Kilosmorning all05:49
magespawngood morning06:18
Kiloshi magespawn FusionSparc 06:19
Kilosmorning inetpro 06:19
Kilosohi thatgraemeguy 06:19
inetprogood mornings everyone06:44
magespawnwhats up Kilos ?07:19
Kilosmainly busy in garden and yard magespawn 07:19
Kilosdubbletjies everywhere07:19
Kilosonly weeds maintain fine on min rain07:20
magespawnin some places grass is a weed07:41
dlPhreakKilos, magespawn, superfly how are you?07:56
Kilosok ty07:57
Kiloshi superfly 07:57
superflyhi dlPhreak, I'm alright08:01
dlPhreakThat's cool superfly, what are you up to?08:05
superflydlPhreak: working08:07
dlPhreaksuperfly: heavy days haha08:10
unlaudableclient managed to lose there entire /usr/share directory08:14
superflyunlaudable: wow 0_o08:21
Private_Usermorning all08:34
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magespawnhi dlPhreak 09:12
magespawnunlaudable: no way to recover?09:12
magespawnhi Private_User 09:13
Private_Userhi magespawn 09:13
dlPhreakmagespawn: hello09:16
unlaudablemanaged to reinstall yum by downloading manually from repos, and did a yum update, it was quite old so there were a lot of updates, so most stuff got reinstalled...09:17
unlaudableseems to be ok now09:17
unlaudablerpm --force first  for the yum and yum-utils pkgs09:17
magespawnhas anyone heard of NetworkMiner? http://www.netresec.com/?page=NetworkMiner09:17
Kilosi hear fedora is dropping yum for some new thing09:18
Kilosor did i dream it09:18
unlaudableprobably could of pointed the repo baseurl at the deprecated directory and done a yum reinstall...09:18
Kilosya that09:19
unlaudableDandified Yum09:19
Kilosill stick to apt09:19
unlaudableit's more clever, like it can download and install downloaded packages while its still downloading the rest09:19
anton_mayhalo all09:42
Kiloshi anton_may 09:46
unlaudablefiguredout all the missing packages with rpm -V11:24
unlaudablerunning yum reinstall on them all... then should be as good as new...11:24
unlaudableI hope11:24
superflyhi Kilos18:28
Kiloshi superfly we dont have a dseignated leader hey18:29
superflyKilos: in what way?18:29
Kiloslike egypt has a council18:29
superflyno, not sure why we need one18:30
Kiloswe used to have one, i forget his nick now18:30
Kiloswe decided we dont need one i think as everyone jumps in when needed18:31
Kilosmaybe other locos arent a bunch of friends like us18:32
inetprooom Kilos is our council18:53
inetprogood evenin18:53
Kilosnee nee18:53
Kiloshi inetpro wb18:53
inetprohmm... did he go somewhere?18:54
Kiloshe is rather quiet18:59
Kilosbusy i spose18:59
Kilosi get busy as well18:59
Kilosafter 9pm im busy sleeping19:00
Kilosnight all.sleep tight19:02
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