daftykinswow at this on Dell's outlet - https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhbydqgj8tp7657/dell.JPG?dl=000:22
ali1234what is ?00:38
daftykinsi'm seeing a square box, so probably UTF fail in my case00:38
ali1234yes i know that but what actually is the symbol?00:39
ali1234and where does it come from?00:39
ali1234and specifically why does my terminal keep printing it?00:40
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daftykinslocale issues?00:40
ali1234it's something to do with unicode00:40
ali1234xfce4-terminal does not print it, but terminator does00:42
ali1234hmm actually it does, depending on the font00:43
ali1234but weirdly xterm with the same font doesn't00:43
ali1234this is so weird00:44
ali1234one day i'll find a piece of software that works properly. one day.00:44
ali1234i should just use vte directly instead of relying on terminals00:51
diddledanali1234: it might not be a real unicode but garbage spewed from a malfunction?00:57
ali1234it isn't00:57
ali1234it's definitely 100% correct unicode00:57
ali1234the issue is that different terminals display it differently00:57
ali1234even though they all use libvte internally00:58
ali1234wait a minute01:15
ali1234i think i know what the problem is here01:24
ali1234the glyph in question is an empty space01:24
ali1234perhaps the PCF font omits this character entirely01:24
ali1234so it gets substituted from another one01:24
ali1234no, it definitely contains the glyph01:27
diddledanif you see it as a square that is the usual sign that a character is being substituted due to the code not matching a valid character in the font01:28
ali1234i don't see it as a square01:28
ali1234i should see an empty space01:28
diddledanthat's how I see it01:28
ali1234instead, i see a weird character01:28
ali1234see http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/261136/libvte-unicode-font-handling01:29
diddledanhow are you echoing the character?01:29
ali1234with cat01:29
ali1234the file i am catting is also linked on that question01:29
ali1234if you think i can add any more useful information, please let me know :)01:29
ali1234both fonts are linked too01:29
ali1234turns out VTE is being consistent at least, i was confused01:36
ali1234seems this is actually a quirk of gtk01:43
ali1234hmm i think i know what is happening01:54
ali1234when i select PCF font in VTE, it replaces *all* the characters with scalable ones01:54
ali1234every single one01:54
ali1234that's why they don't render properly01:54
ali1234for some reason it substitutes ee20 from a different font, while all the others come from the ttf version of my font01:55
ali1234hmm no that can't be it either01:55
ali1234so here's a fun thing to try at home02:44
ali1234try to write a command line program that runs itself inside a new urxvt or xterm window02:45
ali1234and also accepts input on a pipe02:45
ali1234and also exits cleanly at the end02:46
ali1234and also redirects it's output into less, inside the xterm02:46
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:46
knightwise hey guys08:56
knightwisehow you buddiez doin ?08:56
Myrtticould've slept better...09:01
foobarryanyone got "the throat"?09:20
foobarrysore throat for 5 days09:20
SuperMattnot yet, but my girlfriend does09:21
foobarryah , you will09:21
SuperMattI was looking forward to some time off09:21
MooDooson has it but not me09:21
davmor2Morning all09:22
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MooDoomorning davmor209:24
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Plimsoll Day! 😃09:41
MooDoomorning JamesTait09:41
* zmoylan-pi listens to the squeak squeak of people walking past in sneakers...09:42
JamesTait👋  MooDoo, zmoylan-pi09:43
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51qeNPOuIIQ09:44
zmoylan-piand 01f44b to you too... what ever character that is...09:44
MooDooall I see is a square09:47
zmoylan-pianother joy of irrsi is that it gets rid of the emojii and unicode silliness... :-)09:48
* JamesTait is using irssi.09:48
MooDooI'm using irssi as well09:49
zmoylan-pimine is running on rasp pi... might need a reboot...09:49
knightwisezmoylan-pi: all hail irssi09:50
knightwiseon the pi09:50
zmoylan-pihmmm, that web page on linux mint isn't showing the unicode either... i'm in too minds as to should i try and fix that...09:50
knightwiserunning it , so am i09:50
MyrttiU+2665 and U+221E are my favourite09:53
zmoylan-piand i'll never know as none of my systems seem to be able to display them... :-)09:54
JamesTaitMyrtti, I have ∞ ♥ for you. ☺09:54
davmor2Myrtti: watch him he is after something09:54
Myrttisorry but I'm spoken for http://www.hkjewellery.co.uk/ring-11586-1-miia-s-bespoke-binary-inspired-palladium-wedding-ring09:54
zmoylan-pipfttt, isn't <3 good enough anymore :-P09:54
* knightwise thinks that everything you do on a computer is way cooler when you listen to the "dark knight" soundtrack while doing it09:55
zmoylan-pii listen to banjo... or bagpipes... :-) drowns out everything else...09:58
JamesTaitMyrtti, they are very nice rings.09:58
Myrttithey are, even when both my engagement and his wedding one got a bit worse when we had them resized. But that's life09:59
arsenip h15:04
mappshi all15:04
foobarrycopter just landed outside15:15
MyrttiFYI removed some old looking purely IP based bans.15:33
Myrttipopey: ^15:33
Myrttithere's still a good amount left but not in amounts that it would be an issue, leaving even those old ones probably wouldn't have been but it's more likely that the people have moved on with dynamic addresses15:35
zmoylan-pi black helicopters... everyone panic... \o/15:52
foobarryred one15:52
foobarrythink it means someone is hurt :(15:52
zmoylan-piah :-(15:52
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davmor2foobarry: no that means that someone is very hurt16:40
foobarryyeah :(16:41
foobarrythey didn't bring him back to the heli16:42
foobarrynot sure if that is good or bad16:42
zmoylan-picould just be they needed some equipment from the heli fast16:42
mappshm what film to watch crimson peak or the lobster16:56
mappsthe lobster sounds interesting16:56
mappsIn a dystopian near future, single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in forty-five days or are transformed into beasts and sent off into The Woods.16:56
bashrcthat must be a one star16:59
popeyYou should watch http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ad38087bac/donald-trump-art-of-the-deal-movie17:03
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NET||abusehey guys. anyone know how to get vmware horizon installed? I need to access a vmware VDI windows desktop19:50
NET||abuseall these bloody companies only offer windows or mac apps..19:51
m0nkey_NET||abuse, they have a linux client for Horizon. https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/info?slug=desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_horizon_clients/3_020:08
NET||abuseyeh, i downloaded that and it gave me error saying magic number does not match,,,, maybe that's a corrupt download,i'll try it again.20:08
m0nkey_Have you read the system requirements?20:09
m0nkey_Are you installing on a 64-bit 14.04 client?20:10
m0nkey_If so, it wont work, 64-bit only available for 12.0420:10
NET||abusem0nkey_: good pont, i had missed that.20:11
NET||abusehmm, tried the 32 bit installer, but it fails to run the installer with an error   User interface initialization failed.  Exiting.  Check the log for details.20:32
m0nkey_NET||abuse, are you on a 32 or 64 bit machine?21:17
NET||abusem0nkey_: sorry, was afk, i'm on a 64 bit 15.1021:48
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m0nkey_NET||abuse, document said 14.04 32-bit only, 12.04 has 64-bit support21:48
m0nkey_So you need to be on either of them for it to work on Ubuntu21:48
m0nkey_The documentation was very clear about it21:49
AzelphurWoo, just got my first freelance contract after quitting my job. \o/23:56

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