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dholbachgood morning06:45
* dholbach relocates to the office, bbiab11:50
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jcastromarcoceppi: reminder wrt. discourse16:35
marcoceppijcastro: i saw your PM, it's going to have to wait16:35
jcastroshould I just kick something off on the community mailing list or the site itself?16:36
balloonsoO.. discourse17:12
hggdhwxl: ping re. RT LoCo queue17:37
wxlhggdh: haven't looked in a couple days. what's up?17:40
hggdhwxl: I was also going thur this list :-)17:40
wxlhggdh: again, thanks :)17:40
hggdhwxl: if you are active there, perhaps we can split the work?17:40
wxlhggdh: sure. i'm *TRYING* to do at least one a day17:41
hggdhwxl: OK. I am going from the oldest to the newest17:41
wxli've been working mostly on the most recent, so if you want to tackle the old ones, we can meet in the middle XD17:41
wxlheh great minds think alike17:41
hggdhmy personal view is if a ticket is too old, it is most probably stale, and can be closed. I am still trying to contact the reporters, thou17:42
wxlyeah i think that's wise17:42
wxlit might be good to give a timeline17:42
wxllike "you've got 10 days or i'm closing this ticket"17:42
wxlmaybe is less strong language XD17:43
hggdhI thought about it, and concluded that it is better to ping, wait, like, a week, and then go & close17:43
* wxl nods17:43
wxlfor the oldest that probably makes a lot of sense17:44
hggdh"new" ones (the newest is about 10 months old) would probably need holding hands, and all17:44
wxlyep i've already reached out to a couple through the rt system17:44
hggdhI saw17:45

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