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ovidiu-florinclivejo: you can reach me faster on Telegram07:02
valoriewow, so much green now07:04
valoriewho /how is the CI turning green?07:04
ovidiu-florinBlack magic07:04
valorieI'm actually interested in knowing who did that magic07:05
valorieand what they did07:05
ovidiu-florinless than a third are still in red07:06
ovidiu-floringreat work magic wizzard07:06
ovidiu-florin(girls can be wizzards too, right?)07:07
valoriedepending on your chosen fantasy universe, of course!07:07
sittervalorie: from what I was told kio was broken, KIO being a dep of everything else subsequently broke everythign else08:25
valorieah, that is deep magick indeed08:27
valoriethanks, sitter08:28
sittercredit goes to clivejo FWIW (:08:29
valorienice work clivejo!08:29
clivejositter: is there any way to filter the Senile FIX into frameworks, plasma and apps?09:05
sitterclivejo: login and create a view09:09
sitterI think users can create their own views09:09
clivejositter: does KCI know which are frameworks etc?09:13
sitterclivejo: you can create views based on regular expressions09:14
sitterso ^xenial_frameworks_.*$09:14
sitterwould give you frameworks09:14
sitterthen you can additional filter the views by the build states you want09:14
clivejositter: I cant see how to do that :/09:15
clivejothe package names dont contain frameworks?09:16
sitteroh that is true09:17
sitteronly mobile CI has that09:17
sitterso you can't :P09:17
bshahheuheu.. all hail to mobile CI!09:19
sitterTBH I don't see the point anyway :P09:19
sitterI always look at any red build and then dig through the upstreams until I find the lowest dep that fails and fix that first09:20
clivejositter: just thought it would be handy so attention could be drawn to those packages just before release09:20
sitterit's not like it matters if that dep was a framework09:20
sitterclivejo: all packages should always be green or orange. if not the hat is on fire anyway09:21
clivejofor example frameworks have just been released, if they could all be fixed in KCI09:21
sittersince you don't even know if the upcoming frameworks release is perhaps breaking some stable application etc.09:21
clivejopoint taken09:26
clivejositter: would you give plasma-discover a kick to rebuild when you have time10:11
sitterclivejo: you aren't a kubuntu-member yet?10:12
clivejono :(10:12
clivejothey dont like me10:12
sitterI, [2016-02-11T11:12:57.781888 #28157]  INFO -- retry: xenial_unstable_plasma-discover | status - failure | queued - true10:13
sitterclivejo: already queued10:13
clivejoKCI is very busy at the moment!10:13
* clivejo giggles10:14
clivejohi valorie10:14
valorieclivejo has not scheduled his member meeting yet10:14
clivejoI dont know how!10:14
clivejoand you all know me :P10:15
valorieyes, but a meeting should be called10:16
clivejoI pester you all enough10:16
* clivejo dislikes meetings10:16
clivejoare you all coming to Ireland to see me then?!?10:16
valorieeither just set a time, or use Doodle or so10:17
clivejoIm easy time wise10:18
valoriechoose the times you are available and let the rest of use choose among them10:18
valoriesend the link to Kubuntu-devel10:18
valoriemake the doodle for next week, so we have a few days to fill out the doodle10:19
clivejowhat is doodle?!?10:19
clivejosounds like something my pup done10:20
valoriethere are some free alternatives, but most of us have been using that one for quite awhile10:21
yofelbe careful with the timezone settings, that's rather confusing :/10:23
valorieI think it's best to just use it in your own timezone10:24
valorieand let us each set it for our own10:24
* clivejo notices yofel hasnt bigged me up on wiki page!10:25
yofelI'm at work and am waiting for the wiki to log me in for several minutes now10:25
yofelshould be done SOON[TM]10:26
clivejoI think Ive messed it up10:26
valoriemessed up what?10:27
clivejoI made a doodle on doodle10:27
valorierule 2: no peeing on websites10:27
* clivejo though a doodle was a #210:28
sitteryofel: still better than the KDE wikis which have been readonly for like a week now xD10:29
sitteron wiki.ubuntu there's at least a chance you can write something. albeit a slim one :P10:29
yofeloh, I'm in \o/10:29
clivejobut for how long!10:30
clivejoit randomly logs me out :/10:30
yofeldoesn't happen to me..10:30
yofelwell, so far at least10:30
yofeland as I say that, it logged me out, uhuh.....10:31
* clivejo smirks10:33
clivejotold you so!10:33
sitterjmux: did you get in touch with kdepim (or kde at large) for the May sprint? if not, do you want me to post an invite?10:33
valoriethe kde wikis got hit by two spam attacks10:51
valoriethey are figuring out how to move forward now10:51
valorieI keep poking people with sharp sticks about it10:51
valoriewithout poking Ben so hard he pokes back10:52
soee_do we still have this problem: [11:57] <markit> Before I waste time dowloading 1.2GB of ISO, does recent daily build of 16.04 have the installer working? (some time ago just crashed with some errors) ?11:00
valoriewe did a couple of days ago, and afaik nobody has fixed it11:00
valorieis there a trello card about sorting it?11:01
valoriedon't see one11:02
valorieadding it11:02
snelevalorie: soee_: bug report status triaged and stays like that for weeks now11:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1529450 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[master] AttributeError: 'PageKde' object has no attribute 'get_secureboot_key'" [Critical,Triaged]11:06
valorieyofel said it can be fixed after our deadline for uploading packages11:08
valoriethat has to be our first priority11:08
valorieeven over testing11:08
valorieunless someone has the expertise to fix it quickly11:09
valoriewe're all over-worked11:09
yofelplease don't do bug tracking on trello.. we have launchpad for that11:11
yofelit's already on our xenial RC list11:11
valorieok, sorry yofel11:11
yofelnp, we just have a horrible record of tracking things in multiple place at the same time...11:12
* valorie is exhausted and it's 3:15am11:12
valorieniters all11:12
clivejooh dear11:13
clivejowe have missed the debian merge deadline11:14
yofelhow so?11:17
yofelFF is in a week11:17
yofeldoesn't change that we'll have to file FFE's for almost everything11:17
acheron88was there a fix for the broken lockscreen on switching back to previous user session?11:30
acheron88besides 'loginctl unlock-sessions' in a VT that is....11:31
clivejoyofel: trello note is 11am today11:47
clivejoyofel: ping11:50
clivejoin these debian merges I have noticed *.menu being created or modifed.  Ive been taking Debians solution, but wondering if this is the correct action?11:52
clivejowhereas for the watch file our branches have an unstable entry and Ive been taking our solution over Debian11:54
clivejoalso, I cant see my uploads appearing on qa, is there something wrong?11:56
clivejooh spoke too soon11:57
clivejoI see them now11:57
yofelclivejo: oh, I deliberately set that to one week before FF11:59
yofelas we'll need at least a week to get this uploaded. Doesn't really matter now as we'll be late anyway11:59
yofelfor menu take debians solution, yeah12:00
sitterhow is debian-menu still a thing some 15 years after desktop-entry was invented? -.-12:02
clivejositter: strugs12:03
* clivejo shrugs12:03
* clivejo noms on a spoonful of Nutella12:04
BluesKajHiyas all12:05
clivejohi BluesKaj12:07
yofelsitter: be happy, the CTTE officially retired it last year, and now lintian tells you to please exorcise it12:08
sitterwas about damn time :P12:08
BluesKajhi clivejo, yofel, sitter12:09
BluesKajfinally getting somewhere with the activities options and their settings, but I think it still needs a fuller more comprehensive tutorial page of some sort explaining in more detail how the settings are achieved. If such an official "Activities Page" exists iit's not easily found.12:17
clivejositter: do you use git gui?12:18
sitterclivejo: yes12:34
clivejohow can I push to just one branch?12:35
clivejoit seems to want to always push to master as well12:35
sittersounds more like a refspec problem than a gui problem12:37
sitterclivejo: check your .git/config in the repo if it has odd refspecs set up for one of the branches12:38
sitterother than that git gui would push the branches you select for pushing12:38
soee_anyone on a phone with android system ?12:42
clivejosoee_: I am12:44
soee_clivejo: are you able to browse it with Dolphin ?12:46
clivejovia KDE Connect yes12:46
clivejoyofel: Ive done as many of the merges as I know how to.  The rest I need help with12:48
yofelwill have to wait till tomorrow evening if scarlett doesn't have time.12:48
clivejoanything else on the to-do list I can do?12:49
soee_clivejo: i have an error like this: The file or folder /home/soee/.config/kdeconnect/43785641bd795ba/kdeconnect_sftp/43785641bd795ba/storage/extSdCard does not exist.12:50
soee_for each of 3 folders listed on the devic12:51
clivejoyofel: I been trying to fix frameworks on KCI to prepare to stage those12:52
yofelthanks, but please don't stage them for now12:52
clivejoIll go do some OSM work, gimme a shout if you have time to go through one of those problem merges12:53
BluesKajheh, not much common courtesy here...say hi to someone and no response...is thei some kind of totem pole ?13:03
yofelisn't that more of an issue with the general IRC culture? As in that you say hi when you join, but nobody feels oblidged to respond as they might be saying hi dozens of times per day otherwise13:06
BluesKajyofel that's BS , common courtesy is a culture,  irc isn't a culture 13:08
BluesKajwhen one is personally addressed by name one should respond13:09
vishalraohi everyone13:10
BluesKajhi vishalrao13:10
yofelI'm certainly not called everyone, but hi anyway :D13:11
* vishalrao now waits for everyone in the channel to say hi back13:11
soee_hi ubottu13:11
BluesKajhehe, just use their nicks13:11
soee_bot ignors it too13:12
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!13:12
yofelok, it's alive13:12
soee_clivejo: ping13:51
soee_hiho sgclark13:51
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sgclarkahoneybun: claydoh Mamarok ovidiu-florin yofel valorie the KC UCC meeting is evidently today, anyone going to be there? I can reschedule as it snuck up on me and I should have sent reminder.15:31
yofelif IRC: yes, if hangout: no15:32
sgclarkI am too sick for hangout haha15:32
yofeljoin the club -.-15:43
sgclarkcan't anyone be f'ing nice anymore. I am really getting sick of all this.15:49
sittersgclark: You rock! Don't let not-rocking people get you down <315:52
sgclarkthanks sitter <315:52
yofelsgclark: thanks for everything you're doing *hugs* - and get well soon!16:19
sgclarkthanks yofel *hugs*16:23
sgclarkyofel:  question: I have kdepimlibs here that refuses to include source with the upload so of course it gets rejected. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is doing this16:24
yofelpassed -s to git-buildpackage-ppa?16:25
yofelthat has "-sd" hardcoded for that case..16:25
soeeare we packaging kdeconnect 0.9 ?16:25
sgclarkI had nothing passed and that normally works16:26
yofelwhat version are you building?16:26
sgclarkbut I noticed something even weirder, the package name has ppaa_source.changes what is with ppaa?!16:27
sgclarkit is 15.12.1 ppa116:27
yofelthat sounds like -sa got passed16:27
sgclarkoh. that may have been me last attempt. will try -sd16:27
yofelthat won't work either, -s[anything] will pass -sd16:28
yofelthe script simply doesn't allow overriding that (yes, that's stupid)16:28
yofelworst case just edit line 72ff for now16:28
yofelit would nice if the script allowed passing arbitrary params to gbp..16:29
sgclarkit would be nice if it did not randomly not work as intended16:30
soeeWTF oO 16:34
soeeLANGUAGE=C sudo apt update16:34
soee[sudo] password for soee: 16:34
soeesoee is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.16:34
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jmuxsitter: Sorry - wasn't around all day. I just posted to Kubuntu, Neon, Debian DE and LibreOffice channel. Feel free to spread the word.17:28
sgclarkyofel even debuild -S is failing lol, madness. The only thing that sticks out is that it is 1ubuntu1 because debian beat us on new version17:28
jmuxWe don't have much space, as you can probably remeber form last time, since we moved to a different floor.17:29
yofelsgclark: aaaaah, with -1ubuntu1, -S should default to -sd. So there you have to pass -sa for it to include the source19:17
yofelas -1ubuntu1 is a "diff" against -119:17
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ahoneybunoh crap is it sgclark ?19:54
ahoneybunI think it was at a time I couldn't make (it might be over by now anyway)19:55
blazeubuntu ate my kittens, and broke hw video acceleration with latest mesa update :(19:56
clivejokubuntu made my Galaxy S2 go crazy19:57
ahoneybunwell by now a 6yo phone would19:57
geniiSo then performing as advertised. " Live (might eat kittens) " https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs#Live_.28might_eat_kittens.2919:58
clivejothat and I installed CM13 Marshmallow on it :/19:58
clivejobut I blame Kubuntu19:58
clivejoahoneybun: would you write me a wee testimonial ?19:59
ahoneybunand of course clivejo 19:59
ahoneybundamn crap wiki20:00
clivejoI know, Ive spend days trying to get signed in20:00
ahoneybunI'm getting the python error20:01
clivejotry it from ubuntu URL20:01
ahoneybunyea I'm trying to get in though a Ubuntu Touch wiki20:01
clivejoand my doodle - http://doodle.com/poll/e3mxbfpdexdcbbck20:03
ahoneybunpeople might be busy on the 14th lol20:04
ahoneybunfilled out that doodle20:05
clivejomaybe I should expand it over next weekend20:07
ahoneybunit is pretty big already lol20:07
clivejobut valorie urged me to keep it to a week20:07
clivejoahoneybun: busy day on Sunday?20:07
ahoneybunit is Valentines Day in the US20:08
ahoneybunI'm not but others might be20:08
clivejocan you spread the word please?20:08
ahoneybundone the testimonial20:08
clivejothank you :)20:08
ahoneybunclivejo, send word on the -devel ML and I'll do the KC ML20:09
soeeclivejo: any idea if we will package kdeconnect 0.9 ?20:15
ahoneybunKC ML sent20:15
clivejosoee: I have packaged it, but it doesnt work as intended20:16
clivejoI think they need to upgrade the Andriod client first20:16
soeeclivejo: KDEconnect is in version 0.9g on my phone20:21
soeeand we are @ 0.8 here on desktop20:21
soeemaybe thats why my browsing through dolphin isn't working20:23
clivejosoee: did you try the one in my ppa?20:24
soeeclivejo: can't remember now20:24
soeeclivejo: why it is called kdeconnect-plasma ?20:24
clivejobe warned, it wouldnt work at the time and I havent looked at it since20:25
clivejosoee: I believe the KF5 version is called that20:25
clivejobut I could be wrong20:27
soeethis weekend new frameworks should be releesed20:28
clivejothey are already on depot :)20:31
clivejosoee: you fancy a job?20:32
soeeclivejo: i know nothing about packaging :)20:34
clivejoyou dont need to!20:34
soeetesting kdeconnect now and indeed there are problems20:34
clivejojust compare http://kci.pangea.pub/ with http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/frameworks/build_status_5.18.0_xenial.html20:34
mamarleysoee: Or you could learn!  Everybody starts someplace.20:34
soeeclivejo: Error trying to pair: This device can't be paired because is running an old version of KDE Connect.20:35
clivejoif you get a match, let me know so I can try and fix it20:35
soeemamarley: if i would have time for it :)20:35
clivejosoee: you could try the KCI build of kde connect - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+build/899687420:42
soeeclivejo: WIN! :D20:44
soeedevice pairs fine and i can browse files on my phone :)20:44
clivejowith the KCI version?20:45
soeeclivejo: yes20:45
soeei just downloaded deb and installed it20:45
clivejoI tried that at the time I packaged the other and it was broken too20:45
clivejothey must have fixed it :)20:46
soeeyup ;)20:46
clivejowe should get that into the archive20:46
soeeit was so painful to switch to windows just to manage files on phone :M20:46
clivejoyou still have windows?20:46
* clivejo shakes head20:47
* clivejo tuts20:47
soeesure :)20:50
soeei can jump there and test my projects in Edge browser20:51
* clivejo shivers20:51
* mamarley shivers20:51
clivejoI wonder will KCI ever get caught up!20:53
clivejo137 queued, 16 being worked on20:53
clivejoand 3 hours until new builds are triggered20:53
clivejosoee: did you do the little job?20:55
soeewhat exactly?20:56
clivejocompare the two pages20:56
clivejoto see if any framework packages are familing20:57
soeewhat pages ?20:58
clivejo[20:34:34] <clivejo> just compare http://kci.pangea.pub/ with http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/frameworks/build_status_5.18.0_xenial.html20:58
soeeclivejo: so for example see if attica in xenial unstable last build failed http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_attica/ ?21:02
soeeor i should search for stable ?21:06
clivejoso I can see whats wrong with it21:08
soeebut is stable fails also unstable will fail ?21:10
soee*but if21:10
soeeclivejo: ping21:29
soeeclivejo: grab it http://paste.ubuntu.com/15019266/21:29
clivejothanks :)21:30
soeeclivejo: there is no oxygen-icons5 package in kci21:32
soeethat is why i added ????21:32
clivejothere isnt anything to build21:32
clivejoso no point21:32
ahoneybunmhall119, was there a meeting today?22:07
sgclarkahoneybun: we are going to reschedule23:10
sgclarkyofel: -sa did not work either. the changes are in git, perhaps you can try when you have time. I give up :(23:12
yofelwhat's with the 1.1?23:16
yofelI cloned it, ran 'git-buildpackage-ppa'23:18
yofel-> dpkg-genchanges: including full source code in upload23:18
yofelsgclark: git-buildpackage-ppa prints at the gbp command at the top after "calling: ", what does it show for you?23:18
yofels/at the//23:18
geniiLooks like ppa suffix23:19
yofelthis is what I get:23:21
yofelcalling: gbp buildpackage --git-export-dir=../build-area --git-tarball-dir=../build-area --git-no-create-orig --git-overlay --git-ignore-branch --git-ignore-new --git-prebuild=dch -b -v 4:15.12.1-1ubuntu1.1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1 PPA build; dch -D xenial -r PPA build -S -sa23:21
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sgclarkyofel: only -S no -sa following... anyway can you jus upload to ppa. I will try and reclone automation. maybe I somehow have a broken git-buildpackage-ppa 23:51
yofelsgclark: uploaded23:59

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