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jamespagegnuoy, one minor comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/keystone/add-dnsaas-svc/+merge/28392212:14
jcastrolazypower|travel: I need your slides from the summit/FOSDEM when you get a chance12:22
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lazyPowerjcastro - ack. lemme fish those up12:49
jcastromarcoceppi: aisrael: you guys need anything?12:57
marcoceppijcastro: ?12:57
jcastrofeel free to ask if you need some mwc prep thing done12:57
jcastroyou guys were working on an mwc demo no?12:57
marcoceppiyeah, still are12:57
loveaHi. For a given charm deployed on a given Unit, how would I go about retrieving a list of all relation names for that unit? All the charm helpers such as relation-list seem to require a relation name to begin with. What I'm trying to do is run a script at the end of the upgrade-charm hook that looks for all existing relationships for that unit and somehow trigger a relationship-set so that the original relation config is reinstated.13:14
Ursinhahi all, is it possible to get a unit out of the blocked state? similar to juju resolved for when unit is in error state13:21
Ursinhait's missing relations to a unit that has already settled13:22
lazyPowerlovea : great question. i forget if its relation-list or relation-ids that spits out all the currently established relations13:22
lazyPowerbut one of those commands will give you what you're looking for - or at least the first step to start probing/inspecting13:23
Ursinhaand I've been waiting for ~20 mins or so, it's not going anywhere13:23
lazyPowerUrsinha - can you give me a little more context?13:23
UrsinhalazyPower: I'm deploying openstack and ceph-radosgw is blocked missing relations on ceph-moin13:23
lovealazyPower: definitely not relation-ids so I'll try relation-list13:23
lazyPowerUrsinha - blocked status messages, if not cleared properly in the charm code - can be misleading. status messages are arbitrary notices from the charm author, and its entirely likely that a charm may be operating nominally but the status message was never cleared giving it the apperance of still being in a blocked state13:24
Ursinhabut ceph-mon is already ready and idle13:24
lazyPowerUrsinha: and when you juju status ceph-mon, do you see the relation established in the output? (specifically when using --format=yaml to juju status ceph-mon)13:24
UrsinhalazyPower: juju logs show in ceph-radosgw that relations are missing13:24
UrsinhalazyPower: let me try that specifically13:24
lazyPowericey - ping if you're around :)13:25
iceypong lazyPower13:25
lazyPowericey - are you familiar with the ceph-radosgw charm?13:25
iceylittle bit, reading the conversation lazyPower13:26
lazyPower<3 this is why you're one of my favorites13:26
iceyUrsinha: just to confirm, you're using my ceph-mon charm that you're using the ceph-mon in my personal namespace?13:27
UrsinhalazyPower: hm no. it's not showing in the relations list -- but then I tried to add it and it failed saying the relation already existed, I tried to remove it and it said nothing, but won't allow me add a new one13:27
icey(as far as I know, there's nothing that should have changed with the radosgw relation)13:27
Ursinhahaha yes, hi icey :)13:27
UrsinhaI think this might be a bug in the charm, but I wanted to know if it would be possible to do something about the "blocked" state in any case13:28
lovealazyPower: relation-list also expects a relation name to be passed. I can see a way of starting at the top of the tree and discovering relation names, then relation ids, then acting on the ids.13:28
lazyPowerlovea: that sounds right13:29
iceyUrsinha: when I add blocked states, it's always resolvable by the user ;-) Sometimes by adding a required relation, sometimes it needs to be retried; sadly, I didn't add the blocked to the radosgs one so I'm not sure yet13:29
lovealazyPower: typo, I can't see a way!13:29
lovealazyPower: Might just have to hardcode the charm relation names for now.13:30
iceyUrsinha: the only thing that's changed with the radosgw stuff recently is adding in a broker, I can dig in in a bit to see if I can reproduce the error13:30
iceyradosgw stuff in ceph/ceph-mon13:30
Ursinhaicey: hmm right, I ran a resolved --retry but it seems to work only with units in error state13:30
Ursinhaicey: I found this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/ceph-radosgw/+bug/151794013:31
mupBug #1517940: workload-status is wrong <openstack> <sts> <ceph-radosgw (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1517940>13:31
iceyyeah Ursinha, how to resolved blocked does depend ;-) I try to make it reasonable13:31
lazyPowerlovea: as the charm author, you can reasonably tell what relations are in the assembled charm...13:31
lazyPowerlovea: i'll bring this up at our charmer office hours though, so tune in :)13:31
Ursinhaicey: so it's basically reading the message, hoping the developer was reasonable and try to do something to fix that? :)13:31
iceyUrsinha: Ed's report comes up before this last change so I'll definitely have to dig13:31
lovealazyPower: Yeah. That's what I figured. Thanks for listening.13:32
iceyUrsinha: yeah, remember: state and messages are freeform so you have to hope the author did the right thing13:32
lazyPowerlovea np, sorry i didn't have a better answer, but what you're asking is going to become a more requested feature - as interface layers are really going to accellerate the consumption of connectivity13:32
Ursinhaicey: will keep that in mind, thanks for the info13:32
lazyPowerpre-fab interfaces make it trivial13:32
iceyUrsinha: I'll try to take a look at reproducing this today, probably won't get to it until later13:33
Ursinhaicey: that is fine, it's not happening every time so I'm not blocked, but as I just hit it I wanted to +1 the issue13:33
Ursinhaicey: thank you :)13:33
iceyyeah, the transient failure makes it much harder to repro Ursinha13:34
lovealazyPower: Indeed. Connected subordinate charms can add up too. Really liking Juju though so many thanks.13:34
apuimedojamespage: ping13:35
jamespageapuimedo, hello13:35
lazyPowernp lovea :) love that feedback!13:35
apuimedois it possible to enable amulet tests for merge proposals run on my charms?13:36
apuimedoor will that only be once they are promulgated?13:36
apuimedo(I can see why that would be a whitelist thing)13:37
apuimedolazyPower: do you have swarm charmed?13:40
lazyPowerapuimedo - i have a layer for it, its not "official" as i've run into a roadblock with the TLS generation that I hiaven't gotten back to13:41
lazyPowerbut its well on its way, let me fish you up a link to the layer13:41
apuimedosome people want to try kuryr with swarm and I was thinking I could just make a charm13:41
lazyPoweryeah buddy!13:41
lazyPowerDude, let me work with you on that13:42
lazyPowerlike, dont block on me, but i def want to be a fly on the wall while you work with these layer(s), and get some solid feedback on how i've got this layed out13:42
apuimedoI have to read up on the layers first13:43
lazyPowerping me if you need help :)13:43
apuimedocause I didn't use them yet13:43
apuimedobut I'll probably get to that at the end of next week13:43
lazyPowerif you've got time next week i can reasonably pencil you in for a quick charm school to get you up to speed with layers13:44
lazyPoweri'll have to clear it with my workload first, but i'm 80% certain that an hour is expendable for this13:44
apuimedolazyPower: I'll also want to give a look at the kubernetes work you have13:45
apuimedobut that one you have completely ready, right?13:45
lazyPowerMostly, there's still some work to be done to make it "enterprise grade" but you get a functional/scaleable k8s cluster if you're building from tip of our layers13:46
apuimedoI want to use it to give devs a kubernetes environment o develop kuryr integration with13:47
apuimedoso we'll tear kube-proxy down13:48
apuimedoand flannel too13:48
lazyPowerlove it, thats a one liner fix to remove that integration13:48
lazyPowerjust gank the layer: flannel directive from layer.yaml, rebuild and you've got a vanilla k8s setup according to google's deployment guide13:48
lazyPoweryou'll also want to adjust the pod/service definitions in the layer13:48
lazyPowerbut that should be it13:49
apuimedowhich series is it?13:49
lazyPowerwe're currently piloting a xenial deployment, i'll know more about that by end of day today13:50
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wesleymasonSo say I want to include and install a wheel of a library in my built charm, is there a way of defining that in my layer and having charm build include it, or do I have to include it in my layer?14:41
jamespagedosaboy, hey does https://code.launchpad.net/~hopem/charm-helpers/lp1518975/+merge/28573414:55
jamespagemean that you can provide the key after the | in the openstack-origin?14:55
jamespagewesleymason, yes - just add it to a wheelhouse.txt in your charm/layer14:55
jamespagelayer-basic does this already14:56
wesleymasonjamespage: is that a pip requirements file?14:56
jamespagesame format14:56
jamespagedosaboy, the key might be better passed as an additional config option ?14:58
dosaboyjamespage: i've tried it this way and it works quite nicely if you use the yaml multiline syntax15:08
dosaboyno need for an extra config option15:08
jamespagedosaboy, pastebin?15:08
dosaboy1 sec15:08
dosaboyjamespage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15016527/15:12
jamespagedosaboy, ok - lgtm - +1 from gnuoy as well15:15
dosaboyjamespage: shall i merge the os charms as well?15:15
dosaboyi've already synced them15:16
jamespagemerging ch now15:16
dosaboythey're a clean sync ftr, no additions15:16
jamespagedosaboy, I was +1 on approach - but I think we need to preserve import_key as a function15:18
marcoceppiwesleymason: is it a wheel you have built?15:18
marcoceppiwesleymason: or one in pypi?15:19
jamespageits part of the api, so renaming is not so great imho15:19
wesleymasonmarcoceppi: will be both15:19
wesleymasonone I have built *and* it's on pypi 😉15:19
jamespagedosaboy, does that make sense - import_pgp_key could just use the existing function... rather than subsuming it15:20
dosaboyjamespage: sorry yes, i'll switch it back15:27
dosaboyjamespage: gimme few mins to get it all synced15:27
marcoceppiwesleymason: you put pypi deps in wheelhouse.txt as you would a requirements.txt file15:28
marcoceppiwesleymason: and the rest you should create a wheelhouse directory and put a source wheelhoues in there15:28
marcoceppiwesleymason: and as I'm typing this I realize this should be documented15:28
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dosaboyjamespage: charm-helpers patch ready, charms on their way15:42
dosaboyjamespage: done.15:46
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jamespagedosaboy, charm-helpers landed - please resync charms and let osci do it stuff16:32
jamespagedosaboy, +1 on landing those pending lint, unit and amulet test confirmation is OK16:32
dosaboyjamespage: charms are all synced16:34
jamespagedosaboy, gooh-oh16:34
boltholeHey juju guys! I'm back, with followup questions to my juju-local + lxc debugging :)19:17
boltholeI have now got a working local environment, and I notice the following oddity:19:17
bolthole"sudo lxc list" shows nothing. But "sudo lxc-ls --fancy" shows stuff.  Um... wahts up with that?  (note: I'm a complete lxc noob)19:17
boltholei m mentioining this, becuase there is nothing about this stuff on https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/troubleshooting-local-lxc19:20
boltholeand on a different subject, my logs are getting spammed with:19:28
boltholejuju.worker.diskmanager lsblk.go:116 error checking if "fd0" is in use: open /dev/fd0: no such device or address19:28
boltholeI googled that, and found that allegedly restarting the whole machine shoudl clear it up. but it didnt.19:29
lazyPowerbolthole - the log spam is a bug and should be filed http://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+filebug19:35
lazyPowerbolthole - regarding lxc-ls --fancy showing data where lxc-ls is not, thats... odd....19:35
lazyPoweri'm not sure what would cause that19:35
boltholecorrection: lcs-ls and lcs-ls --fancy both work. its "lcs list" that does not.19:38
boltholeI just read why taht is. but I think that info needs to be on the juju docs page mentioned above.19:38
lazyPowerbolthole - https://github.com/juju/docs/issues - a bug would be <319:44
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boltholeawwright i filed a bug.   wierd that it would be in github not launchpad.20:27
boltholelazypower: taht was a bug for the dogs. fur the /dev/fd0 thing.. that is already a bug somewhere.20:27
lazyPowerbolthole - ack. Thanks for getting that filed.20:28
lazyPowerbolthole - regarding the log bug, 10/4 - those seem to get lower priority in the -dev queue, but with it filed we should get that sorted soonish :)20:28
mupBug #1509747: Intermittent lxc failures on wily, juju-template-restart.service race condition <cloud-installer> <lxc> <wily> <juju-core:Invalid by cherylj> <systemd (Ubuntu):Invalid by pitti> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1509747>20:28
boltholesince oct20:29
boltholewait how is it marked invalid??? WTH20:29
cheryljbolthole: is that the right one?  shows that's a bug I opened20:29
boltholeyeah you did.20:31
boltholei'm hitting it everyh time20:31
boltholein azure, AND in a regular ubuntu-on-metal install20:31
boltholeubuntu 15.1020:32
cheryljbolthole: attach the /var/lib/juju/containers/<container name>/* to the bug and I can re open it20:33
boltholealternatively... rather than going through extended bug analysis... maybe you can just stop Checking For Floppy Disks, Seeing as how it is 2010+ now??? :)20:36
boltholecherylj: waitaminit.. I just noticed it's only whining about machine-0.20:37
boltholewhich, funily enough, isnt present in that container directory20:38
cheryljbolthole: bug #1509747 was not opened for /dev/fd0 messages20:38
mupBug #1509747: Intermittent lxc failures on wily, juju-template-restart.service race condition <cloud-installer> <lxc> <wily> <juju-core:Invalid by cherylj> <systemd (Ubuntu):Invalid by pitti> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1509747>20:38
boltholesymptoms the same though.20:39
bolthole"/var/log/juju-ubuntu-local/all-machines.log just spits out a series of  machine-0: 2015-10-28 08:27:55 ERROR juju.worker.diskmanager lsblk.go:116 error checking if "fd0" is in use: open /dev/fd0: no such device or address  but doesn't otherwise seem to do anything."20:39
boltholedifference being, after a very long time... my install of juju actually stabilitzed and I could use it.20:40
boltholebut its still spamming errrors20:40
boltholewaitanminit... now it's spaming a different set of errors :-/20:41
boltholediskmanager": cannot list block devices: lsblk failed: fork/exec /bin/lsblk: cannot allocate memory20:42
boltholeWhich is odd, since the machine supposedly has 128 GIGABYTES of memory and is doing nothing else.20:42
boltholebut maybe the virtual machine has too little allocated to it?20:42
boltholeoops sorry thats a different machine. wrong window. sigh.20:43
boltholethje 128gig azure VM is still spamming "checking if "fd0" is in use:" errors.20:43
boltholeWhich seems a pretty clera error, since20:44
boltholeopen /dev/fd0: no such device or address20:44
boltholeIf there's no dev, you would think it should shut up and stop trhying to check the device.20:44
boltholei'l open a new bug20:45
mupBug #1544724: repeatedly checks /dev/fd0 when it doesnt even exist <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1544724>20:48
apuimedolazyPower: do you know if there is a way to specify the security group on openstack juju environments?20:49
lazyPowerI do not... but ddellav or beisner may know20:50
beisnerapuimedo, afaik, juju manages creation and cleanup of secgroups and their naming, and there looks to be only one knob to turn.  https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/config-openstack20:52
apuimedoI only saw "use-default"20:52
apuimedoor something like that20:52
beisnerapuimedo, right that's all i see too.20:52
apuimedoit's a bit of a bummer, for some reason the open ports doesn't trigger anything on the security groups20:53
apuimedoso my amulet tests fail :/20:53
lazyPoweropen-port should most def be poking at those sec groups20:53
beisnerseems like that'd be a bug20:54
lazyPowerwhich version of juju is this apuimedo?20:54
apuimedo1.25.0 to be precise20:54
lazyPowerapuimedo - is it at all possible its racing? and the port is getting open in the sec group, but later than the test is expecting?20:55
apuimedoI leave the instances on20:55
apuimedoand even now20:55
apuimedo15 minutes later20:55
lazyPoweryeah it may be a regression then, and thats odd as we have test coverage around that i'm pretty sure20:55
apuimedono entry for 808020:55
apuimedoI guess I'll have to disturb my maas environment for amulet tests :(20:56
apuimedolazyPower: beisner: does the aws provider work well?21:07
marcoceppiapuimedo: it should21:13
apuimedothanks marcoceppi21:14
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