ChinnoDogI just fixed some power management settings on my laptop. I am surprised how broken it was considering I am running trusty.02:45
JonathanDand a lovely morning it is.10:59
rmg51JonathanD: you weren't looking forward to the snow?11:16
JonathanDIt's fine.11:40
rmg51time for me to brave the snow storm ;-)12:27
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else13:09
jedijfknow what I *love* anout Ubuntu? Seeing it used at all different kinds of conventions for presentations. Interesting to me.16:00
jthanjedijf: It is fun for me to work in IT now and occasionally see people struggling with Ubuntu.16:05
jthan"I'm trying to mount an smb share on Ubuntu..."16:06
waltmanSorry for crossposting with #plug, but maybe I'll have better luck here...16:39
waltmanAny advice on how I can fix this dependency issues? https://gist.github.com/waltman/64a6122433cd5f33670c16:39
waltmanadvice on better places to ask would also be much appreciated :)16:41
jthanwaltman: well there's always #ubuntu or ubuntu forum.. Seems like a bug though!17:04
jthanis 12.04 still supported?17:04
jthanwaltman: also, can you just dpkg --configure mysql-server-5.5?17:04
waltmanhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases lists it as current17:04
* jthan shrugs17:05
jthanI don't keep up with Ubuntu these days, really.17:05
jthanInteresting. I don't even admin any debian boxes anymore, so.. :-/ Just throwing it out there17:05
waltmanI think there's an old version that's half-installed that's preventing me from installing the new deb.17:06
jthandpkg -i | grep sql17:06
jthanI think?or is -i install..17:07
jthanboy it's been too long17:07
jthanwaltman: sorry for failing.. dpkg-query -l '*' | grep sql | less17:07
jthanshould show things at all stages of installation17:07
jthanIf I help you fix this, can you help me fix my c++? LOL17:08
waltmanthat output was in the first link17:22
jthanah sheeit.17:22
jthanWell.. I'm in class and grasping at straws.17:22

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