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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Get Out Your Guitar Day! 😃09:49
JanCI'm sure it's also marketeers-say-they-love-you-day10:05
DanChapmandpm hey! after the next build of dekko in your ppa it should include translations. The only issue is you will have to reconfigure your accounts as the paths have changed slightly due to a minor bug.11:14
DanChapmanLet me know if they work ok :-)11:14
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mweimannHi there! What's this "IRC Hackaton" about? Is there something exciting happening here today?14:47
popeythe what?14:47
mweimannEh in context of the "Scopes Showdown" https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/showdown/ at bottom of the page14:51
popeydavidcalle: ^14:51
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balloonswell popey, it seems the upgrades aren't breaking file manager everyday it least. It's been continuing to work16:13
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m_jimmerDoes anyone know how to get the current x and y of the current selected word in TextEdit ?17:13
m_jimmerAlso I can not get to the bottom of the emulator in order to press next at the welcome screen.  I also can not resize the window that holds the emulator.  Know of a work around ?17:16
jimmerNot sure if someone answered my question.  y computer overheated :/17:54
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kazordhi everyone19:55
kazordneed little bit of help for an ubuntu scope19:55
kazordcomment-input args are ? Submit trigger do nothing19:55
kazord(tryed https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/scopes/cpp/sdk-15.04.1/previewwidgets/)19:56
kazordappdevs somewhere ?20:25
davidcallekazord: hey20:28
kazordhi davidcalle20:28
davidcallekazord: what are you trying to achieve?20:28
kazordbuilding a scope20:28
kazordwant to let user change text color :) , using previewWidget with type comment-input20:29
kazordbut on button clic20:29
davidcallekazord: so you are trying to get the callback of the submit, right?20:29
davidcallekazord: hold on, I think I have a code example20:30
kazordit try to open ./0 file (i can see in cerr output)20:30
kazordcod exemple, nice, i will enjoy that20:30
davidcallekazord: using c++, go, js?20:31
kazordif it's js, it's ok too, i know js and will be able to translet my need :)20:33
davidcallekazord: I have found a go scope using it http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~twitter-scope-team/twitter-scope/trunk/view/head:/src/twitter.go#L1920 and kyleN (big consumer of the API) can probably answer your questions :)20:57
kazordmaybe coment-input is broken21:01
kazordtwitter use rating input lol21:01
davidcallekazord: I'm trying to reproduce what you are saying and yes, it tries to open a file, that's odd21:35
davidcallekazord: I'll ask one of the API devs when they are around tomorrow, looks like you have found a bug21:38
kazorddo you have a some c++ code of scope::perform_action reimpl ?21:39
davidcallekazord: this I do: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/unity-scope-click/trunk/view/head:/scope/clickapps/apps-scope.cpp#L10921:49
kazordthanks, will help, didn't use the good func ...21:51
m_jimmerI know that this is going to be a odd question but I am wondering if someone can help me with this switch Line 10--11 http://pastebin.com/WxGEUdi121:57
dobeym_jimmer: what help? c++ isn't shell :)22:04
dobeym_jimmer: seems like you need to learn how to use the << operator22:04
m_jimmerdobey, what ?22:08
m_jimmerdobey,  Full function  http://pastebin.com/j3EtjU0422:09
dobeym_jimmer: well you just have string literals inside the case statements22:09
m_jimmerthey are const QByteArray command;   Oh yeah I see what you are saying.  In that last paste there was no assignment operator22:10
dobeywell i don't know what your app is doing there exactly, but i don't think windows and ssh go together22:10
m_jimmererr my horrible Internet.  yeah I think that there is 100% ssh in windows like with putty or powershell22:13
m_jimmerdobey,  but the app is uploading a sshkeys after generation via ssh 0o chicken or egg deal though.22:14
m_jimmerdobey,  but see https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/powershell/2015/06/03/looking-forward-microsoft-support-for-secure-shell-ssh/22:15
m_jimmerssh is now supported in doZ. But obvis I am not a doZ  expert ;)22:16
dobeym_jimmer: well, it depends on what client you are using. you can use openssh inside mingw too22:16
dobeyi meant as a server on windows though22:17
dobeybut sure; putty also doesn't do keys in the normal openssh way either. so you'd have to support it differently22:17
dobeyanyway, i gotta go22:18
m_jimmercya thanks for the insight :)22:18

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