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dholbachgood morning06:45
zygagood morning08:10
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Get Out Your Guitar Day! 😃09:49
diwichi, I'm having trouble with my mirror, can I redirect snapcraft 2.2 (when pulling) to use the main archive instead?10:45
asacwhats the new SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH env?10:46
asachm. guess i would need to upload hello world again10:46
asacdidrocks: you made a central place for examples in github right?10:47
diwicokay, the mirror is up again now10:52
noizerHi guys is nginx supported on snappy?11:01
ogra_Chipaca, tickle11:01
ogra_noizer, if you manage to package it, it is supported :)11:02
noizernicee :D just i can't get it started xD11:02
noizerogra_ where can we find the image for the dragonboard for snappy?11:03
ogra_are you not on the mailing list ?11:03
noizeroooh ok sorry i didn't have time to look at it the last couple of days11:04
ogra_i mailed yesterday ;)11:04
ogra_(snappy-devel that is)11:04
ogra_as for ngnix ... i think the spreedbox guys use it in their spreedbox snap in the store11:05
ogra_no idea where their code is (and this is for 15.04 only iirc)11:05
ogra_you could install their snap on a 15.04 armhf install and inspect the installed snap though11:05
noizerok thx ogra_11:06
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Chipacaogra_, tockle11:40
sergiusensasac, he has, but it seems bare bones now https://github.com/ubuntu-core/demos11:46
ogra_Chipaca, damn, i forgot what i wanted to ask you now :(11:50
Chipacaogra_, \o/11:51
ogra_Chipaca, oooh ... ubuntu-snappy ftbfs on arm64 since a while again, i need to re-build images after fixing the resizing for dragonboard setups11:51
ogra_would be good if someone could take a look (and since mvo is away ...)11:52
Chipacaogra_, ouch11:52
Chipacai'll take a look in a bit11:53
ogra_thanks ... take your time though ... i'm still working on the resize fixes11:53
asacsergiusens: ok thats demos then... guess moving snappy-examples to 16.04 in its current place is worthwhile then still...11:57
didrocksasac: yeah, it needs sorting, and it quite empty, but it should be a central place12:07
didrocksthe difference I see is that demos will be more complete real pieces12:07
didrocksand snapcraft should keep examples separated12:07
didrocks(as more "simple way of doing X")12:07
zyganoizer: try https://github.com/zyga/devtools/blob/master/ubuntu-image and tell me if it works for you12:11
noizerzyga what is that?12:12
noizeris that for the dragon board or is that for my nginx12:13
joc__ogra_: hi, i'm trying to boot the new all-snap dragonboard image, but i'm not seeing any output on hdmi. do you have any ideas on why not?12:13
joc__ogra_: same setup works ok with the install image from 96board website12:14
ogra_joc__, because the boot console still points to serial ... once it booted you should get a login prompt on hdmi though12:14
ogra_(i definitely do here)12:14
ogra_joc__, also regard the big fat warning in the readme12:14
ogra_(to not use a card bigger than 4GB)12:14
joc__ogra_: will it resize and reboot before the hdmi login prompt?12:16
ogra_it resizes before it mounts anything12:17
ogra_(so thats a yes)12:17
ogra_i'm hoping to have that bit fixed today :)12:18
joc__ok thank you, plars was saying that he had one successful boot before the resize would stop his board working so I was hoping for that - he may have been using serial though12:18
sergiusenskyrofa, when you get on, mind looking at https://launchpad.net/snapcraft/+milestone/2.2.1 ?12:18
ogra_joc__, i havent tried booting without the serial board attached, perhaps that blocks somewhere else though ...12:20
* ogra_ gives that a try 12:20
zyganoizer: that's for building images easily12:24
zyganoizer: including dragonborad12:24
noizerzyga can I make then custom images for myself?12:26
noizerzyga ps I will first make my nginx up and running12:27
noizerWho will also join the clinic tommorow?12:28
zyganoizer: depends on what you mean by custom12:28
zyganoizer: anyway, have a look, the tool is _tiny_12:28
noizerzyga ok12:29
ogra_joc__, hmm, yeah, looks like it hangs somewhere at the bootloader if the serial board isnt attached ....12:29
kyrofaGood morning12:30
ogra_joc__, so for now, please attach the serial board, i'll research that12:30
noizerGood morning kyrofa12:31
kyrofasergiusens, what should I be looking at here?12:32
didrocksgood morning kyrofa!12:39
sergiusenskyrofa, the PRs :-)12:40
kyrofaHey noizer, didrocks :)12:40
* sergiusens needs to go to the bank, will bbl12:40
kyrofasergiusens, ah, that's what I'm on now12:40
kyrofasergiusens, alright, seeya!12:40
noizerogra_ What is the name of the application of spreedbox?12:41
ogra_noizer, spreedbox :)12:41
ogra_(iirc )12:41
noizerkyrofa Hi do you know where I can get more information about netwerk listeners etc12:41
ogra_ppisati, did you ever try to boot without serial board attached ? seems it hangs at the bootloader12:42
kyrofanoizer, you mean what permissions are encompassed by it?12:42
ogra_ppisati, dragonboard that is12:42
ppisatiogra_: uhm no, i never trie12:42
ppisatilet me tru12:42
ppisatilet me try12:42
noizerkyrofa its for the rolling version. Or will it be explained tomorrow on the clinic?12:42
ogra_seems to not be kernel related ... i just did set console=tty0 and it still hangs12:42
noizerogra_ I installed the 15.04 version on my Raspberry Pi 2 and tried to install spreedbox with the following command: sudo snappy install spreedbox but he dont find it12:44
ogra_ppisati, wow .... trying to set "stdin, stdout or stderr" at the uboot prompt with setenv actually complains12:45
ogra_i cant set it to serial,lcd12:46
kyrofanoizer, I'm not aware of any documentation on each one. jdstrand might know more12:46
ppisatiogra_: ## Error inserting "stdin" variable, errno=2212:48
ogra_i know i can set that var on the rpi12:49
ogra_i did that multiple times12:49
ppisatiogra_: i was using https://github.com/hallor/u-boot.git / dragonboard-for-mainline-v212:49
ppisatiogra_: i just did a git fetch, and there's a 'dragonboard-for-mainline-v3'12:50
ppisatilet's see12:50
ogra_though i fear there is some build time hardcoding going on here12:52
ppisatiogra_: same story, doesn't boot and you can't set stdin&c12:56
ogra_yeah, i suspected that12:57
ogra_i just pinged in #96boards ... lets see, perhaps a known issue12:57
Chipacaogra_, i can't find the build failure email, could you fwd it me?12:57
ogra_i have to dig it up12:58
ogra_Cghbtw, vivid failed too (on arm64, powerpc and ppc64el)12:58
ogra_arm64 xenial is here https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/image/+build/896232312:59
ogra_=> setenv stdout serial,lcd13:01
ogra_## Error inserting "stdout" variable, errno=2213:01
ogra_=> setenv stdout serial13:01
ogra_ppisati, ^^^13:01
ogra_so its the parameter13:01
ogra_just setting it to serial works13:01
ppisatioh ok13:01
noizerkyrofa did you already installed an apache in a snap?13:01
ogra_i guess we miss a build time option somewhere in uboot to enable lcd at all13:02
kyrofanoizer, indeed, yes13:02
kyrofanoizer, that owncloud snap uses apache13:02
ogra_though i still dont get why it hangs hard ... it shoudlnt13:02
diwicgeneral question: if the app has some files in /usr/share/ - but with snappy, they're instead in $SNAP/share or $SNAP/usr/share, what's the smartest way to have the app (or one of its library dependencies) look there instead of in /usr/share ?13:03
noizerkyrofa owkay i will look for the yaml because I can't run nginx :s13:03
kyrofanoizer, how come?13:03
kyrofanoizer, I can share my plugin with you if you like13:03
noizeryea i would like that maybe i can get some info for my nginx from there13:04
kyrofanoizer, alright. It's still a work-in-progress, no decent documentation or anything, but it works: https://github.com/kyrofa/owncloud-snap/blob/apache_plugin/parts/plugins/x_apache.py13:05
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ogra_ppisati, ah, seems we just need to set CONFIG_LCD in dragonboard.h13:05
noizerkyrofa You didn't installed it with stage-packages? why?13:06
kyrofanoizer, you give it a source (like any other plugin) and it'll unpack it into htdocs. You also specify the modules you want built/enabled, and you can specify some sections of the config and a startup script if you want13:06
kyrofanoizer, because debian packaging uses a different apache layout than the standard, and it's all setup in a post-inst13:07
kyrofapostinst, rather13:07
noizerkyrofa ok.13:07
kyrofanoizer, since Snapcraft only unpacks debs, that stuff never gets run13:07
kyrofanoizer, so it led to a lot of hackery. Not to mention this way I could tune it exactly the way I wanted and get it down to a few megs13:08
noizerso nginx won't run with the deb package?13:08
kyrofanoizer, it might, it might not. Depends on how it's packaged13:08
ppisatiogra_: let m,e try that13:08
kyrofanoizer, that was the first lesson I learned making that massive snap: debian packages only get you so far in snappy13:09
noizerok so maybe the best way is from source code.13:09
kyrofanoizer, indeed13:09
noizerkyrofa, ok thats a lot harder then using a deb package :p13:11
noizerkyrofa lets give it a try13:11
kyrofanoizer, yeah it's a bit complex. Apache was particularly painful because it writes its prefix _everywhere_, config files, scripts, etc13:11
noizerhopefully is nginx not so painful :p13:12
ppisatiogra_: nope, it doesn't compile with only CONFIG_LCD13:12
kyrofanoizer, heh, good luck13:12
noizerkyrofa thx. if I succeed maybe then i will post an easy example of it for other users of Snappy13:12
ogra_ppisati, how does it fail ?13:13
kyrofanoizer, the way snapcraft works requires software that can be configured and built in one location, and run in a complete different location, with different paths. Some software works fine that way. Some though, like apache, do not13:13
ppisatiogra_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15015948/13:13
ppisatiogra_: CONFIG_LCD is just the machine independent code, every hw needs some specific bits to make it work13:14
ppisatiogra_: we should talk to guy who ported uboot to this board13:14
ogra_ppisati, thats hallor in #96boards i think13:15
noizerkyrofa is that not a good idea to use docker in the snap. Because docker have already a build with nginx?13:18
kyrofanoizer, hmm... I'm not sure I understand13:19
noizerOk you know docker? So when I'm installing docker and on the docker side you can install nginx easily (normally)13:19
kyrofanoizer, alright, I'm with you so far13:20
noizerSo when im installing nginx on docker. into my snap then can I maybe refer to my data in my nginx.conf?13:21
kyrofanoizer, that's where you lose me. How does docker relate to your snap?13:22
noizerhmm i don't know is it possible to use docker and nginx into my snap?13:22
noizerkyrofa i didn't use docker before so I'm really noob at docker13:22
kyrofanoizer, okay so you're thinking "It's easy to put nginx on docker. It's hard to put nginx into the snap. So can I get docker into my snap instead and put nginx on there?"13:24
kyrofanoizer, sound about right?13:24
noizerkyrofa yes :p13:24
kyrofanoizer, I know a docker framework exists on 15.04, though I'm not sure what the plans are for 16.0413:24
noizeroooh ok xD i will do it the hard way and I think the best way then :D13:25
kyrofanoizer, you'd have to depend on the docker framework and make your .snap that way. I've not done that, though there are people here that have13:25
kyrofanoizer, yeah, there's non-negligible overhead associated with things like docker. You don't want it if you don't need it13:26
noizerkyrofa ok. I will you update on my status of nginx. If you want that :D13:27
kyrofanoizer, sure :) . It may not be as bad as you think!13:27
noizerkyrofa ok hopefully xD13:28
kyrofanoizer, I strongly suggest you experiment with it outside of snapcraft until you understand the build process13:30
noizerok i will do that first13:32
ogra_ppisati, try bui9lding with CONFIG_USB_KEYBOARD (and perhaps with CONFIG_SYS_USB_EVENT_POLL_VIA_CONTROL_EP)13:33
ppisatiogra_: compiling...13:36
ppisatidragonboard410c => setenv stdin serial,usbkbd13:40
ppisati## Error inserting "stdin" variable, errno=2213:40
ppisatiogra_: ^13:40
ppisatiwith these:13:40
ogra_ok, i gues si have to disable bootdelay then13:40
ppisati+#define CONFIG_USB_KEYBOARD13:40
ppisati+#define CONFIG_SYS_STDIO_DEREGISTER13:40
ppisatiogra_: you mentioned something else before13:40
ppisatiogra_: setenv stdin ...13:40
ogra_i only know serial.usbkbd13:41
ogra_err ... comma indeed13:41
ppisatiogra_: oh ok13:41
* ogra_ tries the evil way13:42
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ sudo fw_setenv stdin serial,usbkbd13:42
ogra_muhahaha !13:42
ppisatidid it work?13:42
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ fw_printenv |grep stdin13:42
ogra_it sets it13:42
ogra_weather it will boot is another question :)13:43
ogra_reading uboot.env13:43
ogra_In:    serial13:43
ogra_Out:   serial13:43
ogra_ignores it13:43
ppisatidoh :(13:43
ogra_Environment size: 4424/131067 bytes13:44
ogra_=> printenv stdin13:44
ogra_it even unsets it during boot13:44
ogra_(it accepted my bootdelay change)13:44
ogra_well, people wanting to debug the bootloader can always set bootdelay from the running system, so i guess i'll default to bootdelay=013:45
ppisatiogra_: k, i sent an email to the uboot guy, just in case (you are in cc:)13:46
ogra_he already said there might be a bug in hserial13:47
ogra_joc__, thanks a lot for bringing that up !!!13:48
ogra_(no dev would ever have catched it since we all boot with serial board attached )13:48
joc__ogra_: np, thanks for the info13:55
jdstrandnoizer: re documentation, install snappy-debug then do 'snappy-debug list -i'14:04
jdstrandnoizer: the 16.04 names will be changing based on skills work though14:04
jdstrandhopefully those will be settled within the next couple weeks14:05
kyrofanoizer, questions over here please :)14:13
noizerjdstrand ok14:15
Chipacaogra_, https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/image/+build/896232314:16
Chipacaogra_, the good news is, I did nothing more than rebuild14:19
Chipacaogra_, but that is also the bad news14:19
Chipacaogra_, there are tests in there i'm not proud of :-(14:19
Chipacathat depend on the test starting and ending the same minute14:19
ogra_Chipaca, well, at least we have a binary now to make the image build, thanks a lot !14:46
d2388Hi I have a question about Ubuntu as an OS14:46
kyrofasergiusens, FYI, as soon as netbase is in an all-snaps image I'll make MOOS an example. Until then, if you're curious: https://rainveiltech.com/posts/that-s-one-snappy-moos14:58
sergiusenskyrofa, nice15:00
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ogra_kyrofa, oh, thanks for the reminder :P15:00
* ogra_ hacks the seeds15:00
kyrofaogra_, ha! Thanks again on that :)15:00
sergiusensogra_, can you upload new OS images? or is it only mvo? or does slangasek have the priv as well?15:01
* sergiusens heads back home15:01
kyrofasergiusens, walk safely. Look both ways15:01
ogra_sergiusens, i dont know what account mvo used for them ... i'd rather have hiom do it15:02
elopiofgimenez: why do we have offline slaves? Did I break something?15:03
ogra_kyrofa, seeded and pushed, next image should have it15:03
* kyrofa hugs ogra_15:04
fgimenezelopio, i have no idea, was waiting to ask you :)15:04
elopioI don't know. Didn't notice yesterday.15:04
fgimenezi'll remove them15:05
kyrofaHey didrocks I wanted to ping you regarding the owncloud snap. Is that in a good state for demo? We still have some time to fix things if necessary15:08
ogra_kyrofa, an arm64 buiold would be so awesome :)15:08
noizerkyrofa where can i see the deamons running in a snap?15:08
kyrofaogra_, ha! I'm working on it, the dragon keeps dying15:08
ogra_noizer, snappy service status <packagename>15:09
ogra_kyrofa, even with the new image ?15:09
kyrofaogra_, ah, I haven't tried yet. I'll get back to you15:09
didrockskyrofa: I guess it's good enough for the demo, I played with it and didn't spot anything bad :)15:11
didrocksthanks for pushing this btw!15:12
kyrofadidrocks, you GUESS? Psshh15:12
kyrofadidrocks, and no problem, it's nice to get it some exercise15:12
didrockskyrofa: I still think (but maybe once 16.04 is out) we need to centralize all those "demos" in the git repo15:13
didrocksbut I tend to wait for 16.04 for now (at least, that it starts to stabilize with snapcraft 2)15:13
didrocksso I hope for end of March/early April :)15:13
kyrofadidrocks, yeah it's too much of a moving target right now15:13
didrocksseen that :p15:14
kyrofaogra_, nooo, I don't have a 4GB SD card15:14
kyrofadidrocks, heh, yeah I bet you have :P15:14
ogra_kyrofa, you can resize the writable partition before first boot15:14
ogra_just use gparted15:14
noizerogra_ can I see why it is inactive my service?15:15
ogra_or gnome-disks15:15
ogra_noizer, snappy service logs <packagename> ?15:15
kyrofaogra_, your README leads me to believe there will be nothing to resize?15:15
ogra_or something along these lines15:15
kyrofanoizer, the only reason it would be down is if it crashed. Check the syslog for reasons (or your application's log, if any)15:15
kyrofanoizer, or yeah, snappy service logs15:16
ogra_kyrofa, dd to a big SD ... then re-plug and open gnome-disks ... pick the writable partition and resize it to occupy all free space ... then  the resite on boot wont kick in15:16
kyrofaI keep forgetting about that command15:16
kyrofaogra_, ahhh, okay15:16
ogra_it checks for more than 10% free space on the SD ... if thats not there it wont run15:17
kyrofaogra_, kinda neat that it's there at all, honestly15:17
ogra_yeah, i just wish i had picked the right partition tool from the start15:17
ogra_(who would have thuoght we ever have u-boot devices with GPT partitions !)15:18
kyrofaogra_, it gets ingrained and it's difficult to switch, eh?15:18
noizerogra_ i got no error in my syslog or in my log of the service15:18
ogra_well, it needs a bunch of code changes ... it is just annoying to test since you need to dd all images for all devices to SD multiple times15:18
ogra_enervingly time consuming15:19
kyrofaogra_, ah, sure15:19
* zyga reflashed his BBBs15:30
elopiofgimenez: hangout.15:35
fgimenezelopio, yep omw15:36
kyrofaogra_, do I need to do anything fancy with these switches on the dragon to boot?15:56
ogra_you need to turn the SD one on15:57
ogra_and leave all others off15:57
asaccould it be taht running udf as root (not sudo)... is not working at all?16:03
asaci get weird error that it cannot create /root/.cache etc.16:04
kyrofanoizer, by the way, if you're curious about the actual apparmor snippets relating to each capability, check out /usr/share/apparmor/easyprof/policygroups/ubuntu-core/16.04/16:07
noizerokey i see16:09
noizerps i tried to run the standard nginx ( installed with stage-packages) and it do not work at all :s16:09
kyrofanoizer, /usr/share/seccomp/policygroups/ubuntu-core/16.04 for seccomp filters16:09
ogra_asac, i never ran it as root, might interfere on some levels16:10
kyrofanoizer, yeah, not surprising16:10
noizerkyrofa i can see it start but not that it crashes in the logs :s16:10
kyrofaogra_, gnome-disk is just showing be a bunch of unknown partitions. I'm in trusty... too old?16:11
kyrofas/showing be/showing me/16:11
noizerkyrofa so i need to compile it myself16:11
ogra_kyrofa, you should see at least two usable ones (the last two)16:11
noizerbut so I can see it says make serve16:11
noizerto build it16:11
kyrofaogra_, nope... everything is unknown16:11
ogra_kyrofa, the rest will most likely still be unknown today, they are part of the bootloader and use very specific IDs16:12
ogra_thats weird16:12
kyrofanoizer, maybe. You might be able to get away with some sed magic16:12
ogra_the last two are just vfat and ext416:12
ogra_with no special signature16:12
kyrofagparted sees that, but then gets super confused when I try to resize the ext4 saying the partition doesn't exist16:13
kyrofagnome-disk doesn't actually show the last two at all, now that I look closer16:13
kyrofaogra_, just 1-716:13
noizerkyrofa sed magic?16:13
ogra_well, you can always use gdisk on the cmdline16:13
kyrofaogra_, ah, I didn't actually know about gdisk. Tried using fdisk to obvious dispair16:14
ogra_yeah, the old tools all kind of lack if it comes to GPT16:14
kyrofanoizer, if for example it's dying because it's trying to save logs in a non-writable place, you can try copying a new config file over the top that uses the right paths16:15
asachmmm. running bluetoothctl hangs my pi2 ... or at least my ssh session goes down16:15
zygawoot, all boards operational :)16:16
noizerok i will do that first16:17
zygaasac: maybe get beefier psu16:20
zygaasac: I'm using a big 5-port 10A supply16:20
zygaasac: works great for a small farm16:20
asachmm. you say this could be power?16:21
asacit happens even without a dongle attached16:21
ogra_asac, anything in syslog or dmesg ?16:22
asacogra_: not really16:23
asaclet me see after this reboot16:23
asacthe last two times nothing was written16:23
asaceven though i had entries from yesterday in there16:23
asacso something got persistet, but not these boots it seems16:23
ogra_also try to use serial to make sure its only ssh/network that goes down16:23
asacyeah it seems to really not persist the syslog16:24
ogra_culd be your USB hub dying ... (since everything on the rpi is USB)16:24
asacif it dowenst shut down cleanly16:24
asacguess thats a bit of a bad feature :)16:24
asacogra_: could be, but i dont attach anything and just run bluetoothctl16:24
asacand it dies16:24
asacmy pi2 is in an orange box16:24
asaccant connect serial16:24
asacif you have a pi2 with 16.04 just install bluez516:25
ogra_asac, you have a USB NIC ...16:25
asacanywsay, i connectd it now to strong USB power supply16:25
asaclet me try again16:25
asacnope same... with 4A16:25
asacjust dead the second i run bluetoothctl16:25
asacwithout attaching any dongle and nothing16:25
asack... llet me try to find my other pi2 where i can make a serial avail16:25
asaci think i had another one16:26
asacogra_: which pins do i connect the ttl to?16:26
ogra_ugh ... i dont have my rpi nearby16:27
ogra_asac, http://workshop.raspberrypiaustralia.com/assets/console-cable-connections.jpg16:28
ogra_(you dont need VCC usually)16:28
asacyay, i like raw boards with serial console :OP16:29
asaclets see what happens there16:29
asacthey look so nice on the desk16:29
ogra_yeah, my desk is plastered with them :)16:29
asacright, but its your life style to have raw boards on your desk ... i am trying to get to a clean desk (not succeeded yet)16:30
ogra_my desk is clean !16:30
ogra_(everything around it is a mess admittedly)16:30
asacok first thing i notice is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15017149/16:31
asacso thats probably not the best indicuation of successful bluez5 usage16:31
ogra_morphis, ^^16:31
asacconsole dead when running bluetoothctl16:31
asacno oops16:31
asacend of life16:31
asacguess this is bogus stuff16:31
ogra_thts with a USB dongle ?16:31
asacnothign attached but serial, power through USB and LAN cable16:32
ogra_is tere any BT onboard on the rpi ?16:32
asaci dont think so16:32
ogra_right, so why would it start then :)16:32
sergiusenskyrofa, elopio here's a weird one https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/31616:32
asacogra_: what would start? bluez5?16:32
asaci think its a deamon that should just there16:32
asacuntil something gets plugged in16:32
ogra_if there isnt a BT device there is nothing to attch to16:32
asacalso how can bluetoothctl binary just crash everything16:32
asacsure, but its a service16:33
ogra_ask the kernel :)16:33
asacthe kernel doesnt even spit out anything before it dies16:33
asacppisati: ^^16:33
asac16.04 pi2 ... install bluez5 and run bluetoothctl16:33
asacit will be dead without oops16:33
ogra_do you get the obex messages too if you have a BT dongle pluggged in ?16:33
asacok let me reboot and plug it in16:33
asacwell, powercycle ... rather than reboot :)16:34
ppisatiasac: but is the board dead? led blinking? can you still ping it? ssh-in?16:34
ogra_ssh dies16:35
plarsnoise][: I think I hit the same issue as you were discussing yesterday, but I didn't understand what it was until now. I specified the release for my product as "rolling" instead of "rolling-core". Is there an easy way for me to edit the product?16:35
asacppisati: ssh is dead ... thats how i noticed and connected serial16:35
asacserial also dead16:35
asaci will check LEDs next time16:35
asacgive me 1 sec16:35
ogra_yeah, we have heartbeat on by default16:35
ogra_leds should tell you something16:35
asacobey is not starting16:35
asaceven with dongle16:35
asacbluez still fails even with dongle plugged while booting16:36
ogra_sounds broken :)16:36
ogra_do you see the right driver being loaded on plug/unplug ?16:36
ogra_(in dmesg)16:36
asacok so right now the led is red16:36
asaci can still use console16:36
asaci am typuing bluetoothctl again16:36
asac(nothing is blinking though even though it works)16:36
asacthe LED is still red16:37
ogra_hmm, i thought the rpi kernel had heartbeat on by default16:37
asacno blinks16:37
ppisatime too16:37
ogra_thast 16.04 ?16:37
ppisati4.4 kernel?16:37
asacok let me reboot from scratch and try the pinging of iface16:37
ogra_can you ckeck the kernel version with uname ?16:37
asaccan also do that16:37
asac[    0.000000] Linux version 4.3.0-1006-raspi2 (buildd@kishi13) (gcc version 5.3.1 20151206 (Ubuntu/Linaro 5.3.1-2ubuntu2) ) #6-Ubuntu SMP Tue D)16:37
asacppisati: ogra_:^16:38
asacseems disk io makes the LED blink16:38
asacits blinking right now16:38
asacwhile booting16:38
ppisatiasac: so i just start bluetoothctl and the board dies, correct?16:38
asacjust do that16:38
asacno dongle needed16:38
ppisatiok, let me try16:38
asacend of day :P16:38
ppisatiend of life :)16:38
plarsnoise][: otherwise I can just delete it, just checking first if there's a better way16:39
asacyeah, wanted to write that, but then i can still  powercycle, so i think its more like a day... :)16:39
asacbut guess every boot is a life16:39
asacthen its fine16:39
asacguess i could also have fun and bring another board to my desk ... my good old bbb16:40
ogra_really depends on the game though16:40
ppisatiasac: so, i just tested on a 4.2 raspi system16:43
ppisatiasac: if i start blueoothctl, it takes over the tty and i loose it16:43
ppisatiasac: e.g. if i'm in a ssh connection, it freeze16:43
ppisatiasac: but the board is ok16:43
ppisatiasac: serial works, and the heartbeat led keeps beating16:43
ppisatiasac: indeed if from serial i kill the bluetoothctl process, i'm back in business16:44
asacoh... so it might also take the tty on our serial for snappy?16:44
asaclet me ping to test16:44
ppisatiasac: actually even the ssh is still up16:44
ppisatiasac: this on a 4.2 kernel16:44
ppisatii shall try with a 4.316:45
ppisatijust in case16:45
ppisatiasac: i guess so16:45
ppisatioh, it might a bug tough16:45
ppisatii'm no ruling out that16:45
ppisatijust that the board is alive, use ssh and then try with the serial16:45
asacping still works indeed16:45
asacbut my serial is down too16:45
ppisatissh in, bluetoothctl over ssh and it freeze16:45
ppisatithan try the serial16:46
ppisatisystem is ok16:46
ogra_asac, try changing the kernel commandline16:46
ogra_and drop the console=tty016:46
ogra_(with fw_printenv and fw_setenv)16:46
* ppisati tries with a 4.3 kernel, you never know16:46
ogra_snappy has two console= options on the cmdline16:47
asacogra_: from userspace? fw_printenv is not there in uboot16:47
ogra_asac, indeed from userspace16:47
ogra_in uboot just use setenv and saveenv16:47
asacyeah only that uboot dies when running printenv alone :( ... doesnt return to prompt after its finished16:48
asaclet me boot this thing to linux then16:48
ogra_huh ?16:49
ogra_definitely works here16:49
asacogra_: isnt that somewhere in a file in /boot?16:49
asacthat i can edit rather than running fw_ ?16:49
ogra_it is a file in system-boot but it is binary16:49
asacogra_: so i run fw_setenv 'mmcargs=setenv bootargs "${args} console=ttyAMA0 root=${mmcroot}"'16:50
asacthat wiped the whole mmcargs line :(16:51
ogra_yeah, wrong quoting16:51
* asac hopes he can fix it before reboot16:51
ogra_fw_setenv mmcargs 'setenv bootargs "${args} console=ttyAMA0 root=${mmcroot}"'16:52
ogra_and check with fw_printenv16:52
asacok that looks better16:53
* asac crosses fingers and reboots16:53
asacogra_: didnt help16:54
asacseems to highjack all ttys16:54
asacthat i have16:55
asacwhat a beast16:55
ogra_well, was worth a try16:55
asacso what now? guess coffee and break16:56
ogra_yeh, and a cigraette16:57
kyrofaogra_, gdisk won't let me create a partition of type FFFF... know any workarounds?16:57
ogra_kyrofa, the type deosnt matter16:58
kyrofaogra_, oh, okay16:58
ogra_not rfor the last two16:58
geniimmm coffee16:58
ogra_just make sure to not touch the first ones16:58
elopiofgimenez: is it safe to restart a slave?16:58
elopioah nevermind, It's not needed :D16:59
fgimenezelopio, sure, docker restart will give you a pristine one16:59
fgimenezelopio, ok :)16:59
elopiowe are missing update-ca-certificates -f in the slaves17:00
ogra_uncertified slavery !17:00
elopioall our papers are in order. This is legal.17:01
elopiofgimenez: should I put it in the swarm-slave?17:01
* ogra_ sends khaleesi and the dragons to check that 17:02
elopioogra_: this totally badass scary guy will be waiting for you: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/download/attachments/2916393/logo.png?version=1&modificationDate=130275394700017:03
fgimenezelopio, mm i thought this was done in an ancestor of that images, let me check17:03
ogra_OMG !17:03
ogra_he will treat us with extensive friendlyness !17:03
fgimenezelopio, ogra_ careful sometimes he gets angry https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/master/war/src/main/webapp/images/rage.png17:04
elopiolol, that should be our default logo.17:04
ogra_hah, i picked up a sticker of that at SCaLE :)17:04
fgimenezif you manage to get a java exception on the server you'll see him like that :)17:05
elopiochallenge accepted!17:06
fgimenezelopio, it's done only on the master https://github.com/ubuntu-core/jenkins-ubuntu/blob/master/Dockerfile#L517:08
asac2016-02-04T21:26:39.484191Z ubuntu-core-launcher cp: cannot create regular file17:09
asac��‘/etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluez5_bluez_5.37-1-armhf.conf��’: Permission denied17:09
asacthink thats not good17:09
ogra_yeah, your UTF-8 is broken :P17:09
=== Taco is now known as Guest91403
asacwell, the fac that it cannot put that stuff there17:10
asacis ther eason why bluez is not activated17:10
asac  # Allow replacing our dbus policy configuration file until17:10
asac  # snappy has a better way to do this.17:10
asac  /etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluez_* rw,17:10
asacis in apprmor profile17:10
ogra_yes,, it has a hacked up sercurity template iirc17:10
elopiofgimenez: I know. What I'm not sure is if I should add it to the two slaves, or to the swarm.17:10
asacogra_: right, which seems to not work well17:10
Guest91403Hey I just installed snappy on my  RPi and then instakk thexkcd-webserver.  How do I start xkcd?17:11
ogra_asac, probably because snappy moved a lot since the package was uploaded17:11
ogra_asac, especially the security/skills stuff17:11
ogra_Guest91403, it starts automatically17:11
asacjdstrand: did we drop support for the old way to do profiles now?17:11
* ogra_ forgot on which port ... might be 808017:12
Guest91403Thats what I read online so how do I view it then?17:12
asaci am on ubuntu-core         2016-02-03 16.04.0-7.armhf canonical17:12
ogra_Guest91403, point a browser at your rpi17:12
ogra_that might work17:13
asacok i manually copied the dbus conf there now17:13
asacets see17:13
whizzoHi all, I have a snap for both the amd64 and armhf architectures that needs a Java JRE. It looks like there's a "jdk" part but it's unclear what plugin it should use.17:14
asacwhizzo: java plugin or maven plugin should do the trick in snapcraft17:15
kyrofaogra_, no that's webdm17:15
kyrofaGuest91403, xkcd is just on port 8017:15
ogra_kyrofa, on 8080 ?17:15
kyrofaogra_, yeah17:15
asacwhizzo: err jdk plugin17:15
ogra_since when17:15
asacor maven or ant17:15
kyrofaogra_, no17:16
ogra_it used to be 420017:16
kyrofaogra_, 4200 or something, sorry17:16
ogra_yeah :)17:16
kyrofaogra_, 8080 isn't anything unless you're using kvm17:16
asac4200 isa webdm17:16
asacyou can go to the app there and there is a link to its real port17:16
kyrofaogra_, and forwarded 80 to 808017:16
ogra_kyrofa, right, i wasnt sure if the xkcd demo runs on 80 or 808017:16
whizzoasac, when I try part "jdk" with plugin "jdk" I get an error that 'source' is a required property17:16
kyrofaogra_, yeah, just 8017:16
kyrofaogra_, last time I tried anyway17:16
asacwhizzo: yeah you need to do something there17:17
whizzoasac, does it matter what?17:17
ogra_source: .17:17
ogra_that might work17:17
asacwhizzo: try to just specify .17:18
asacits a bug17:18
ogra_(it works with the python plugin ... )17:18
asacnot sure if jdk plugin is suposed to be use standalone17:18
asacif you use ant or mavent as build system just go for thse directly17:18
asacogra_: so after putting the dbus file in blace, bluez and obex daemons are happy17:19
asacbut bluetoothctl still highjacks everything17:19
whizzoasac, it seems to be building with that change.17:19
asacman what nasty stuyff does this thing do17:19
asacwhizzo: cool. lets hope it also works :)17:19
whizzoasac, thanks for the help... i'll see if it actually works properly17:19
asacwhizzo: what build system are you using?17:19
* asac wonders if there is anything beyond ant and maven used in java world17:20
whizzoasac: I'm using maven but my maven build is above snapcraft -- it builds for several platforms.17:20
asacic so you need multi arch/cross feature17:20
asacwhizzo: so you have JNI bindings?17:21
whizzoasac: the maven build lays down the directory that I run snapcraft against17:21
asaci think you might run better with doing one snap for amd64 and another for armhf for now17:21
whizzoasac: did something change? I used to be able to build a snap that included both archs...17:21
asacyeah i get it. think best if maven could just be used tip to tail, but then, give it a try. the jdk plugin surely will get you the jre bits17:21
asacwhizzo: yeah you can still do that, but snapcraft doesnt support doign that17:22
asacin the sense of building two runs with different toolchains17:22
asaci think what you try to do could work17:22
asacjust need to add the magic wrappers etc. in place17:22
asacbut you cant get multiple archs for jre17:22
ogra_yeah, snapcrft definitely supports just copying binaries around17:22
asacin one build17:22
* ogra_ does that all the time17:22
whizzoasac: ok, i'll give the snap that just built a try17:22
asacso you might want to use the multi-arch syntax and see if that explodes17:22
asachmm. wonder why we build bluez5 without-systemd17:23
asacor rather what would happen if its build that way17:24
ogra_ask tony or morphis17:24
* asac kind of suspects it might be interfering with auto tty by systemd17:24
ogra_but i guess it would need even more apparmor hackery17:24
asacnot even sure what systemd would bring in ... shrug :)17:24
* asac will try to look at code17:24
asacbut has not high hopes17:24
asaclet me try to do two ssh logins17:26
ogra_dont overload the poor board !17:26
plarselopio: zyga: either of you (or anyone else) ever see this error when building an x86 image with mvo's udf?17:26
plarssnap unpack failed with: exec: "unsquashfs": executable file not found in $PATH ()17:26
asacso yeah its just that its bogus17:26
asacdoesnt return17:26
plars*sigh* I realized what's up with it as soon as I pasted it17:26
asacok got it... dbus permissions are not granted, hence bluetoothctl just sits there forever waiting for a dbus response17:27
asaclooking at code can be revealing :P17:28
Guest91403how do you know which port an app will use?17:28
asacGuest91403: if you go to webdm you can find a link there afer navigating to the app itself17:28
asacGuest91403: otherwise check the package.yaml in the snap and look for port17:29
asacsome are nice and specify which port they want to use17:29
asacin 15.0417:29
asacif all that fails run sudo lsof | grep LISTEN17:29
asacand you will see what it listens to17:29
* ogra_ thinks having a "snappy list-ports" command would be nice 17:29
ogra_listing yll the ports assigned to the packages17:30
asacsnappy list-ports doign a magic lsof would work yeah.17:30
ogra_yeah, or netstat17:30
asacnetstat doesnt help you finding the ports for a procss, no?17:30
asaci can only see all ports open17:30
asacbut not figure who is doing what17:30
ogra_it lists the binary if you use the right options17:31
asaczyga: so how can i give my bluez5 snap powers to use dbus?17:31
asacit has amigration-skill etc.17:31
asacbut taht seems to not work17:31
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ sudo netstat -tulp17:31
ogra_Active Internet connections (only servers)17:31
ogra_Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State       PID/Program name17:31
ogra_tcp        0      0 *:22                    *:*                     LISTEN      981/sshd17:31
Guest91403you mean go to webdm.local in my browser and then there will be a link?17:32
asacGuest91403: http://webdm.local:4200 -> navivate to the app17:32
asacand then there is a link at the top\17:32
ogra_Guest91403, go to http://webdm.local:4200/17:32
Guest91403ya i did that17:32
asacogra_: ok didnt nkow about -tulp i guess17:32
asac :)17:32
ogra_there is a link in the details page of the app17:32
Guest91403I see it install on my RPi but when I click it I just see information about it17:32
whizzoasac: is there a log to check to see why my app didn't start once the snap was installed?17:32
asacwhizzo: snappy service logs PACKAGENAME17:33
asachas the logs17:33
asachast the aggregate of systemd logs for services17:33
ogra_we also still have good old /var/log/syslog if you prefer fishing ;)17:33
asacwhizzo: for debugging its sometimes easier to not use service: but rather binaries:17:34
asacand then see how it explodes when running that command17:34
asacsandbox env etc. should be same, so when that starts working you can make it a service again17:34
asacbut service logs should have all17:34
whizzoasac: It says Unknown command 'service'17:34
ogra_hmm, is that 15.04 ?17:34
asacwhizzo: post: snappy list17:34
asacif you are on an ancient 15.04 build you wont have snappy service... but recent 15.04 has it17:35
whizzoasac: ubuntu-core   2015-07-29 4       ubuntu17:35
asacyeah thats too ancient17:35
Guest91403I click on the app and I see links for Details, which has a small description, and then settings and reviews, which have nothing.17:35
ogra_thats oooold17:35
asacwhizzo: what board are you on?17:35
asacif its a pi2 i would just update to latest17:36
ogra_Guest91403, ah, if the app would have declared a port there would be some link called "Open"17:36
whizzoasac: I downloaded the latest OVA from the snappy site.17:36
asacok OVA is utlemming17:36
asacutlemming: :)?17:36
asacwhizzo: can you just snappy update that thing?17:36
asacsudo snappy update17:36
asacand see if it explodes17:36
asac(back up first) :)17:37
whizzoasac: yep, doing it now17:37
asacok lets cross fingers17:37
whizzoasac: when I run the snappy update, it looks like it pulls down 2016-01-20, but when I reboot it still comes up as 2015-07-2917:38
asacyeah, could be thats OVA17:39
asacwhizzo: you run on a mac?17:39
whizzoasac: yes17:39
asacif you are on linux just go for a normal qemu17:39
asacso yeah, i am not sooo sure what to do there. guess wait for utlemming to get back to you and for now test on the arm board17:39
asacrather than the amd64 virt thingy17:39
whizzoasac: ok, will try on an ARM board.17:40
asacwhizzo: curious, did you see anything about grub when OVA booted?17:41
asacor is that thing not using grub?17:42
whizzoasac: it boots so fast its impossible to read the startup messages. Is there something in the filesystem I can check?17:43
jdstrandasac: all the old ways are still there via the migration skill. the goal is to have them be gone though. see https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/154322017:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1543220 in Snappy "skills and migration-skill in particular needs more documentation" [Critical,New]17:43
ogra_jdstrand, yeah, but a snap that was built before the skills appeared will be broken17:44
jdstrandthose are broken regardless17:44
ogra_well, it installs17:44
ogra_but doesnt seem to apply the apparmor rules17:44
jdstrandthere is no compat in 16.04 for the old stuff17:45
jdstrandie, if you used 'caps' you must move to the migration skill format17:45
* ogra_ desnt know what the blues5 package uses though 17:45
ogra_but timely it fits into the big changes with its upload17:45
jdstrandit uses the new format17:46
ogra_then it isnt complete or something17:46
jdstrandI tested package install on a vm, all the profiles were added17:47
ogra_apparmor seems to have " /etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluez_* rw," ... but the package cant create its dbus file17:47
ogra_(teh service one)17:47
jdstrandhe forgot to add that rule to the policy17:47
ogra_/etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluez5_bluez_5.37-1-armhf.conf: Permission denied17:47
ogra_thats what you get when pushing someone to do last minute uploads before his vacation :)17:48
asacjdstrand: well, so i have the bluez5 snap installed from store17:58
asacjdstrand: it uses migration-skill17:58
asacbuit all those seem to not work anymore17:58
asacjdstrand: i am on ubuntu-core         2016-02-03 16.04.0-7.armhf canonical17:58
jdstrandsee above17:58
jdstrandthere is a missing rule17:58
jdstrandthat will make it fail to work17:59
jdstrandI suspect17:59
asacjdstrand: hmm. so can i just fix the snapy.yaml?17:59
asacor you say it wont work in all cases?17:59
asacjdstrand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15017801/18:00
asacis the current one18:00
jdstrandyou need to adjust meta/bluez.apparmor to have:  /etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluez5_bluez_* rwk,18:01
asacok one sec18:01
jdstrandasac: are you repacking the snap?18:01
asacjdstrand: it currently has:18:01
asac # Allow replacing our dbus policy configuration file until18:01
asac  # snappy has a better way to do this.18:01
asac  /etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluez_* rw,18:01
asacjdstrand: no i am not18:01
asaci am trying to assess whether there is hope to use this18:01
asacah i see18:01
asaclet me fix it18:02
jdstrandok, I guess I didn't adjust the rule properly when moving from bluez to bluez518:02
asacjdstrand: so the other thing i get is even nastier :)18:02
Guest91403when I try to ssh into my RPi I just get permission denied.  I am using the same password that I login with though18:02
jdstrandbut it is going back to bluez aiui after awe returns from vacation18:02
jdstrandthat is still tbd aiui18:02
asacjdstrand: the whole dbus stuff [  297.130585] audit: type=1107 audit(1455211145.162:20): pid=724 uid=100 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 msg='apparmor="DENIED" operation="dbus_method_call"  bus="system" path="/" interface="org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager" member="GetManagedObjects" mask="send" name="org.bluez" pid=966 label="bluez5_bluetoothctl_5.37-1-armhf" peer_pid=894 peer_label="bluez5_bluez_5.37-1-armhf"18:02
Guest91403i forgot the ubuntu@18:02
asacis jdstrand is that also caused by that line?18:02
asacif so i will repack it now18:03
jdstrandnot by that line, but the same reason18:03
jdstrandlet me look at it18:03
asacmaybe the dbus paths also have 5 now?18:04
asaclike /org/bluez5?18:04
asacand interface org.bluez5 ?18:04
jdstrandthis is in meta/framework-policy/policygroups/client18:05
jdstrandwhere it says 'label=bluez_bluez_*'18:05
jdstrandit should be label=bluez5_bluez_*18:06
ogra_what a mess :(18:06
jdstrandasac: are you planning to upload? I think I should clean this up if not18:06
asacjdstrand: i dont plan to upload, just unblock18:07
jdstrandasac: ok, so adjust your policy for that. I'll upload after my meeting in a few minutes18:07
asacjdstrand: there is no meta/framework-policy/policygroups/client18:07
asacjust seccomp18:07
asacfound it18:08
jdstrandasac: sorry, meta/framework-policy/apparmor/policygroups/client18:08
asacgarbage collection impossible: prerequisites untrue: remove /snaps/bluez5/5.37-1-armhf/command-bluetoothctl.wrapper: read-only file system18:09
jdstrandthat is copied to /var/lib/snappy/apparmor/policygroups18:09
jdstrandand then on policy compile, the contents of that put in the app's profile in /var/lib/snappy/apparmor/profiles18:10
asacworks :)18:11
asacyou are rockstar for me jdstrand  :)18:11
ogra_damn ...18:11
asacwonder why this got uploaded without working :)18:11
jdstrandthat is a long story18:11
ogra_so the dragonboard always changes its MAC until i put it in a txt file somewhere on disk18:11
asacdont worry. i know why i think18:12
* ogra_ hatse the world 18:12
jdstrandawe had a working snap when named 'bluez'18:12
asacjdstrand: let me know when you uploaded the clean version so i can validate18:12
asaci am mostly interested how i can then allow a snap to use the RFCOMM devices18:12
jdstrandstore stuff, I renamed, fixed a few things but not all, but couldn't test locally due to lack of hw18:12
asacso i will need your help sooner or later i guess18:12
asaci hope its a rfcomm tty18:13
jdstrandit will probably be in ~1 hour18:13
ogra_so this makes me thingk we cant easily get away with only attaching the modules to a generic initrd :(18:13
asacyeah no hurry. have to go for lunch now taht bluetoothctl is not hanging anuymore :)18:13
asacogra_: what?18:13
asacwe can18:13
ogra_asac, well, not if you want a persistent MAC on the dragonboard18:13
asacchanging macs is normal in these worlds :)18:13
ogra_not in my world !18:14
asacogra_: do you want a persistent mac that is the same everywhere?18:14
* ogra_ stomps foot 18:14
asacif not then no initrd will help you :)18:14
asacotherwise putting a txt file is fine18:14
ogra_i want a MAC like MACs are defined18:14
asacin kernel snap ... just dont want the bootlogic in there18:14
ogra_unique in the world18:14
asacmodules + hacked stuff for the board is ok18:14
asacor for the series of boards :)18:14
ogra_and you can only read it from the kernel cmdline that the lk sets18:15
asacwe could also do the text file in the gadget?18:15
ogra_so i need to parse /proc/cmdline and extract it from there18:15
ogra_and then write to a txt file18:15
ogra_and i cant really do that from the rootfs18:15
asacyeah thats fine18:15
asacthats db specific hackery18:15
ogra_(well, i could, but that would even be more ugly)18:15
asaclike in init-bottom dir18:15
asacor something18:16
ogra_asac, exactly ... so we need an opportunity to inject device specific scripts into the initrd18:16
ogra_from the non-generic side18:16
asacogra_: yeas, but all the initrd merging does18:16
asacis adding stuff to the OS one18:16
asacso you can add other files there too18:16
asac\beyond modules18:16
ogra_well, that wasnt really the plan18:16
asacjust put the file you want in the kernel snap initrd and thats cool18:16
asacits fine18:16
ogra_but yes, we will have to18:16
asacthe plan can be adjusted18:16
asacand its also in the spirit18:16
ogra_yeah, but it gets more complex18:16
asacas long as all the platform indpendent stuff goes into OS initrd i am happy18:16
asacdont think it does18:17
ogra_just merging (or even loop mounting) /lib/modules is a lot easier18:17
asacwe need scripts for firmware upload hackery sometimes too there etc.18:17
asacwe dont want to do that18:17
asacwe want to concat the initrds18:17
ogra_i do18:17
asactaht was plan from day one18:17
ogra_yeah, thats messy18:17
asacyeah, better drop that idea and join us concat folks18:17
ogra_but anyway18:17
ogra_i guess i'll be overruled ...18:18
asacwell, you overruled yourself :)18:18
asacok dinner18:18
* ogra_ used a VHS as well ... even though there was betamax18:18
asacyeah loop moubnting modules feels similar to betamax18:18
ogra_it does18:18
ogra_and drops all the duplication :)18:18
sergiusenskyrofa, did it work for you?18:25
sergiusenselopio, want to give the PR a look?18:25
kyrofasergiusens, oh I didn't notice the new push18:25
sergiusenskyrofa, I suppose it does given the tests pass, but I'll leave it up to you ;-)18:27
kyrofasergiusens, indeed, that works :) . I'll let elopio take a look before merging18:29
elopiosergiusens: oh, sorry. Got too deep debugging in the cloud.18:30
elopiogive me a minute.18:30
sergiusenskyrofa, yeah, a release comes after this; I hope we get a green adt run18:36
aatchisonHello! It's Arron from the Mycroft team.18:36
aatchisonI was wondering a few things, how might we integrate continuous integration when building snaps for the raspberry pi via Jenkins?18:37
sergiusensaatchison, oh hello; your mere presence reminds me I need to pick something up18:38
sergiusensaatchison, you can look at snapcraft itself; we build a ton of snaps with travis; it shouldn't differe much; elopio is working on building that stuff on jenkins fwiw18:39
aatchisonok, cool18:39
aatchisonI'm jsut wondering about cross-compilation18:39
elopiobut we are building for amd64 here.18:39
aatchisonI tried to attach to openvpn via an lxd container, but there is no tun device...not sure how to create one18:40
elopioyeah, we currently don't have cross-compilation. You would need an armhf machine to build for rpi.18:40
aatchisonmy thought was, jenkins slave in lxd -> push via ssh to the host snappy-core host machine via ssh?18:40
aatchisonI saw a similar thing with docker containers,we already have a server18:41
ogra_hey aatchison !18:41
* ogra_ feels the same as sergiusens 18:42
ogra_oh the guilt !18:42
aatchisonno worries or hurries18:42
ogra_i have the mycroft snapcraft.yaml ope in a terminal though :)18:42
ogra_(didnt close it since SCaLE :P )18:42
elopioaatchison: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/examples_tests/tests.py#L29318:42
aatchisonahh, thanks:D18:43
elopioif you run this in an armhf machine, and your testbed is the ip to the rpi, you will have it working.18:43
elopioaatchison: what I didn't get was your lxd comment. Where are you missing the tun device?18:43
sergiusensaatchison, is your jenkins local?18:44
elopioaatchison: this is what I'm struggling to fix today: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy-jenkins/blob/master/containers/jenkins-master/config/jobs/github-snapcraft-integration-tests-cloud/config.xml18:45
elopiojenkins, docker, snappy on the cloud. Maybe you'll find it useful.18:45
sergiusensoh elopio don't get distracted :-P18:45
elopiosergiusens: I'm so close... I test to fix.18:46
aatchisonwell, I was trying to connect to openvpn ( our jenkins server connects to slaves that way), there is no tun device in /dev/net/ in an lxd container18:46
elopiobut I need to make your review... agh. I'm trying :)18:46
aatchisonnice. I'll take a look at that script and see if I could push via another pi on the local network18:46
elopioaatchison: we have a reverse proxy that solves the communication between github and the lab that's behind vpn.18:48
morphisogra_, asac: no real reason18:48
morphisogra_, asac: and other than startup support isn't special in bluez for systemd18:48
ogra_morphis, yeah, was a packaging error it seems (due to the bluez5 rename)18:48
aatchisonelopio: that's a good idea18:48
morphisogra_: possible18:48
ogra_looks like asac and jdstrand solved it18:48
elopioaatchison: what we haven't solved yet is the provisioning of the rpis. http://linux.codehelp.co.uk/?p=23518:54
aatchisonI'm using SPI to burn Arduinos via Raspberry Pi GPIO, we are actually wondering if a small bootloader could be written to the SD card the other direction18:58
elopioaatchison: ogra_ is the bootloader guy. And plars is the hardware lab guy.19:02
elopiothey might have tips. At least about things that didn't work :)19:02
aatchisonhaha, cool19:07
sergiusenselopio, add comments ;-)19:29
jdstrandogra_, morphis_: fyi, out of my meeting now and will work on getting a fixed up bluez519:41
morphis_jdstrand: oh, is something wrong with the snap?19:42
jdstrandin the apparmor policy19:42
jdstrandtwo rules need to be updated19:43
jdstrandit is what ogra_ was saying as ac and I worked out19:43
jdstrandI'm just saying, I'm going to get that into the store19:43
robert_ancellis 'snappy login' persistent - i.e. you just do it once on install and then never again?20:07
sergiusensrobert_ancell, yes, I don't think we kill expired keys though20:09
robert_ancellsergiusens, thanks20:09
robert_ancellsergiusens, and it does use a standard token? So it could be integrated with Ubuntu Online Accounts?20:10
sergiusensrobert_ancell, not using online accounts, something closer to click-toolbelt (just like snapcraft)20:10
sergiusensrobert_ancell, this is the gist of it https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/blob/master/snappy/auth.go20:11
robert_ancellsergiusens, thanks20:12
sergiusensrobert_ancell, if you want to runtime check on some online account features that would be sweet; we have some go code you can copy/paste or be inspired from in lp:account-polld even though we use the glib api instead of the new qt one20:15
robert_ancellsergiusens, so you think it would be appropriate for snappy to check u-o-a for credentials?20:16
robert_ancelland fall back to ~/snaps/snappy/auth/sso.json if u-o-a is not there?20:16
sergiusensrobert_ancell, yes; a runtime thing I guess would be valid; although I am not core to snappy anymore so maybe ask Chipaca first20:16
sergiusensrobert_ancell, or wait until Monday where we will be in the same room ;-)20:17
robert_ancellyeah, will do that too!20:17
sergiusensunless this is pre flight home work :-P20:17
robert_ancellit is20:17
sergiusensso either runtime or though configuration20:18
Chipaca'snappy login' is going away, at least in its current form20:18
Chipacayou want to talk with facu about that20:18
sergiusensChipaca, oh, right20:18
sergiusenshe is not here20:18
Chipacaand unless online accounts support macaroons already you want to talk with facu and/or beuno *stat* :-)20:18
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/31920:21
beunorobert_ancell, Chipaca, so20:22
beunoI don;t understand why online accounts comes into play20:22
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa just in case I pushed a tentative deb for that here https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/snapcraft-daily/+packages?field.name_filter=snapcraft&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=xenial20:23
Chipacabeuno, robert_ancell is trying to tie snappy into the authentication, access and secrets storage (and more?) that exist already on the desktop20:23
Chipacaat least that's my understanding of what he's doing :-D20:24
jdstrandJamesTait: fyi in case you are looking for something to do, https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/click-reviewers-tools/lint-snapv2/+merge/285666 is ready for review20:28
whizzoasac: I installed my snap on a BBB running 2016-01-20 and it doesn't appear to install java20:56
whizzoasac: I take that back, it installs java but I get an "Exec format error" when trying to run the java executable20:58
elopiokyrofa: wtf catkin? It generates a bash file and a python file from templates, and then calls the python file from the bash file, and the python file calls python -c with a script in a string.21:01
elopioI had to put like 30 echos to understand that, and I'm still not close to understand the error.21:02
sergiusenselopio, fwiw, is my changelog good to land? just asking since the last one was waiting on you without notice ;)21:10
whizzoHas anyone else seen an issue with building a Java-based snap for BBB (specifying armhf as the architecture in snapcraft.yaml) and the java that is installed says "Exec format error" when you try to run it?21:15
whizzoIt looks like it installed the amd64 version instead of the armhf one21:18
jdstrandasac: fyi, updated bluez5 in the store21:30
asacwhizzo: exec format error means you included binaries fro different architecture23:28
asacyou need to build on arm for arm and on x86 fof x8623:28
asacas i said, snapcraft desnt support crossing23:28
asacso best off make two snaps really23:28
asacthen you can probably just use the maven23:29
asacplugin as well23:29
whizzoasac: I got that error when building a snap specifically for armhf only23:29
whizzoasac: oh, I see, you're saying I can't build an armhf snap on an amd64 ubuntu machine?23:30
whizzoasac: It seems that even though the only architecture in the snapcraft.yml file is armhf, the jdk part still lays down the amd64 version of the JVM23:35

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