shantorngood evening folks03:22
Salthi shantorn 04:40
shantornhello there04:43
shantornhow is your evening?04:43
Saltgoing alright, busy trying to get things worked out moving back to seattle04:55
shantornwere did yo umove to or are you moving from?04:55
shantorni live near kelso04:56
Saltback from UK to Seattle/Renton05:02
shantornuk good lord thats a ways to go05:17
shantornwok take you there or a woman?05:18
Saltwoman :P05:20
Saltwe were staying with her family, planned on traveling on but are back now due to a variety of things, have to re-purchase everything we sold to leave...05:20
shantornah ha! did it end well?05:20
shantorni see05:21
shantorntrouser goo sounds white and icky05:21
shantornwrong window sorry05:21
shantornwell do you have employment set up to start when you return i hope?05:22
Saltno, not quite, but I have become more and more involved with a FLOSS project and will pick up something part-time so I can focus on that for a while05:24
shantornvery good, there is a lot of software tech in that area05:25
shantornhow long have you been involved in ubuntu-linux os as well?05:26
Saltat least since 200805:28
shantorni must sign out for now, it was my pleasure to have met you05:28
SaltI think 2006ish05:28
shantornnight friend05:29

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