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ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Seveas said: !forget rww08:08
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bazhangzulu_too seems to not want to get the message10:49
k1l_erm, what was that with drone and DaMastah4 (~DaMastah@ip-42.net-89-2-90.rev.numericable.fr) ?13:16
DJonesLooks like it might have been prompted by an excessive clones detected warning by ASM in -monitor13:36
DaMastahHi, I was banned from the #ubuntu channel for joining it multiple times unknowingly (I had a problem with the window.tmux). I wanted to apologize and tell you the problem is now fixed15:15
PiciDaMastah: let me take a look.15:15
PiciDaMastah: try joining now.15:16
DaMastahIt's working :)15:16
Picigreat :)15:16
PiciDaMastah: can we help you with anything else?15:18
DaMastahThank you for your help  and sorry again for the disturbance15:18
DaMastahcya on #ubuntu ;)15:18
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