jpt9Hey.  I think I just accidentally checked the "ignore future crashes" option for the bug reporter when Thunar crashed.  How do I reset it?00:52
pleia2jpt9: use sudo to open /etc/default/apport and change the value from 0 to 100:54
jpt9pleia2: Oh.  Does the "ignore future problems of this type" option just disable apport?00:57
jpt9I figured it was tied to the particular application that was crashing or something.00:58
pleia2jpt9: ah, "of this type", not sure, is apport still set to 1?00:58
jpt9Lemme try checking it.00:58
jpt9(Either way, I'm getting crash dialogs for Thunar again.)00:58
jpt9Right, so that checkbox *does* work.01:02
pleia2glad you got it sorted :)01:02
jpt9Well, sort of.  I still haven't figured out how to get crash reports for Thunar back.01:03
jpt9I'm beginning to wonder if I hadn't actually checked that checkbox the first time around...01:04
jpt9Ah.  Got it.01:05
jpt9There's now a .apport-ignore.xml in my home directory.01:05
jpt9So I don't think I actually checked it in the first place.01:05
pleia2I'm afraid I've never dug into the fine-tuning of the crash tools01:07
pleia2so I didn't even know about th xml file01:07
jpt9I'd looked around online a bit.01:07
jpt9(Debugging stuff is a lot easier if you actually remember what you actually clicked on :-) )01:07
sorinel1oHello. Is there a way to split my terminal in 2 columns ?08:02
flocculantsorinel1o: not as far as I know08:08
sorinel1oflocculant, I see there is an option in the xfce terminal - geometry and you can put a number of columns08:16
sorinel1obut that seems to be another thing08:17
pleia2sorinel1o: geometry is the size of the window, and the columns are in character numbers, not different columns down the terminal screen08:19
sorinel1oyeah, indeed08:19
pleia2you'd have to use a cli windowing system like screen(1) to get actual columns in a terminal window08:20
xubuntu81whello people, im new around here. is there any good resource instead of wiki manuals to learn more about linux/xubuntu?11:37
xubuntu81wthanks in advance :)11:37
slickymasterWorkxubuntu81w, have you tried http://docs.xubuntu.org/ ?11:39
xubuntu81wactually went there but did saw it, i will have a look around. thank you11:41
`qqsorinel1o: you can also try tmux.14:42
`qqdoes anyone have issues with indicator icons not showing up after resume?14:43
`qqspecifically dropbox14:43
`qqi have to restart the panel and then it works14:43
`qqi googled and some suggested disabling compositing ... but it didn't work14:43
`qqany ideas?14:43
`qqcould it be a bug in the indicator plugin?14:44
jdwwattsim running xubuntu on toshiba sattelite lap top it works very well but i want to find another linux system to run along side it any sugestions?16:32
geniiDepends what you plan to do with it16:37
jdwwattstest it to see how functional it is16:40
jdwwattsjust basic hardware recognition and capabilities16:42
geniiFor instance: "I want to just surf the web and check email" or: "I want to set it up as a router" , etc16:42
jdwwattsjust surf the net i dont know much about building servers or that kind of stuff16:44
jdwwattsalthough if there was something that would help me learn i dont wantto limit myself iether16:46
geniijdwwatts: In the *buntu family, you might want to try Lubuntu. Outside of the *buntu family, Tiny Core Linux is pretty good and uses few resources. Alternately, there is also Android-X86 which can run on laptops and desktops16:48
geniijdwwatts: If you feel really ambitious you go for the Linux From Scratch tutorial ;)16:57
jdwwattsill try that17:14
xubuntu02wAnyone know why my semlos sata card aint allowing me to access my new hardrives?17:51
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Guillaume2why when i close the cover of my laptop the login screen appear i login then the screen keep being black.  i have to reboot,. but when he goes on sleep with cover up he recover perfecly ? is there a solution for that problem. in fact if when i close the cover the screen only go off it will do the job. i don't want it to sleep23:47
Guillaume2xubuntu 14.0423:48
flocculantGuillaume2: this is an issue we know - it also appears in so many different configurations with different hardware we are not sure what the issue iss23:50
flocculantue is23:50
Guillaume2i understand23:50
Guillaume2so no answer for now23:50
Guillaume2did you know if some work on this ?23:50
`qqflocculant: while we have you here, do you know if there is an issue with systray after resume?23:51
`qqspecifically the dropbox icon not showing up23:51
flocculantGuillaume2: there is - but it's hard to know a good answer23:51
Guillaume2ok i will keep try some23:51
flocculantGuillaume2: just hang about for a while23:52
flocculanttrying to get something for you23:52
flocculant'qq`not at all sure - I mostly upgrade to the dev version the day after we release to carry on testing23:53
`qqmaybe i should just update. right now i have a python script listening on dbus for the resume event, and killing libsystray if its there. it works :\23:55
`qqi'm on 15.10 though23:56
flocculant`qq: I did see some dropbox issues around - but that could have been you23:56
`qqflocculant: :) no not me. most of them state that turning off compositing fixes it. but not for me.23:57
flocculantGuillaume2: bluesabre> "We are aware of some hardware/driver incompatabilities that were discovered after the release of 14.04. With limited resources, we are not able to test all combinations, and would recommend installing xscreensaver until the issue is addressed"23:57
flocculant`qq: which reads almost exactly like the issue I'd seen23:58
flocculantdon't use dropbox - panel works for me - someone else might have more :)23:58
`qqflocculant: ok. thanks. for now the python goldberg machine works for me.23:59

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