tseliotricotz: if I give you a patched 304, will you test it for me? (if yes, 32bit or 64 bit?)11:13
ricotztseliot, can do when I get to it, 64bit11:17
mamarleytseliot: Any update on 361.28?11:17
tseliotricotz: sure, no hurry11:20
tseliotmamarley: I have packages available for testing but I haven't tested them myself yet. Would you like to try them anyway?11:21
mamarleytseliot: Sure, I enjoy potentially breaking my computer! :)11:22
tseliotgood, let me upload the packages then11:22
tseliotmamarley: the packages are here. Thanks! http://people.canonical.com/~amilone/nvidia/11:42
tseliotricotz: and this is for you. Thanks! http://people.canonical.com/~amilone/nvidia-304/11:53
mamarleytseliot: Initial impressions are good. :)  The system boots, SDDM and KDE both start properly, glxgears and es2gears both work, and VDPAU works.11:57
tseliotmamarley: that's certainly a good sign ;)11:57
mamarleyOnce you upload it to the repository I can see what you changed from the diff and make packages for Wily, Vivid, and Trusty too.  I will also go ahead and package nvidia-settings in a bit.11:59
tseliotok, good :)11:59
tseliotI only need to test my fix for the FTBFS on armhf12:02
ricotztseliot, honestly I would prefer a source package12:07
tseliotricotz: how about a patch?12:08
ricotzthat works too12:08
tseliotricotz: http://people.canonical.com/~amilone/nvidia-304/0001-Add-support-for-Linux-4.3.patch12:09
tseliotif that works I will upload it (I have no hardware that works with 304)12:10
ricotztseliot, ok12:13
ricotztseliot, remember testing this on a trusty install with https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+sourcepub/6053228/+listing-archive-extra12:14
tseliotricotz: that would be fine12:15
ricotzmamarley, hi, btw, don't bother to do packages for Vivid/15.0412:33
marlincAnyone who can take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/1542629 ?12:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1542629 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Session crashes when second monitor is connected" [Undecided,New]12:34
tseliotmarlinc: does that happen if you switch to power saving mode from nvidia-settings?12:42
marlincMm sure sure if its in power saving mode already12:42
marlincI haven't specifically enabled that12:43
tjaaltonwith or without nvidia12:43
marlincAh, it happens when I use the NVIDIA card12:43
marlincI don't have the same issue when using Intel12:43
marlincI normally switch using 'prime-select'12:43
mamarleyricotz: How come?  Is it about to go out of support?12:46
tjaaltonvivid is EOL12:47
marlincI've haven't had the issue when I first installed Xenial. Then I upgraded and just used it for a few days. Now it keeps crashing. I (using ZFS) went back to when I first installed Xenial (and the NVIDIA driver) and its still crashing. That's why I'm thinking it might be related to something in my home folder12:50
marlincThe guest user for example works just fine12:50
ricotztseliot, builds and runs fine (7900GTX)12:51
marlincAh tjaalton the reason I added xorg is because it crashes with a segfault. Sorry if its not related 12:55
tjaaltonmarlinc: you verified that it only happens with nvidia, and the logs didn't show a crash12:55
marlincDo I have to ask about it somewhere else?12:56
tjaaltonattach a logfile with the crash13:04
marlincOkay lets try 13:25
tseliotmarlinc: it's an intel issue then13:49
tseliotricotz: great, thanks13:50
marlincI was able to obtain a crash log tjaalton, I'll upload it in an hour13:52
mamarleyricotz: I uploaded nvidia-settings 361.28 to my staging PPA and tested it.  Should I go ahead and copy it to the main PPA?14:11
ricotzmamarley, if you want to please the fanboys (e.g. no-change upload with bumped version)14:12
ricotzit is still the same as 355.1114:14
mamarleyI actually do tend to get multiple requests for updates whenever anything in the PPA isn't up-to-date though.14:15
marlinctjaalton, tseliot I've attached a log of X org crashing. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-352/+bug/154262914:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1542629 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-352 (Ubuntu) "Session crashes when second monitor is connected" [Undecided,New]14:21
marlincThat do you mean by 'it's an intel issue then'? I've not having issues when I run on the integrated graphics (as far as I know)14:22
tseliotmarlinc: power saving mode = intel only14:23
tjaaltonthat's a config fail14:23
tjaaltoncrashes before it even starts14:24
tseliotmarlinc: I misread your answer though14:24
marlincI'm only having the issue when not in power saving mode tseliot 14:24
marlincInteresting tjaalton is there a way to check the config or to find it somewhere? Is it stored in my home directory somewhere?14:25
tjaaltonerr no14:25
marlincThen how is it possible that X still crashes when I go back to when I first installed Xenial. The only thing not included in the snapshots is my home directory14:26
tseliotmarlinc: even without using the nvidia driver then?14:29
marlincIt only crashes when I use the NVIDIA driver14:29
marlincEven when going back14:29
tseliotgoing back to Xenial+nvidia then?14:30
marlincThe reason why I think its very strange is that it did work at that point but now (when I go back) it doesn't. That leads me to think its something related to my home directory14:30
marlincThe guest user for example works perfectly fine14:30
tseliotdo you have a xorg.conf in your home directory14:31
marlincI haven't made it myself but I can check if it exists14:31
tjaaltonwhat does prime-select do?14:33
tjaaltonon the system14:33
marlincAs far as I know it switches between intel and nvidia14:35
marlincWait, I'll give you a strace so you can see what it does14:35
tjaaltoni know what it does, but how14:35
marlincAh, it uses update-alternatives14:36
tjaaltonthe monitor layout config is saved somewhere in your $HOME14:39
tjaaltonbut the crash happens before even lightdm is up14:39
tjaaltonso it's your xorg.conf at least which is broken14:39
marlincIt does crash as well when I change the monitor layout14:40
marlincOr rather when it applies it14:40
tjaaltonthat might be more interesting to see14:40
tjaaltonor your xorg.conf..14:40
marlincWhen it does work (which it does sometimes when the monitor layout gets lost) and I change the config it crashes again14:41
marlincI'll check again when I get home, haven't got a second monitor at my disposal at the moment14:41
marlincDo you know where the monitor layout is stored in the home directory?14:42
marlincI guess monitors.xml?14:42
tjaaltondo you have one?14:43
tjaaltonI don't14:43
marlincI'll attach it14:43
marlincI haven't made it14:43
tjaaltonI don't need it14:43
tjaaltonmove it aside14:44
marlincWant me to remove it?14:45
tjaaltondoes it crash now even without the monitor hooked?14:48
marlincI can't remember what the error is but when I try to apply a config I get a error from the Unity screen thingy. It then shows my smaller monitor inside my larger monitor in the setting screen. Then I move my smaller screen to the left again and that's when it crashes14:48
marlincOne moment, I'll switch but that should work just finne14:49
marlincWorking fine tjaalton 14:50
marlincOpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation14:50
marlincOpenGL renderer string: GeForce 840M/PCIe/SSE214:50
tjaaltonok so you can't test anything now :)14:55
marlincOkay ;) if there's nothing I can do now I'll switch over to spare battery14:57
marlincWhat's the part that for example reads monitor.xml and creates the Xorg config? Or does Xorg read it itself using some module?15:00
tjaaltonthe capplet does not write xorg.conf15:00
tjaaltonsome nvidia tool might15:01
marlincThis is the config file https://launchpadlibrarian.net/237745049/monitors.xml15:02
tjaaltonno, xorg.conf15:03
marlincThat would be this https://gist.github.com/Marlinc/bf79005e715a3f057b7215:05
marlincI haven't got a /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:06
tjaaltonwhere was that then?15:06
marlincIts called xorg.conf.0210201615:07
tjaaltonanything in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d?15:07
tjaaltonbesides the usual15:07
tjaaltoninput stuff15:07
marlincNothing strange as far as I can see https://gist.github.com/Marlinc/724c9ed02d4cc0950d9e except for glamoregl.conf which is a symlink15:09
tjaaltonso there is xserver 1.18.1 in ppa:canonical-x/x-staging which will enter xenial next monday15:12
tjaaltonno idea if it might fix anything but could be something to test..15:12
tjaaltonwith nvidia enabled it's using modesetting+nvidia15:12
marlincI'll check when I get home, possibly debug some stuff with you and then try the PPA15:22
tjaaltonEOD here15:25
marlincAh, no problem :) Hav efun15:26
marlincAh, no problem :) Have fun15:26
tseliotricotz, mamarley: do you have a testing ppa that supports arm?15:27
mamarleywgrant: Could you please enable ARM builds on ppa:mamarley/staging ?15:27
mamarleytseliot: ^15:27
tseliot304 is in xenial now15:28
mamarleyOn the other hand, maybe we should have an "official" staging PPA to which we can all upload.15:29
tseliotgood point15:30
mamarleyricotz: What do you think about that?15:30
mamarleytseliot: I am not at home so I am unable to create the PPA at the moment, but unless ricotz objects you should be able to create it.15:36
tseliotmamarley: ok15:37
ricotzmamarley, tseliot, for what is it needed? just for 361?15:37
tseliotin the meantime I'm going to build 361 on my Meizu Mx4...15:38
mamarleyJust a general-purpose staging PPA to which we can all upload for stuff like testing builds that we aren't sure are ready for general consumption.15:38
mamarleyLike this armhf test.15:38
ricotzmore ppas will just get confusing imo, just push it to the main ppa15:39
ricotzin case of armhf just use a local pbuilder or so to test if it at least builds15:39
tjaaltontseliot: x-staging has all archs..15:43
tseliottjaalton: that's good15:44
tseliotricotz: I tried my schroot (which usually works well for armhf) but the packaging scripts kept thinking it was amd64...15:45
ricotztseliot, this would mean DEB_BUILD_ARCH is populated wrong?15:50
tseliotit's not necessarily wrong. Something goes wrong with foreign vs native arch15:51
ricotztseliot, use pbuilder which uses qemu15:52
ricotzit is crawling slow but seems to do it right15:52
tseliotricotz: I use qemu-static I think15:52
tseliotI should really check...15:52
tseliotmy phone works for testing :)15:55
marlinctjaalton, tseliot I've tested a few things and added instructions of how I got it to crash. I also attached two screenshots of errors I got from 'Screen Display' the display utility in Unity https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-352/+bug/154262916:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1542629 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-352 (Ubuntu) "Session crashes when second monitor is connected" [Undecided,New]16:19
tjaaltonmarlinc: ok, test the ppa then16:35
tseliotricotz, mamarley: I've finally got the packaging of 361 right for arm too. I am going to upload in a bit. The packages will end up in NEW though :/16:39
marlincWill do tjaalton16:45
ricotztseliot, great17:09
marlincLets see what happends17:17
marlincLets see what happenss17:17
marlincLets see what happens17:17
marlincIs this bad? Its about to remove xserver-xorg-input-mouse17:18
marlincWell anyway, lets try. I can always go back using ZFS17:20
mamarleytseliot: Great, thanks!  When I get home from work later I will do the packaging for gpu-drivers.17:21
tseliotit's uploading now. I will also push to my git branches when the uploads are over17:22
marlincOkay, the PPA kind of makes it worse, when I now switch to the NVIDIA driver using prime-select not even lightdm can start.17:37
marlincIts spewing quite a few errors, I'll gist those17:37
marlinctseliot, tjaalton here are logs of LightDM errors when using prime-select nvidia using that PPA17:44
tjaaltonnoone uses -mouse, it's going to be removed from the archive too..19:17
marlincI'm sorry.. I guess I didn't include the link m19:19
marlincOne moment19:19
marlinctjaalton, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/2d6ec0b85280241fc0c719:19
tjaaltonso unity-greeter crashes for some reason19:28
tjaaltonbut only with nvidia?19:28
tjaalton/usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/90-nvidia.conf what's this?19:29
tjaaltonmarlinc: try commenting out the line with "type="19:31
marlincLet me check19:32
marlincSo I guess I have to reconfigure the PPA19:33
marlincLet me make a clone using ZFS so I can switch back and forth19:33
tjaaltonjust edit the file19:33
marlincI've rolled back to before I installed the PPA19:34
marlincOkay brb, I'll reboot to the cloned dataset and add the PPA again19:35
marlincOkay done that tjaalton, I'm rebooting with it uncommented19:39
tjaaltontseliot: what does that bit do btw? (type=xlocal)19:39
marlincIts still crashing19:40
tjaaltonwell then try commenting out the rest19:40
tjaaltonI guess those scripts are failing19:41
marlincWould restarting lightdm do? Or do I have to restart?19:41
tjaaltonrestart lightdm19:41
marlincNow the screen stays black, lets check the logs19:42
tjaaltonbut doesn't crash19:42
tjaaltontseliot: looks like this one is on you ;)19:42
tjaaltonnvidia-prime and/or gpu-manager is unhappy with x-staging19:43
marlincI am getting a lot of errors in the log though, let me gist them19:43
marlincIn the greeter log that is19:43
tjaaltonbecause it probably really needs the scripts working19:45
marlincI'm getting quite of bit of this as well, not sure if its related, this is in the kernel log https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a7d2b4a15560f99f970319:46
tjaaltona bios update might get rid of the acpi stuff19:46
tjaaltonwhat intel cpu is it?19:47
marlincIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz19:47
tjaaltondon't think the fifo underruns are critical19:48
marlincOkay, not sure what they mean so I though I'd at least show them19:48
tjaaltonthe original dmesg had them19:49
marlincGoing to reboot back to my normal install, since I've created a clone I can always go back to this exact environment19:49
marlincHow do you actually test this stuff and how do you make it reproducible19:54
tjaaltoni don't, no hybrids here19:58
marlincWell thanks a lot tjaalton, sorry for the inconvenience20:28
soee_mamarley: why only new nvidia-settings is uploaded to ppa and not the drivers ?20:33
mamarleysoee_: Because uploading NVIDIA drivers isn't what pays the bills. :)20:33
mamarleyI think there is already 361.28 in NEW for Xenial, so when I get home, I will use that as a basis for packages for all the other versions.20:34
soee_in NEW ?20:35
soee_i'm no Xenial and dot see it in drivers ppa20:35
mamarleysoee_: It was uploaded to the official Xenial repository, but last I heard, it is still in NEW which means it isn't published yet.20:37
tseliottjaalton: type=xlocal means that it shouldn't be using the system compositor20:54
tseliotmarlinc: if you're around, we can debug this tomorrow20:57

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