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karstensrageif i build something with sbuild, can you get the results of the build somewhere?06:04
wgrantkarstensrage: The debs should be in the directory where you ran sbuild.06:19
karstensrageyeah, :) just figured that out06:21
karstensragecan i pass an existing deb thats a dependency of the thing that is going to sbuild?06:21
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rbasakCould "Superseded" be an additional MP status? "Rejected" seems a little harsh in this case.11:27
cjwatsonkarstensrage: Recent versions of sbuild in xenial have various --extra-* options to help with that (e.g. --extra-package).12:10
cjwatsonrbasak: Um, BranchMergeProposalStatus.SUPERSEDED definitely exists ...12:10
cjwatsonrbasak: I suspect there's just some permission limitation on which statuses you get offered12:11
cjwatsonMaybe you can only set it if you use resubmit, I forget12:11
rbasakOK, I'll try that. Thanks!12:11
cjwatsonYeah, looks like it12:12
cjwatson        assert new_status != BranchMergeProposalStatus.SUPERSEDED, (12:12
cjwatson            'Superseded is done via an action, not by setting status.')12:12
tewardcjwatson: I see ARM is no longer admin-only for activation, does this mean those archs are 'stable' for build envs, and we can start throwing builds at those archs?14:55
tewardor wgrant, or whomever.  :)14:55
* teward didn't see a blog post, but heard from another on Ask Ubuntu it's not user-activateable14:55
dobeyoh, neat14:57
tewardi also noticed it when fiddling with by xenial-buildtests PPA :P14:58
cjwatsonteward: we plan to announce it next week or so after doing another round of upgrades15:00
cjwatsonit's fine until then, we just didn't want to quite throw the whole world at it yet :)15:01
cjwatsonso it's not a secret but if you could maybe not blog about it or whatever that would be good15:01
cjwatsonteward: (where did you see that on askubuntu, btw?)15:04
tewardcjwatson: in the chat - I'll PM you a link15:15
tewardcjwatson: and I had no intention to blog about it ;)15:17
* teward is just thorough15:17
cjwatsonwell, it's hard to make unnoticed changes :-)  never mind15:17
tewardsorry to ask :)15:18
tewardjust being thorough with checking information, 'cause i have a thing about unconfirmed rumors ;)15:18
rbasakteward is indeed thorough :)15:19
cjwatsonThe canonical way to check is the "restricted" flag on https://api.launchpad.net/devel/+processors/armhf etc.15:20
cjwatsonHopefully soon we'll flip supports_nonvirtualized to False, which will unify Ubuntu builds onto the same builders15:20
teward+1 to that15:21
dobeywell, it's on irclogs now i guess :P15:21
tewardi would have PM'd you directly, cjwatson, but force of habit IRC ettiquite is to not PM without asking, so meh15:24

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