1cky: just what's in ubuntu or the PPA20:04
dom134didn't know there was a ppa, what is it?20:05
dobeydom134: there's no ppa to make gps work20:05
dobeydom134: you might want to try ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en instead. it has the HERE bits to make AGPS work, iirc20:06
dobeypure GPS is very slow to resolve on phones, for some reason20:06
dom134righto, will it delete user data if I reflash?20:07
dom134not that I have much on there att20:07
pmcgowanno as long as you dont use wipe or bootstrap20:08
dobeydom134: you can run "sudo system-image-cli -vvvv --switch ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en" on the phone while on wifi and it will switch to that channel20:08
pmcgowanor that20:08
dobeyand yeah, if you don't use wipe or flash in fastboot, it won't wipe the data20:08
dom134great, will give it a go. Thanks20:08
dom134Just spent 2 days on Ubuntu.  I miss a few apps, but it isn't too bad20:09
pmcgowangood to hear20:09
dom134Wifi hot spot and GPS are the most important to me at the moment20:09
dobeyno wifi hot spot on mako unofrtunately20:10
dobey(mako is nexus 4)20:11
dom134right, I'll have to wait until my mako breaks and I can get the next phone!20:11
n1ckyJanC: pmcgowan: dobey: thank you.20:51
mterryDoes anyone know how the language-pack-touch-XX packages get defined?  I want to add Linux-PAM.mo files to them all21:03
mterryslangasek, ^?21:04
dobeymterry: from what source package?21:06
mterrydobey, well they each have their own source package (like language-pack-touch-es) -- surely they have a master source branch somewhere that defines what goes in21:07
dobeymterry: no, what source package does the .mo come from?21:07
mterrydobey, oh it's just the standard PAM gettext file.  It is in language-pack-es for example.  I just want it in the touch language pack too21:08
mterrydobey, so it comes from LP somewhere21:08
dobeymterry: ok, then it sounds like pam is already set up for langpacks but probably the touch stuff isn't pulling in the pam translations; i'd say ask pitti tomorrow21:09
mterrydobey, will do21:09
dobeyiirc, it has something to do with ubuntu-rtm distro in LP, and maybe some magic config somewhere for touch21:10
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slangasekmterry: I do not know, sorry; yes I would also defer to pitti on this22:14
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hggdhogra_: I applaud you patience23:53

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