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zzarralf_ how much work is it to make Mir talk to fbdev?14:26
anpok_zzarr: is that really the right problem to solve?14:32
anpok_i mean .. if you have a drm capable kernel driver.. you already have the right mechanism to efficiently post to screen, and to pass buffers from clients to server14:33
anpok_the only missing piece in your case seems to be a mali driver that works with drm14:34
anpok_or as a temporary solution kms-swrast14:34
anpok_oh of course your drm kernel driver could mis some features14:34
anpok_then we would have to add those.. what mir needs there can be easily enabled via various drm-helpers..14:35
anpok_zzarr: you could ask the lima driver developers..14:36
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* alan_g thinks it really is about time we cleaned up support for 3rd party "platform" modules14:36
anpok_zzarr: i did look at that situation with mali recently14:37
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anpok_zzarr: the mali drivers user ump to manage memory... in theory ump is capable to grant other processes access to buffers. But I havent seen any way to get egl/glev2 render to such a handle, their fbdev-egl drivers do not over an entry point with a native ump handle to render to..14:42
anpok_the x11-egl drivers require an x11 connection, and also allocation happens underneath..14:43
anpok_so the only arm-mali solution that might work - is the android drivers..14:43
anpok_s/not over/not offer/14:44
anpok_so if you can build an android kernel for your board.. you should be able to get mir working with hybris and the arm drivers that you can download from arm.com..14:45
anpok_the only other options are: build and select kms-swrast as dri driver, or look into lima.. http://limadriver.org/14:47
zzarrokey anpok_14:50
zzarrwhat changes needs to be done to the kernel to run hybris?14:51
zzarranpok_, or is there a tutorial how to rewrite the X driver to become a Mir one?14:55
zzarranpok_, is there a Mir driver I can have a look at (so I can compare the mali X driver to it?)14:57
zzarrI'll read this later, I'll leave the chat open, have to go14:58
anpok_zzarr: hm not sure what hybris actually needs.. but the mali driver for android will require a mali kernel module.. I am not sure how to integrate that one. I once looked how it was done for an Allwinner SOC, and it didnt look easy..14:58
zzarranpok_, okey, you don't think it's possible to "just install" the user space driver?15:01
anpok_as in I tried to migrate that one to a newer kernel version, and got lost in the integration code that needs to access clocks and interrupts15:01
zzarrohh.... I see15:01
anpok_so the easier path here would be to get an android kernel for rockchip15:01
anpok_and port ubuntu-touch to it15:01
anpok_but I cannot help with that15:02
zzarrI thought it was a matter of kernel configuration15:02
anpok_well .. of configuring the right kernel15:02
zzarrthe thing is, everything except the graphics and closing the lid/flipping are working15:03
anpok_someone did that for rk2918 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=231872815:05
zzarrI have seen that there are android specific configuration options in the kernel, but... I'll have a look15:05
zzarrIf I manage to make an Android version of the kernel (or get one from some RK3288 based device) will the other drivers (/lib/modules... /lib/firmware...) stop working so I need a WiFi driver and so forth too?15:09
anpok_which kernel did you use?15:13
zzarrI used one for Kali linux for my device15:14
zzarr(it actually uses both KERN-A and KERN-B)15:15
anpok_so .. you would need one that has drivers/gpu/mali15:15
zzarranpok_, the kernel(s) are basically the default one(s) but with console activated15:16
zzarrand as it have GPU acceleration when Chrome OS is booted it have some driver15:17
zzarrbut it's drm15:17
zzarranpok_, I hope that I'm not too tiresome, but as many devices are based on the RK3288 SoC I think it would be very nice to get Mir support for it :-)15:21
anpok_hm yeah it would be interesting to see how the mali driver that they probably use interact with the drm module15:22
anpok_chrome os has the advantage that they only have a single rendering process in the system, and the different browser rendering process communicate the command streams to that process..15:23
zzarranpok_, yea, but I think that's only the user space driver15:24
zzarrand freon15:24
zzarrI'll download the code for the mali X driver15:25
anpok_oh the x11 user space parts are open source?15:25
zzarrI think they are, if I don't remember wrong15:27
zzarrhere http://malideveloper.arm.com/resources/drivers/open-source-mali-gpus-ump-user-space-drivers-source-code-2/15:28
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zzarrI have to go now, I'll check the chat later (I'll leave it open)15:30
zzarrthanks so much anpok_15:30
zzarrI'll figure it out some how ;-)15:30
zzarranpok_, now I'm here again for a little while16:12
zzarrI'm sitting on a bus16:12
zzarrI'm remote controlling a computer at home with the chat16:13
zzarranpok_, I got the ump driver, is that enough to write a Mir driver? (I don't see anything interesting yet)16:20
zzarrI'm soon to get off the bus16:22
anpok_enough to write a server i guess. but not enough to get a client to render with glesv2 as far as i understood it16:22
zzarrare you looking at the code?16:23
anpok_i was looking at the glesv2 sdk examples from arm ... looking for a way to initialize egl with an ump handle..16:24
anpok_but maybe i was missing something16:24
zzarrI have to close the connecton now16:24
zzarrI'm back... for now, I was going to a postal office, but the guy who tried to deliver the package to my door wrote the wrong office on the paper he put in my mailbox17:09
zzarrso I have to go to another office....17:09
zzarranpok_, the code I downloaded have a ump_arch.c, ump_frontend.c and ump_ref_drv.c are they useful?17:12
zzarranpok_, there are other ump* files as well17:12
zzarrI have to go to the other postal office now17:13
zzarrbbl (again)17:14
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