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lotuspsychjepretty soon guys :p05:31
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markit Before I waste time dowloading 1.2GB of ISO, does recent daily build of KUBUNTU 16.04 have the installer working? (some time ago just crashed with some errors)11:22
jtaylormarkit: don't know but if you still have the old installer you can use zsync to only pull the difference11:29
markitjtaylor: I think it NEVER worked11:47
BluesKajHiyas all12:05
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VolkodavAre there daily builds for xubuntu?15:35
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/15:37
Volkodavlotuspsychje: Thanks15:37
Volkodavhow is it so far? Any showstoppers ?15:37
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: im on ubuntu xenial, rocksolid here15:38
VolkodavIs Unity any different ?15:39
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: different then what?15:40
Volkodavpreviuos ones I mean15:42
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: changes are started to show, but we still in early sateg now15:45
VolkodavNot that early based on the schedule15:46
ChibaPetjtaylor: I'd wondered about that. zsync will update an already-downloaded iso?16:21
jtaylorI think it can16:27
jtaylorit just does a rolling checksum, how it was downloaded originally doesn't matter16:28
ChibaPetbbiab, commuting16:35
soeeSystemd 229 has been - will it land in 16.04 ?19:40
blazevdpau/vaapi is not working with latest mesa upgrade20:05
blazehow can i debug this?20:06
ChibaPetjtaylor: That seems to be exactly what it's doing - it's started in the mid-90% range to get from yesterday's image to today's, if I'm reading it right.23:29
ChibaPetVery convenient.23:29
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